How to accept Game Center friend requests on iPhone and iPad

How to accept Game Center friend requests on iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you've got Game Center. Once you log in, you're ready to start playing games with other opponents. You can share your Game Center ID with others and receive invites to become friends. From there you can view each other's achievements and challenge each other to games. If you aren't sure how to accept a Game Center friend request, here's how.

While you can always accept friend requests as soon as they come in by tapping on the notification, you can also accept multiple invites at once or accept individual ones at your own liesure.

  1. Launch the Game Center app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Requests tab on the bottom right of the lower navigation menu.
  3. Here you'll see a list of all the people that are requesting to be friends with you.
  4. Either tap on individual names and tap the Accept or Ignore button or scroll down to the bottom and you'll see an Accept All and Ignore All button. Choose one of them.

That's it. The contacts will either be added to your Game Center friends list or rejected based on which option you chose.

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shinuyuki says:

Thanks for the tip; however, these seem sorta simple. Would love to see a Wifi setup tutorial. :( Only my iPhone and my parents iPhone 4s have problems with Wifi. Push notification can sometimes be delayed 6+ hours. Do we have to go into a router? puu

DikaiaKnight says:

I don't have one single friend on GC. No one I know seems to use it. I have opened the app only a handful of times.

R1cki97 says:

Thanks for the review, i was kinda confused but this really helped a lot

eriej814 says:

Thanks for the tip! Though I don't generally use the Game Center app it's good too know! I don't get requests very often though

weiwei83921 says:

THANK GOD!!!! lol finally get to add my friends to my Jurassic Park game XD
thanks :)

Andrew Lima says:

Thanks for the insight! I really hope Apple improves Game Center overall in iOS 7.

eric56379 says:

How do you do it in iOS 7? Because I need to accept over 200 friend requests and the button isn't there anymore.

Asif Ali6 says:

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