iMore is hiring! We're looking for a full-time assistant editor!

iMore is looking for a full-time assistant editor. We're looking for someone with excellent industry knowledge, both about Apple and about mobile and consumer electronics in general, and the ability to communicate that knowledge to a wide-ranging audience, from experts to mainstream to first time users. We're looking for someone to be responsible not only for creating original content, but helping coordinate content creation with the rest of the iMore staff, and the Mobile Nations network. We're looking for someone who'll wear many hats and do many different things. News, app and accessory reviews, how-tos, opinion, audio and video, trade shows and conferences -- it'll all be in a day's work.

If you're interested, you'll need the ability to focus and get things done, and have a relentless drive to be the absolute best. It's an amazing job, but it's a demanding job.

If you have the experience necessary to help run a site the size and scope of iMore, and you want to join the best, brightest team on the web, email Include a short introduction, tell us why you would be suited for the job, and include relevant samples of your work and a resume.

We won't be able to respond to everyone, but rest assured we’ll be looking at every single email.

Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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markbyrn says:

Sounds like you're looking for someone to do your job while you lounge at the beach :)

Expee says:

Yes, looks like you're looking for someone doing your job.
I bet Rene finally got a job offer from Apple and therefore looks for his own successor at iMore ;)


Who got relieved of their duties or has "moved on" or is this a new position?

Allyson Kazmucha says:

No one got relieved. Our site is just growing, therefore we need more help :)

shinuyuki says:

Did you get my email? :( I would like a tutorial as to how to fix my Wifi connection with my iPhone 4. Out of all my phones, my iPhone is the only one that has this problem. :( Sometimes push notifications while under wifi are 5-6 hours late. It's pretty bad.

uwatto says:

Shit knew i should have stayed in school

Enzo83 says:

Awe I would love to do something like this, great crew and great site and lots of growing opportunities. Sigh.

metllicamilitia says:

I'm quite excited about this and I will definitely apply.

asuperstarr says:

This should be exciting for someone who loves to write and is a tech geek as well. Good luck!

tqmcguire says:

Oh my... time to update the resume. :)

zaaach says:

ANY chance of hiring a 15yo app dev, with a huge passion for tech?

SFCMM_Spuds says:

If you need a Professional Driver of Semi-Trucks I am your goto man. But it good to see iMore is growing in this economy

shinuyuki says:

Glad to see you guys growing. I'm enjoying your website more and more.

thatguykc says:

Sounds exciting. I'm not the man for the job right now, but I'll pass this along to a few Apple Fanboys who might be interested.

Tech News says:

Wow! How cool is this? I wish I could do it, but I would be changing careers.

Ipheuria says:

Damn so cool I'm so tempted to throw my hat in the ring but being turned down might kill me lol