3G Chip Watch: Infineon Inside?


Engadget (via jailbreaking maestros, ZiPhone) is reporting that the newly released iPhone SDK Beta 3 has some code inside that refers to "SGOLD3", which they are guessing may be the upcoming successor to Infineon's S-GOLD-2 chip inside the current iPhone. What will S-GOLD-3 offer?

7.2Mbps HSDPA chip with all the video acceleration and media playback features iPhone users have come to expect. Advantages over its predecessor include higher resolution camera support (5 megapixels instead of 2), a 2x speed MMC / SD interface and DVB-H module support

Deep digging Apple code has provided clues to everything from iTunes Movie Rentals to new Apple product models in the past, so could ZiPhone be on to something here? Or is everyone just completely 3G crazy these days? What do you think?

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3G Chip Watch: Infineon Inside?


As posted in a previous thread, there are two 'S-GOLD3' chips: 'S-GOLD3' and 'S-GOLD3H'. Only the latter is 3G so the reference to 'SGOLD3' in the code is hardly definitive. That said, given that Jobs has said 3G this year and the AT&T bod said 'within two months'/'months' S-GOLD3H seems the more likely. Just possible though that they might have two phones in the works - one with S-GOLD3 (non-3G) and a 3G version with some other as yet unrevealed RF chip.
EDIT. 'Phone different Articles' your original post seems to think it's in the future. This is should be the second post in the thread.

I doubt they'd switch to s-gold3 and not 3h. wouldn't be a point. i'm not a big fan of the 3h, though. Nor of infineon. Whatever.

well if this is the new 3G chip I just hope they take advantage of the a-gps add on capabilities of the chip this time around.
Also I wonder what apple has done to bring the battery life up this time around because Steve said before that hey wouldn't release a 3G iphone until it got similar usage times as what they have now? In reading the infineons site it says that its capable of switching off the hsdpa modem to save power. I know that my treo 750 was able to switch between edge and hsdpa through a settings change so I would do that when I needed faster Internet but change it back when I was done so as to save battery life. If I was apple I would have that feature built in so as to keep the battery level from draining as quickly as it would otherwise.