iTunes Radio advertisement details reported, to be a mix of audio, video and interactive

iTunes Radio advertisement detail reportedly emerge

Some details about how the ads in iTunes Radio will work appear to have emerged with several big names such as McDonald's, Nissan, and Pepsi having reportedly signed on for the program. It seems that there will be three types of advertisements in iTunes Radio; audio, video, and "slate", which are interactive that take over a screen. Advertisements will be served after a pre-determined period of time, says Ad Age:

Users will be served an audio ad once every 15 minutes and one video ad every hour, the sources said. The video ads will only be served to consumers at times when they are likely to be looking at their device screen, such as immediately after hitting play or choosing to skip a track.

After iTunes Radio launches in more countries in 2014, advertisers will be able to target specific device families, rather than every device. So, for example, Nissan can choose to play audio ads to iPhones, while choosing to play video ads only on the iPad. Launch partners will apparently have advertising exclusivity in their particular industry through the end of 2013.

Certain iTunes Radio stations will be curated by advertisers, though they won't be labeled with the brand name. These stations will have fewer ads, but it's possible that they'll have a short ad letting users know that a brand is sponsoring that particular station.

As a reminder, advertisements will only be heard and seen by people using iTunes Radio for free. Those who subscribe to iTunes Match will be able to enjoy the service ad-free. How are you feeling ahead of the big launch? Does the thought of ads like these convince you to pay for iTunes Match, or are you OK with them if you're getting the service for free?

Source: Ad Age

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iTunes Radio advertisement details reported, to be a mix of audio, video and interactive


I didn't get on the boat quite that early for iTunes match, although not too long ago I entered my second year. I think it's a great service overall for streaming my entire MP3 collection, and this added benefit at no additional cost to something I'm already paying for is just icing on the cake!

I pay for iTunes Match now, but you know what chaps my ass? The fact that I cannot listen to explicit content through iTunes Radio. Sure, with a recent beta update, we could toggle explicit content on, but there's no way to say, "Hey Apple, don't censor any of the music on iTunes Radio (a la Pandora)." I still get censored rap and rock, even with the explicit content toggle switched to "on" (admittedly, there is less censorship when listening to rock, and I don't know why, but it's still there).