Flipboard 2.0 lets create your own magazines

Flipboard 2.0 lets create your own magazine

Popular news app Flipboard has been updated to 2.0 and introduces the ability to make your own magazines. These magazines are made of content you find and collect on Flipboard or the web (with a bookmarklet). The magazines are public and your friends can like and comment on stories.

Tapping the [+] will "flip" the item you’re looking at into your very own Flipboard magazine. Magazines are great for collecting the things you discover and they can be shared publicly or kept private just for you. For example, you can create a beautiful magazine full of all the places you want to explore or all the books you want to read.

When you create a magazine, you can share it to your favorite social networks to ask your friends to subscribe. Unfortunately, magazines can only be viewed with the Flipboard app, so if a friend clicks your link from a computer, they will not be able to see the content of your magazine -- just an invitation to get the app.

The new magazine feature reminds me a lot of Pinterest. Instead of boards, you have magazines, but it's essentially the same idea.

What do you think of Flipboard 2.0? Have you created any magazines, yet? If so, what topics do they cover? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Flipboard 2.0 lets create your own magazines


Wow, this new version feels extremely snappy
Previously it lagged on my iPad 3, now it feels just as fast as my iPhone now.
The magazine function is interesting, but I think it'd be a lot more useful if it allowed people to add sources instead of just specific articles to their own magazines.

I really feel the same as you do. It's much faster on iPhone 3GS than before! I would also like adding source to the magazine so it would be possible to make my custom news magazine!

As much as I want to I just can't get into Flipboard. I have it and update it but don't use it. I'm not sure why either.

I was the same way, but then I started checking more and more without realizing it, I send quite a few stories to both Facebook and Twitter with it and I've even started adding stories to my Magazine

Maybe I'll have to try to use it more and then maybe I'll appreciate it a bit more. I like having RSS and social stuff in the same place that's for sure.

I appreciate the fact that it supports so many services like Instagram, 500px, Flickr and more, but all the flipping drove me nuts. Feedly's swipe gestures are more user-friendly.

I appreciate how well Flipboard continues to update and improve it's service. I love how it can read your twitter and facebook as well; many can't do this. However, I simply can't get into Flipboard. Just doesn't do it for me. It's missing something; I have no idea what it's missing.

This upgrade is great, faster and the new notifications and magazine options come very handy. Have a lot more to explore!

This kind of goes against what others are saying, but... Nevertheless, I'm using an iPhone 4S on 6.1.3. And this new Flipboard update seems to be really buggy for me. :(

Maybe if you uninstall and reinstall the app, then restart your phone. Might help - just a thought.

This update definitely seems to have sped things up: it flies on my iPad now. On the other side though, I don't see many people catching on to the idea of viewing other people's magazines, particularly because you can't view it on a computer. It just seems like too much of a hassle to view and interact with your friends aggregated content on just a mobile device.

Isn't this basically what apps like Pocket already do? I use Flipboard at work to skim through articles and save ones I want to read to Pocket. Then they're waiting for me on my iPad when I get home.

This New Version is Really a Game for those who want to Be a Future News Writer! So Nice! Can Feel your a Famouse News Writer, Very Interesting and Nice!

I like Flipboard, and it will be interesting to see if this magazine feature catches my interest. Nice idea, smooth application that does just what it says it will. App innovation as well as developer support. There is a combination that cannot be beat. Good luck to them.

Personally, for my use the "magazine" part seems a little overrated. If I want to read something later, I will use Pocket. In terms of subscribing to other people's magazines, I want to read what I think is interesting and have little interest in what others may be caching up in thier mags.

I'll stick with Zite.

I downloaded Flipboard a long time ago and never used it, this magazine feature may change that now.

I'm really enjoying the latest version of Flipboard. I like the feature of being able to review other people magazines and the magazines the suggest as well. This is really cool.

I've tried Flipboard a few times and can't seem to get into it. The new features may persuade me to give it another chance though.

I enjoy the new magazine creation features, but 2.0 broke a lot of simple twitter stream reading features for me.

I can no longer flip through my twitter stream in full page view because text-only tweets do not appear. Also text tweets are truncated in the wider view and, when selected, open up in pop-up windows that need to be dismissed to move on to the next tweet. Additionally, embedded video now auto-plays when the page is opened. Not a feature that I enjoy. With 2.0, Flipboard has gone from the best way to follow my twitter stream, to a frustrating, dysfunctional stream reader.