And cue the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on Sprint rumors


With the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G just around the corner and all the talk about AT&T finally losing exclusivity, it only stands to reason rumors of Sprint getting the device would also start to grow louder.

Just like with Verizon and even T-Mobile's funky GSM bands, we're sure Apple could technologically do it, but whether or not they could come to financial terms -- and more important when is less predictable. Sprint isn't doing as well as Verizon or AT&T, however, so they might be far more open to the type of control Apple would insist upon to get the deal done.

If it does happen, count us among those who think a WWDC 2010 announcement is less likely, with AT&T getting a short period of exclusivity with Apple's 4th generation iPhone, and other US carriers coming online in the fall, red, yellow, and perhaps even magenta all.

And if not, hey, Sprint's still got that commercial -- re-embedded below the break -- to tide them over.


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Reader comments

And cue the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on Sprint rumors


Alright we get it .
What youre trying to say is : The Iphone being on Sprint will most likey make them the #2 carrier. AT&T being in 3rd. :lol:
My response to that is : Aint gonna happen :twisted:

Sprint is the best fit for the CDMA iPhone because it would be the carrier motivate to give Apple the same concessions that AT&T did. Verizon does not need the new users as much as Sprint does. Sprint is stuck with a lot of users on low-revenue plans, right now. Selling its soul to get the iPhone may be the best hail-mary pass it could make.

One of the sources of this rumor is from a Best Buy employee saying that Sprint will be getting the iPhone. hahaha, a Best Buy employee.....and people are actually reporting on it. lol

Not gonna happen in my opinion. Although Apple likes to talk about taking over the market but they're not going to do this until they are on all carriers in a given country and wouldn't it make sense to do this in your home country? Why do you think Blackberry devices are so widespread Apple?? Get a clue for once and smarten up...

Hmmm very interesting. I could see it going to all carriers after the contract with AT&T is over, and I think they may won't to hurry up. Android is beginning to become a household name, and with the EVO coming... Apple may have a threat, because I know I'm getting a EVO 4G

It's only a matter of time before the iPhone appears on other carriers. Otherwise, the iPhone will just cannibalize their own sales.
FYI: The sprint video says it is a private video and won't play without accepting the invitation.

Please stop calling Sprint CDMA. Think of them lik you would AT&T - a split network with a fast service (WiMax) and a slow service (CDMA). The only difference is that the slow part of Sprint's network is nearly as fast as AT&T's fast network an the fast part is as fast as Cable/DSL. A WiMax iPhone or iPad for that matter is just what the market needs. If it happens I go to Sprint because I already live in a 4G area and found it to be as good as advertised.

sprint outside of wimax is no where near as fast as att , at least here on the east coast.

dan stfu sprint is better than at&t on the east coast.. espically in ny i have dropped calls everyday in manhhatan. at&t sucks i bet when at&t loses the iphone and it goes to differnt carriers you people will leave at&t to so cut the bs.

hey moron , ive driven down to sc and up to nh and live in connecticut. You know how many dropped calls I have had in the last 8 months? 1.
I had sprint for a grand total of a week prior to going back with ATT , I had more dropped calls that week than I have had with att/verizon in 7 years of service between the two.
Perhaps NYC is a big different but honestly , sprint is god awful.

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure AT&T and apple struck a five year deal in 2007 giving the carrier exclusivity until summer '12. I love this blog, but the author speculating that apple could make a GSM phone, and that sprint would obey apple is rumor milling based on zero facts. can we PLEASE stop this "iPhone to X carrier?" stuff until the contract is near expiration?

"Sprint’s still got that commercial to tide them over."
They also have some new little phone launching soon that seems to be creating a teeny tiny amount of hype to tide them over... I'm an iPhone user, not a fan of Sprint at all, but I am a pretty big fan of Android. To just completely right off the competition in what almost seems to be a disrespectful way seems silly.

I'd be thrilled if the iPhone went to Sprint. I have some sort of deep seated hatred towards Verizon - I don't know why either. However, Sprint has been making leaps and bounds to better the company as a whole. Not to mention, they've got that damn unlimited plan for $70! Talk, text, web. I'm almost considering the Evo solely to pay under $100 again - haven't seen a bill like that in over 3 years :-(

A CDMA iPhone would make no sense, not when there are only a few countries in the world still using it. Making different radios that only would work on one carrier would drive up the price I would think.

@one deep Sprint has 48 million subs. At&t has 91 million subs. Do you think the iphone going on sprint is going to bring over 40 millions subs? I could careless if sprint, t-mobile or verizon get it or not. I have to stay with at&t cause there to sweet where I live and travel.

The only thing sprint has going for them now is the Evo and limited 4G that's it. I'll stick with my 32gb 3GS and AT&T thanks.

My friends mom works for Verizon and has confirmed that the Iphone will be coming to Verizon Wireless in September. I have to talked to her myself and have seen documentation about it.

Don't see this happening. I mean a BB employee? Sounds like a hoax. But plenty of people will jump ship to Sprint from AT&T. At least here in california. AT&T 3G really suffers in the bigger cities here. Reception can be pretty spotty as well. Paying less for better reception and 4G showing up in some places in LA/OC already is pretty tempting.

:lol: @ Alex
Well my cousins aunts friend, which also happens to be my moms friend, said that your friends Mom was just kidding as Verizon has NO plans whatsoever to release an iPhone in 2010.
That documentation you saw was made by PhotoShop ! :twisted:

It would be a nice to see the iPhone on Sprint... I would cancel my ATT contract without a doubt and move to sprint.

I live in San Francisco and have put up with AT&T's crappy service since 2007 when the iPhone came out. The iPhone was the final push that got me to leave Verizon and their horrible customer service. Sadly for me, I live in one of many AT&T dead zones. My calls always drop and my text messages take me as many as 20 tries to get them to go through. I receive text messages hours after they were sent and voicemails pop up days later. My work place is in one of these dead zones as well as 50% of the city that I tend to drive in.
I love my iPhone and its integration with my Mac and MobileMe - If only it worked as a phone. I went to Sprint and bought a Blackberry Tour. So now I have 2 cell phones. I was gonna drop AT&T even though I don't want to give up the iPhone. So far I have to say that in San Francisco, Sprint's service exceeds AT&T's. I never drop calls, text messages are instantaneous and my voicemails actually pop up right after the person leaves them (NOVEL!!).
If Sprint gets the iPhone I think I may actually pee my pants a little with excitement!

I dont understand all the hatred towards Sprint, they are a great company actually trying to improve themselves and increase their customer base(these things dont happen overnight, unless you have exclusivity to an iPhone..). Sprint has not done me wrong yet(dirt cheap plans, and incentives to stay a customer), not one dropped call on my Palm Centro(my Palm Pre is a different story, full bars and Ill drop a call.. funky radio I suppose) and I travel ALOT(in the military).
Regardless, I WANT this phone to end up on Verizon and Sprint, because that means more competition for Android, which lets face it, always ends with the consumer winning. Also wasnt the iPhone originally slated to appear on Verizon in the first place, but the carrier thought it'd be a dead end(correct me if Im wrong), throwing in a different radio for GSM and CDMA is NOT hard, and would not raise cost to the point of us paying for it.

I personally think that a Sprint iPhone is more likely than a Verizon iPhone. Sprint has a 4G network, which is the most advanced and would add to the progression of the network.

I-phone ship jumpers...
To all loyal AT&T network supporters...your ship is sinking and your beloved Captain nearly doubled your ETF (early termination fee) to flee, as of June 1. Apple thinks your network sucks, Verizon thinks your network sucks and to show more evidence your network sucks...AT&T will recoup $s from users who will quietly vote with their feet vs admitting the AT&T network sucks.
Sprint with both EVO and 4G long AT&T you've enjoyed a long exclusive sail at sea.