Fire Up iTunes, Kiddies...Update 1.0.2 is Here!


Holy bug fix, Batman! Apple has quietly rolled out another dot release - the second, if you’re keeping track. Per Apple this is a bug fix, not a major software release…sorry fanboys.

I’m downloading the update right now and haven’t yet installed it, so I’ll keep everyone posted should I discover hidden treasure. Frankly my hopes will be more than satiated if Apple resolved the numerous issues I’ve had with Mail.

Happy installing.

[UPDATE] Knock on wood alert: I think Apple may have nailed the Mail issues. So far it is behaving as it did prior to the first update, so thing may be looking up. Back to testing...

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Fire Up iTunes, Kiddies...Update 1.0.2 is Here!


Come on, where are the fun updates? I was really hoping we would get some good stuff with the second update. I mean, bug fixes are nice and all, I just would also like some voice dialing.

This is a wild guess, but my instincts tell me that Apple has a major iPhone software update timed to coincide with the release of Leopard.