SimCity coming to Mac on June 11

SimCity for Mac

EA has announced that the latest version of their SimCity game will be arriving on mac on June 11 through their digital distribution service, Origin. Count yourself lucky, Mac owners, to have been spared the poopstorm that was the PC launch of the new SimCity game. Perpetual server crashes and the requirement of an internet connection just to launch the game were enough to cut short months of fevered anticipation. Though you're still tethered to Origin, if you bought the PC version, you'll automatically have access to the Mac version, and be able to play with PC players all cross-platform-like. If you're worried at all about stability, the entire game engine was rewritten to run natively on Mac through OpenGL.

Though I didn't get into the SimCity craze myself (been too busy with the likes of Dust 514, Blacklight: Retribution, Hawken, and other shooty titles), it really has been heartbreaking to see the launch botched so badly, then have EA basically flip critics the bird for calling it like they see it. To be fair, the EA CEO did step down following the whole debacle.

Any SimCity fans out there? What do you think of how EA handled the SimCity launch? Will it turn you off from buying the Mac version? Those interested will be able to find SimCity on Origin over here.

Source: EA

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Reader comments

SimCity coming to Mac on June 11


Interesting that if I bought the PC version (I did) I'll be able to download the Mac version. As a dual OS household I like to see these kinds of things.

I did not realize he lost his job!!
Do we really need instant access to a game. They obviously didn't anticipate the load on the servers, it happens and they fixed it, does a company have to be bashed and a man out of a job because of it? Do we need the fix that bad?
I don't agree with needing an Internet connection to even play the game.

When you anger your customers for nearly a week because of a DRM Scheme you insist is not DRM and isn't truly needed for the game to work (people discovered dev. versions allowed you to play offline) then yeah you need to go.

They should have anticipated it. Diablo 3's launch was a disaster as well. There was no chance they were prepared for the server load, they failed their customers and stockholders and someone had to be accountable for the mistake(s) made.

I do like the double license concept here though. Nice for a household that has both Mac and PC users. EA is doing something to benefit everybody here.

The entire game is fundamentally FUBAR, not just the servers. The game is deeply flawed in nearly every aspect (except the pretty graphics).

Re-playability is practically nil.

"Okay, we've got this great game, it turned out a little too good actually. What can we do to make it not as enjoyable? Lets make it reliant on an internet connection requiring our crap servers and then top it off with requiring an Origin account." It is a great game but there should really be an offline option to play alone, even Call of Duty has options to play offline, WTF EA? Not all of us have high speed internet everywhere we go. On the plus side its awesome that since I bought the PC version (been running in Parallels, it works but not great) I'll be able to get the Mac version without paying for it again.

The game is neither cool or fun after just a few hours. Once you get past the pretty graphics, the very core of the gameplay is fatally flawed in nearly every way.

I have always LOVED SimCity: why? I've no clue, but the game and I just *click*

I was quite pissed after waiting weeks for the game, then on launch day seeing no Mac version, as was promised, and it said just a couple more weeks for Mac.... then I returned and it had changed to "Spring" !@#$@#$!@#$

I am happy to know a concrete date now. That's all I wanted: a date, even if it was later than PC's

I still am not a fan of having to be logged in to use the game, especially since I travel to place with pretty spotty Internet access...