AccuWeather update brings a new look, customizable forecasts

AccuWeather update brings a new look, customizable forecasts

AccuWeather for iPhone has received a major update to version 6.0, bringing with it several improvements, including new, user-defined forecasts, as well as a new interface. The new look takes cues from AccuWeather for iPad and presents the user with a cleaner, more efficient interface than previous versions.

Users can now create customized forecasts with My AccuWeather, tailored to different activities. You can set your ideal conditions for temperature, wind speed, wind gusts, if it should be sunny, should there be rain or not, etc., and give that list a name like “Fishing” or “Running”. Going to MyAccuWeather in the app and going to that forecast will show you how the actual weather measures up to your ideal conditions, saying things like “It’s colder than you’d like” and “It’s just the right amount of wind”, and forecasting how conditions look for that activity for the rest of the day.

Other changes include forecasts that now refresh every five minutes, improved stability, and bug fixes. Forecasts now also contain percipitation probability, along with options for more or less weather detail in the forecast. To change the amount of detail you see, simply drag the conditions panel up to reveal details like humidity, cloud cover, visibility, and the UV index.

AccuWeather is free, with a $1.99 option if you want to remove the ads.

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AccuWeather update brings a new look, customizable forecasts


Did that to me as well. Deleted, reinstalled and works fine. But what's with the location names in light Script lettering???? Did they hire the UI director of Pinterest to overhaul that part? Bold lettering again PLEASE!!!!!!!

I actually deleted the app BEFORE the update I got this morning. I noticed it on my iPod since I removed it from my iPhone. I updated it just to see what was so different. And it's very much different. I like it better now...better look and doesn't seem as bulky. However, as Rene had a whole bit about Weather Apps earlier, I prefer TWC app (The Weather Channel). The thing I like most about that app, is that there are videos that don't have a commercial for every single one, like AccuWeather does (or at least that is one of the reasons why I deleted it from my iPhone and I just may delete it from iPod anyway), plus the main feature of TWC for me is that they have Twittering on it. I love reading peoples reactions and I love seeing pictures they post of the weather from time to time. It's rather engaging and fun for me. They do need to update app with the many crashes though. I am not getting the crashes that the above have mentioned on AccuWeather though.

Huh. I didn't know that AccuWeather had an iOS app. It was usually the default weather widget on lots of Samsung Android phones. I wasn't a big fan of it on that platform either (it was pretty, though).

I agree on this one. It works so smoothly and displays everything I need. I think its kind of pointless for an app to tell me if the weather is to my liking, I can pretty much tell that when I walk outside.

Any weather app that requires me to swipe or leave the main screen to get a multi-day forecast doesn't make the cut for me. I like to see at least a couple of days in advance quickly.

Does anyone else think it is a little slow/laggy when you swipe to a different page? And I'm not a fan of the orange icon.

I use My-Cast weather. I've used it since I have a slider LG dumb phone. I love it. Just search for it via the App Store. It's pricey, but worth it I feel