Craziest iPhone Rumors Yet -- With Flowers and Fluffy Bunnies!


The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow. Phil Schiller and Apple Execs take the stage as Moscone to update us on iPhone 3.0 and -- hopefully! -- announce iPhone 2,1 hardware (iPhone video in the latest rumors).

Makes sense that them rumors then would be hitting the high point of crazy today? By way of iSpazio (via Gizmodo), we get the above shot of a supposed iPhone with Mobile iChat video (is that why the ear piece has been raised up, to make room for the camera?), a two-tone iPhone, and the mother load of all whacky leaks:

A supposed Canadian source with inventory listings for -- we kid you not -- multicolor 64GB iPhones with flowers and bunnies on them. Yeah, somebody is having a little fun there in data entry... But here's the thing:

Make. It. Stop.

Seriously Phil.

Announce it tomorrow. The insanity must end...

(At least until speculation for 2010 starts!)

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Reader comments

Craziest iPhone Rumors Yet -- With Flowers and Fluffy Bunnies!


Looking at the two-toned one, which also has that high speaker, and the front facing cam, can we now officially get mad if the new one doesn't have the front cam??

So what time is Phil expected to take the stage tomorrow and at about what time do you guys think I will be able to download the presentation from iTunes?
I love watching these things.

If flowers appear on the next iPhone I will go out and buy a Pre.... and I am not impressed with that phone... :) Better not happen.

@BDJHOG, the keynote start at noon central time. Should be posted to view sometime in the evening is my best guess.

My prediction is that by nightfall today, the army of Transformer iPhones will march upon San Francisco in their quest to take over the world!

If the new iPhone has flowers and bunnies on it, I will go out and buy the horrible Blackberry Storm with the God-awful clickable touchscreen! Seriously, why would Apple customize a device that is known for its sleek, elegant looks with something that is so personally oriented like flowers and bunnies? I think the person who's job it is to enter new products into their system is having the laugh of their lives!!

multi colored I CAN believe. Bunnies and flowers however I REFUSE. But I guess we'll see in 24 hours. :) I'm so excited.

at what time does WWDC start tomorrow?
and iPhoneBlog will be updating us all throughout right? just making sure

yea I feel like if this thing doesn't have a front facing camera I will b disappointed all the rumors are sayin it will

With the event tomorrow and people arriving today in SF you would think at least one person might be rubbing elbows with someone in the know. Big question concerning this 1st gen iPhone user, is there a good chance the new firmware will be released tomorrow? I know the new iphone is the big story but so was the 3g last year and I still don't have of those.

@rena beat
Yeah I'm okay. What is the point of having two separate cameras (one on the front and back). How will that work? A crappy 3.2mp camera on the back and a even crappier camera on the front? It will only cost Apple more money to have two cameras, when they can simply integrate a mechanism that flips the back camera to the front.

@BrianA no I don't think that OS 3.0 is going to be publicly released tomorrow. Beta 5 is still too buggy and slow, at least that's what I've heard!

BTW, that two-tone is just bollocks (I hope!).. It looks bad as hell.. And I will really hurt someone if the next iPhone has bunnies all over it.

for you guys talking about one camera that moves would be better/cheaper then two does it reall matter? if u have one camera that moves it will be more likely to break for it to move there needs to be some way of making it move and the less moving parts the better things that move break more easily then things in fixed positions and we have no idea if there will even be two camera let alone if there will even be a new iphone everything is pointing to yes but there is always that chance and what if it ends up being like a 5mp camera in the back and a 3.2 in the front would u rather that over one 3.2mp camera that doesnt move cause i would rather the two so stop complaing about something we dont even know is real yet just sit back count ur pennies like i am just in case its real and have faith that the people that made the iphone the best smart phone out there will pull through

Yea beta 5 has been working flawlessly for me (almost). There's been an issue with icons switching around and disappearing but that's it.

I don't see video conferencing as "innovative". Once again, playing catch up to features. BUT...if Apple can make this a big thing in the US (since it's already big EVERYWHERE else) I won't complain! =]

Really not sure about this pic. I've certainly never owned a phone where the front camera doubles as a micro-light. A flash on the rear camera might come in useful (for those wanting to use it as a spy phone).


having two seperate cameras is stupid. one camera that flips is a better idea

1) Moving parts to break
2) Another hole in the case for dirt and water to leak in
3) Wires. Don't forget the wires. A 180 degree twist each time you flip the camera.
4) Half your pictures would be upside down
There are several other phones with Two Cameras already on the market. I'm not aware of one phone with a flip camera.
These cameras are very cheap and its easier to just add a second one and only make it available for certain Apps, like Video calling, blogging, etc. It would be MORE expensive to build, assemble, and WARRANT a flip cam.

@icebike the samsung mma900 had a flip camera had a flip camera. You could use the volume button to flip image before taking a picture. I would out of nervous habit spin it back and forth. I had mine for over a year and I never had a problem with the camera. So if a mock-up of the razr could have a good flip camera, I'm sure apple could come up with an amazing one for the iPhone. Even though I personally doubt the front facing camera rumors

@Samual: I would think it would be like an indicator that lets you know the cam is on, like on all the other iSights on the MacBooks.

If Phil releases an iPhone with bunnies and flowers on it during his Keynote : Steve Jobs himself will bust into the conference and start cracking skulls!

@ IDutch
Oops. Thanks for that correction. Never used isight myself so I didn't realise it lit up.