Have iPhone Hardware Problems? Running iPhone 3.0 Beta? Don't Expect Help from the Apple Store


Say you are having a hardware related issue on your iPhone, first place you would think to go is your local Apple store, right? Well not if you're running iPhone 3.0 Beta it turns out, as MacRumors forums show you will politely get rejected and denied sort of help.

TiPb has confirmed this is indeed true from speaking with a few Apple employees.

Now where does that leave someone who purchased the beta from a stranger on Graigslist? Not in a good place obviously since to get your issue taken care of or to have your phone replaced you must call a developer-only help line. Now if you are a bit more expierienced with the iPhone you can always try to downgrade back to the 2.2.1 software before going into the Apple Store but say your home button is not working, you are flat out of luck and you are now stuck with a official iPhone paper weight.

So with all that said, TiPb can not stress enough -- and we've said it many times -- do not purchase the 3.0 Beta from anyone.

This late into the beta cycle, in a few short months it will be released to the public anyway.

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Reader comments

Have iPhone Hardware Problems? Running iPhone 3.0 Beta? Don't Expect Help from the Apple Store


that is funny! Hopefully there aren't too many hardheads that got 3.0 when they shouldn't have. If you did and your phone broke...you got yourself in a bad position...ooops.

Next we're going to hear from those who have downloaded 3.0 for personal use defending their reasoning...

100 bucks for mobile me another 100 for sdk; plus apples cut of my annual 360 data revenue I'm sure if you have needs you will be taken care of.... I hope. One of the reasons why enjoy having an iPhone.

At least Microsoft gives you a big warning (many times) with the RC1 of Windows 7. "You are on your own for tech support and diagnosing issues."

@sting7k: Apple gives you the same warning if you read the agreements. The difference between Apple and Windows on that count is that if you are using the 3.0 software legitimately, you will receive support from the developer support group. If you are using Win7 RC1, you are on you own period.
There are reasons that Apple doesn't publicly share the beta software with non-devs. This would be one of the top.

If its a hardware issue it shouldn't matter what software is on the device. What if its a paid developer. If one of their devices spaz out, they can't get it replaced under warranty?

read the article before you post. now go back and reread it and you will find your answer grasshoppa.

I use my device for personal use, with 3.0. I have acess to it through a friend, iphone dev. That said, i am fully aware of what it means, and would never take it with 3.0 installed to apple support. I would surely dowgrade to 2.2.1, something that i already did 2 times (piece of cake IMO)

I want to know who's stupid enough to pay for a beta release, when if you just do a little googling it can be found for free, but if you must have it be sure to buy the 3.5.2 beta!
More important than that is who needs 3.0 so bad? Almost all the features coming in 3.0 can be gotten by a little pwnage, and some more that Apple will not include in 3.0
And anyone that goes looking for the 3.5.2 beta I just fabricated remember you have to soak your iphone for one hour in a Marsala marinade first.

@iRoc no one is paying for the actual beta OS itself, what people are paying for is to have their device put on some ones developer list. there are a lot of people out there who are selling spots on there dev list for $5-10. if you install the OS without being on that list you just bricked your phone.

FYI, I had three iPhone 3Gs with the 3.0 beta replaced due to hardware issues. At no time was I rejected or even questioned.

@dionte. Your answer was in the paragraph plain as day.. Now let's keep things on subject and I promise to think before I post if certain others do the same.
The fact still is, if you are not a developer do not get the update as it is not ready for public use. If one still should decide to do so ,as with jailbreaking, you are on your own. I do not fault Apple for their stance either.

@Chobbs Ok, I must be reading it wrong where I was referencing paid developers. Not that it matters because I'm not one and I got the beta, lol.

There is a special paid developer help line. If you are a paid up devloper and you have 3.0 and there is a problem then you must call that number. Problem is if you are not a paid developer they will not help you. Did that help, caterpiller?

I was a paid legit developer and upgraded to 3.0 - the first few betas went smoothly, but beta 4 seemed to jack up my phone - the loading bar wouldn't go anywhere and eventually, it would restart and give me the purple plug in screen. I went to the apple store and they told me the above scenario but get this - they told me that the screen turned purple because the phone wasn't activated correctly. hahaa. Anyways - I eventually had to jailbreak the thing back down to 2.2 and then re-up back to 3.0 - It took 4 or 5 times but eventually worked and am now running beta 5. Thank goodness for jb!