Developers: take this survey, and get a chance to win a free iPhone 5s!

iPhone 5s


Hey developers! If you have ten minutes to spare today and happen to want a new smartphone (who doesn't?), then we have something for you: The Developer Economics Survey. Brought to you by our friends at Vision Mobile, this quick survey focuses on developer questions around the things that are important to developers: platforms, frameworks, customers, and more.

Of course, your answers will help Vision Mobile build their next report on app development today, but we know you really want to know what you might be able to win for your time. How's a new smartphone sound? You could win a brand-new iPhone 5s!

Also up for grabs are a Samsung Galaxy S5, a Nokia Lumia 930, and a BlackBerry Z30, as well as some other cool gizmos.

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Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, occasional web designer, Army musician, armchair pundit, news addict, all-around nerd, professional ranter, and user of many phones.

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Reader comments

Developers: take this survey, and get a chance to win a free iPhone 5s!


I really need a ipone5 because my phone is always messing up like when i take pictures my phone is always blurry and my friends have the iphone5 and they told me i should get one because they say at my phone why is your camera so blurry hope this is not a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want an i phone 5s because the apple is the only technological place where my faith is always belongs to it ,means i will always in favour of apple technology and i hope that apple launch so many techno devices in coming few years which we cann't assume that they are so good and their market value is so high

I would like this new phone has a present for my mum she has done a lot for me I can't afford to buy a phone for her but plz it will mean the world to me

My mom did wanted to buy me an Iphone 5s as my
birth day gift, but my mom cant afford it, hoping
That one day I will have my own iphone 5s..please....
"in this three words, it can tell how much I love apple..."..these words not just ur mind, u can see its meaning and im sure I win this contest

Ok first time I say All of u. thanks .... if u (Q) Why i say it.
(Ans) because i never win anything in my whole life . But first time my heart bitting and says that i win the iphone ... Wow
Plese give me and control my Heart bitting

APPLE=Good …Better…Best
"In This Three Words It Can Tell Hoe Much I Love Apple …..These Words Not Just Few…Open Your Mind, You Ca
n See Its Meaning And Width…Now Im Sure Im Gonna Win This Contest

The problem is that... 5 years ago, my dad moved alone because he was "tired" of living here. That made sense at that time because I have 4 sisters and 1 brother... So my house is always really noisy ahah. But we found out that he was cheating my mom...
Well.... Summer of 2013... He asked for divorce... Me and my family did everything to stop this! Why did he left anyway? We were an awesome family! Always travelling and making picnics... Well... I live in Portugal, and me, my little sister and my dad went to Algarve for vacations! Just the three of us! (: I was excited! I did'nt see my dad for a LONG time!!! I was so happy! :) But at the middle of the trip (the trip do Algarve took 6 hours or so) he said to us: "Tonight we are going to have dinner with my girlfriend, I mean... Friend! ahah We are going to eat spaghetti and have a lot of fun!" I'm not going to tell the rest but we couldn't go back home! Well we could but he was always like "You can't choose what to do! You're only 12!". He was always making fun of me and especially my mom... And that hurted a lot!!! After the trip I had a depression, I was considering suicide and I self-harmed! I went to a therapist but I still had to go and visit my dad in 2 in 2 weeks.

Well... My dream is having an IPhone because i have to use a really old phone. I have to use this because my Dad can't buy one! He has to pay my family's food (me and my sisters and brother) But he also needs to pay her girlfriend's and the girlfriend's daughter food!! IEveryone makes fun of me at my school because of my phone!
Sorry for the big message but as you can see.... I really really REALLY want one :/

Dear I more I never had a phone from apple or tablet so please pick my name because I don't have a phone at all because I,think apple is better then HTC.

i really want a iphone it really meants alot to me i really want one my mum cant a ford one cause we dont have alot money it cost's alot so yh i really want an iphone 5c pink one i would love i have family problems thats why i cant aford one so yh please i really want one thxx hope i do get one

PLEASE let me win this. my family cant afford a new iphone. we all have this crappy phone we have to share. it really sucks. please let me win it. it would mean so much :)

I'm only using an ordinary Android phone and my sister uses iPhone 4s and by using her iPhone, for me it is the best phone I'd ever use because everything I need is provided by iPhone, it's easy to use, easy to handle, easy to tap and the privacy of the user is already locked off that nobody can ever violate your private life because only the iPhone company has the control for its product aside from the owner. I love iPhone not just iPhone 5s but all iPhone products.

if you guys will give me the chance to have this iphone 5s , i will more than the happiest person on earth. I really want this iphone 5s, and i really want that on my birthday and my birthday is next month, i just really want iphone 5s to be my birthday gift.

I really need iPhone 5s my parents cannot buy to me one because it s expensive I always try to find a way to get it but nothing I just have Samsung Galaxy tab 3 only I hope u can pick me cuz that s make me so so happy and I will pray to win :)

iphone its just the best the fastest and the updated technology on earth we hav samsungh too as a compition i accept that bt i being a true iphone fan with respect to steve jobs i would like to hav this iphone 5s in my hand it would be great to work with u all i hav an iphone but purchasing a phone and winning a phone has great difference for me the i phone 5s not a pgone its a bournvill chockate u dont hav to buy it you hav to earn it !
would like to sahre my reviews privately too my email adress is
iphone 5s <3 a dream come true !

yup one more thing i would like to tell abt iphone its the best phone bt then too the best thing hav sumtime few problems so i want you all developers to make it easy to share photos and videos atleast between iphone to i phone ! in shot only iphone to iphone ! :*

btw i hav used all iphones from starting till end iphone to iphones 5c bt 5s plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i would do anything for the i phone 5s

i think i should win the iphone because i love apple every since i was a little girl ive wanted an iphone and i never got one my mom claimed she never had enough money but the thing is she has one right now so does my cousin and aunt and stepdad and probably about to be my brother and ALL of my friends have iphones i dont have one friend that doesnt have an iphone and plus my birthdays on saturday i swear to u it is my birthday is 08/23/02 im about to be 12 my mom doesnt believe i could get an iphone just like this so i really wanna prove her wrong and now im stuck with this 2008 phone the sidekick and i cant call on it or txt and it freezes every ten minutes and i cant download alot of stuff because it says this app is not compatibale with your device so i cant download anything and my brother took my sd card my baby cuzin lost my sim card and its cracked and my mom and stepdad broke my tablet they claim they didnt but i no they did so now every person in my family has a phone and electronic or whatever and i have NOTHING all i do is watch tv all day im on my aunts computer rite now there probably about to make me get off but my mother allowed me to get on here because she doesnt believe in this but i do and i hope i can prove every one wrong so imore that is my reason and story why i know its long but PLEASE READ IT ITS MY ONLY HOPE thank u imore im really counting on you please dont let me down ohh and i live at suffolk,Virginia Remington Park and my mailbox is box 10 # 3 i hope i can get this phone and i promise i swear to you that im not making none of this up and if theres any questions just email me at ill get it im gonna check my email everyday hopefully ill see it thnk you alot imore i really apreciate it bye

hey, i would love an iphone...why? i always wanted one. i c lots of children with phones and i dont have any. I feel left out, embarrassed and sad.....please grant my wish and let me win an iphone please and thank you!

Done taking a survey :)
I want to have a new phone because my mom buy me a phone long time ago like its 2008? And i want to have a new phone please .

Hi, i wont lie or anything like that but i want an iphone sence i was little but my parents wont have money tu buy me one they say its unnecessary i just wish i had one

Please I really want to win an iPhone 5s because I love apple and this would be my only chance to get an iPhone because right now I have an android phone and I have no money to buy one and also because the phones before this phone were all apple and since I bought this phone I think it is crappie and I also think android is piece of junk because there's nothing good in android so please give me an iPhone and I am am honest I would of done anything to get a new iPhone so please give me an iphone

I really would love an Iphone 5s i have dreamed of having one of those all my friends have one an i dont i have strate A's and my mom was going to but one for me but she couldn't afford it i would really appreciate it if i could win a iphone 5s

I really want to win an iphone 5s so my mom can text me and find me anywhere I go . just please help me win an iphone 5s

I Don't Have Any Phone. This Is My Parents Tablet.So, When I Take This Tablet To My School My Friends Are Like "Don't Take Out This Stupid Tablet".Bring A Phone Or Else Don't Take It Out From Your Book bag.

Hey its naksh arora i just need any of the iphones beacuse iphone is my love its my life i hve only wished over everday for it and therfore its of the apple company on which one can rely on .Hope to get it. and keep it up the aple company :")

I m from a small city i want it desperatly ...i really luv this has gone so beyond ovr our is best as always and day day increasing....i also want to became a member of apple family...for full lyf..plz give me this phone..i ll be reallyy thankful to u till my whole life ends

I really want the iPhone 5s because my mom won't buy me a new phone, everyone at school has a better one than me I just want to fit in with the kids and I just want this opportunity. love you guys

Hey I would really like an iPhone 5s I never had one ever in my life.I have an adroid phone and it sucks I love apple products they look really cool I always ask my mom if she can get me an iPhone but she always says no because she has to pay the bills and buy other things I really hope I get an iPhone but if I don't its ok I'm use to dissapointment