Comparing iPad Twitter app timeline views

Comparing iPad Twitter app timeline views

Earlier in the week I compared iPhone Twitter app timeline views, and since fair is fair, it seemed only right that I do the same for iPad Twitter apps. And again, Twitter's cold war with client developers notwithstanding, there's some amazing investment to be found here. Now, while the iPad doesn't enjoy the the breadth of Twitter apps, due to the larger screen there's an even better opportunity for depth. Instead of the 15 + 3 I found for the iPhone, here are 8 + 1 for the iPad.

Gridded up, there's a lot of variety, from more expansive versions of essentially the same iPhone interfaces, to bold takes on what's capable at tablet scale. Like before, I used the exact same feed point for each client, with the exception of the legacy app at the bottom. It includes an @mention so that we can see how, if at all, a client highlights or otherwise distinguishes that type of post. I also got rid of ads, wherever possible, to keep things clean. However, I didn't open popovers for basic controls, because they aren't omnipresent parts of the layout.

Here then, in order, from top left to bottom right, are:

  1. Twitter, Twitterrific
  2. Tweetbot, Tweetglass
  3. Twittelator, Osfoora HD
  4. Echofon Pro, TweetCaster
  5. Tweetie (discontinued)

Yes, once again, the timeline view is only one aspect of a Twitter app, and can't properly address features and flourishes like gestures, notifications and filters, parallax image embeds, sorting, and other ways some of the clients have innovative and provided extra enjoyment and value. We'll be covering differentiators in a future comparison.

And if you want DVD-style extras, and a peak behind the scenes of your favorite Twitter apps, check out:

Meanwhile, look over the designs above and let me know what you think. Which Twitter apps do you use on your iPad, and are they the same ones that appeal to you most in the comparison above? Any of the timelines attractive enough they encourage you check out an alternative app?

And since this all began with Phil Nickinson's Android Twitter app timelines comparison, how do you think they compare to Twitter apps for Android tablets?

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Comparing iPad Twitter app timeline views


I prefer Tweetbot on my iPad and iPod Touch. The layout is nice and clean and suits my needs. On Android I use the official Twitter app on my phone.

Can't use anything besides TweetBot on my phones & the iPad app is solid as well....but lately I've been using the official twitter app on my iPad just bc I was looking for a change & I'm pretty damn happy with it. It's mostly bc of my usage, where on my phone I do a lot more interacting/conversations with other users (nobody handles that better than TweetBot IMHO) & on my iPad I tend to use twitter for finding interesting articles/videos with much less communication. The "discover" tab on the official iPad app fills that need for me. Probably gonna give "TweetGlass" a whirl, any users/opinions on it??

Interesting review, but as I always use my iPad in landscape mode when on Twittelator, your review didn't interest much.

Given that the landscape views are so different, it would be interesting to see that review.

Honestly for what I do on Twitter, their app works fine. I do tweet a lot from my RSS reader on my iPad.