Apple purportedly releasing new Apple TV hardware in October

We admit it; talk of Apple TV gets us excited, so color us intrigued with talk of new hardware for October to accompany the rumored software update heading our way next week. On Twitter, MG Siegler grabbed our attention with this:

"I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be really excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month."

No more, no less. It's enough ammunition to get those rumor mills churning again, but it's not unthinkable that new Apple TV hardware could be right around the corner. It's been well over a year since the last major hardware refresh – not counting the stealthy internal refresh – to the little black box, so we're at least due something. And of course, we're still anticipating Apple throwing a second, Mac and OS X focused event sometime later in the fall, where it's easily possible Apple TV could also make an appearance.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for sure. We know Apple has plans for their 'hobby' product, and we're as excited as anyone at the thought of a new product release. How about you; would you be down to pick up a new Apple TV pre-holidays?

Source: MG Siegler (Twitter)

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Reader comments

Apple purportedly releasing new Apple TV hardware in October


Certainly if they update the hardware then you should. If they don't update the hardware then do it anyway. I was on the fence for a long time and then while friends from the UK were visiting I decided to purchase one. We had been talking about them and I decided to go ahead and buy. Then I bought one each for the other TV's in the house.

If they do update the hardware then I will most definitely purchase at least one for the living room and gift out the one that is there to a friend.

Items I will be purchasing between now and Christmas:

* iPad5 64gb Verizon cellular (coming October???)
* MacMini with Haswell and maxed out RAM to replace my fading iMac PowerPC stuck on 10.4 (coming Christmas???)
* The new and/or upgraded AppleTV set-top box (coming ???)
* Canon PowerShot SX60 HS (rumored to be released this month)

…and maybe a new iPod Touch (32 or 64gb, to replace my old 8gb nano)

I have an Apple TV, and while we do not use it often, it does its job very well when we do fire it up. Assuming we are talking about an update to the little black box, short of local storage -- which I doubt Apple would add, what other bits could a hardware refresh bring? Support for 4k screens seems unlikely, though is a definite possibility. Anybody else want to contribute hair-brained speculation?

why would the author say those with Apple TVs would be thrilled to hear of new hardware? that just means more expense. just stupid journalism.

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If you're not excited about new hardware, then you're on the wrong site and wrong field of interest. Go to a crocheting board if you want boring inane chatter.

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Firstly, MG Siegler isn't the author of this piece, he's the source.

Secondly, what the other guy said. We're always excited for new hardware. That's why we're here, that's why we do this for a living. Doesn't mean you have to buy it.

Apple TV with the a7 chip, decent storage and app store would be nice! Plus a cool remote with a touch ID button.

For those in the UK, Apple TV is still not compelling as a Internet enabled device until we get an iPlayer 'app'. What's everyone's thoughts on why this hasn't happened already?

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Probably bc of AirPlay (don't know if it is/isn't available in the UK bc I'm in the US, but find that I use AirPlay a lot more than I thought I would especially since I picked up 2 extra AppleTVs for other 2 rooms/TVs I have)........but what are you looking for in an "iPlayer" app??

We use BBC iplayer via AirPlay and it works to a reasonable extent. Its not so good when you try pause and restart playing, but I guess that is down to the BBC iplayer app. It also does not offer BBC HD as far as I know. Least not on an iPad 2. Where as a neighbour with a Samsung smart TV can get BBC HD

I would like two see two models. Keeping the current Apple TV, but make it smaller to plug directly into HDMI; like the Chromecast. Then release a new Apple TV, this would be a set top device with USB input for an external drive, inputs and outputs to create an overlay on standard TV or Bluray.

I don't see them doing a whole lot to upgrade Apple TV, I'm sure they'll either update it with dual or single core A6 (With the move to 64bit, I wouldn't be surprised to see a single core A7 either) and they could make it smaller but the Chromecast style doesn't appeal to me. It would be great if they added App Store support, or at least Safari and better iphone/ipad/mac integration. I also assume it will take on an iOS7 look.

Agreed on needing App Store support (or it's own modified version of it) soon & Safari would be cool if done correctly (browsers on SmartTVs/DVD/BluRay have been shotty at best IMO, but if anyone could make it smooth/useable it would be Apple). In terms of form factor, I agree & actually prefer the current version over a smaller ChromeCast type. It's not too big, & the all black box looks pretty slick while being unassuming. (just my opinion tho, which means fck all in the grand scheme of things)