Meet new people to chat with with Jingu Friends for iPhone

Jingu Friends is an IM app for iPhone that helps you find friends to chat with on other IM clients like WhatsApp and Kik. The interface is very basic, yet very modern and polished. Jingu Friends simply features one main stream of chat called The Lounge where you can view current conversations or bring up a topic of your own. Swiping left or right on a post will reveal actions to reply, view conversations, and ways to contact the user via another IM client.

Jingu Friends supports WhatsApp, Kik, Hootk, & LiveProfile. If you don't want to reveal information about other IM clients you can keep it private (and require users to request it). If you prefer to use Jingu Friends as a standalone app, you can do that, too, but all your conversations will remain public. If you're a big fan of chat and making new friends, give Jingu Friends a try -- it's free!

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abdallah alhakim says:

sounds very interesting. It reminded me of Engagio ( which allows me to manage and discover conversations from across the social web. This is like Engagio but for IM!

juledy4u says:

i am looking for a life partner

roselove5 says:

iam looking long term relationship and marriage

natty00 says:

Looking for some one to be my better half