Element releases the Black Ops Elite Case for iPhone 5 - We have two to give away!

Element case Sector 5 Black Ops

Element Case, the premier manufacturer of high-end smart phone and tablet accessories, has just launched a special edition iPhone 5 case tailor-made for the military or firearms aficionado. Dubbed the Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, this unique case combines a CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum frame with back plates crafted by Hogue, Inc. – the leading manufacturer of firearm grips in the US. These backings utilize a highly specialized material called “G 10” – a high-pressure, thermoset plastic laminate comprising multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh bound with impregnated epoxy resin.

The end result is a case that provides tactical aesthetics and grip in a package built for only the most discerning iPhone 5 owner. Available color schemes include all-black, green camouflage, beige camouflage and more. Available now for $219.95, the Sector 5 Black Ops can be purchased via the Element Case website.

“The Black Ops Elite gives your phone a look like nothing else in this world,” said Jeff Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Element Case. “The major aesthetic details from the camouflage backings, combined with fine points of detail down to the corrugated mesh behind the open end of the perimeter aluminum frame, blend to craft a unique and bold statement for the most discerning military or firearms enthusiast. Genuine parts from Hogue, Inc. make the case authentic and tactfully brilliant.”

The Black Ops Elite is clearly a fantastic case sure to appeal to many of you out there. If you'd like to enter to win one of these for your iPhone 5 (sorry, only the iPhone 5 is compatible with this case), head over to the Element Case website at the link below and take a look at the color choices. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know which color is your favorite, and you could win it! We will choose two lucky winners and announce them on the blog next week. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Element releases the Black Ops Elite Case for iPhone 5 - We have two to give away!



Oooo, I'd love to have the T3 Black w/ Black G10,
That's a very nice looking case, I'm typically the type to not use a case but that looks really nice

The desert tan and black would be a great way of honoring my friend who is in the gulf right now. it reminds me of his uniform

T3 desert w/black best looking phone case I think I've ever seen. Well made and a lot of love put into something that looks like it could kill

I'd love the Black/Gold - but my wife would kill me if I dropped that kind of money on a phone case.

I'm a police officer in the most violent precinct in one of America's largest cities...the T3 black with black G10 is exactly what I need to protect my 5 when I'm in harm's way. Thank you for your consideration! Be safe!

I love their cases!!!! Would love to have the T3 Black w/ Black G10 to show off to all on my iPhone5!!!!!!!!!!

Love the look of the T3 Black w/ Black G10. Huge fan of their cases and had one of the first ones for my iPhone 4. Having a baby recently has reduced my "fun" money and would love a chance to own another Element Case. Although even if I don't win the case, I think I'm a winner with my new son :).

I have never seen a black case that looked so "classy" and "rugged" at the same time! Make mine BLACK!

Ill take Tan w/Black please!

Someone will be a lucky winner!! These cases are epic!

Good luck everyone!!

T3 Black. I had the special addition AR-15 for my iPhone 4 and I miss it. I would really love to get this.

When I bought my iPhone 5 earlier this year, the first accessory that came to mind was getting a good case for it. And so I went to the local market here and they had a ton of cases to choose from - but mostly those printed cartoon/movies sorta cases which didn't appeal much to me. So I stuck on this transparent plastic case on it instead.

Of course that didn't mean I stopped there. I ended up searching online for other cases especially since this guy at one of the shops told me that he was bringing in some better brands of cases to his shop within a week or two, and the more i looked at 'em, i instantly fell in love with Element Case is offering.

But as luck would have it, no one here in Pakistan is importing or carrying these cases for sale! The guy who brought in stuff from the states did get a couple of really good ones in there (including the likes of Griffin), but no Element Case. I can imagine as they are certainly a tad bit pricey - but then again, for what they're made of... who's complaining!

Anyhow, colour me excited... for as I opened iMore what do I find? That y'all are giving away the mother of 'em all Element Cases! And I have to admit, Sector 5 Black Ops Elite is one superb case!

Not sure if i stand a chance of landing one though... but if I do, then I sure would love the "T3 Black w/OD Green G10". :)

T3 Black w/ Black G10, definitely the black with black. The camo ones are really cool too, but not for us civilians. I think the black one is really really badass.

The T3 Black w/Black G10 is the one that my heart beats for. It almost even skipped a bit :P

Its got a very beautiful body plus it gives my iPhone 5 lots of character. My iPhone and the Sector 5 Black Ops Elite will be very happy together. A marriage made in USA .

Id like the black on black. And frankly, I never win shit, so when I do? Call me so I can express my excitement before you ship it. :)

T3 black / G10 the only approved color to wear with my ABUs at work. And it's also the best color!

I just love all things black, car and bike are black, clothes black. Shoes, boots, socks and undies black. Wife black (well dark). My iPhone is black so I just love the T3 black w/black G10. Good luck everyone

The Element case has been my favorite alloy case for my iPhone 4s and now my favorite case for the IP5. Sector 5 T3 Desert Tan W/ Black G10 is going to be a unique case.

T3 Black/w Black G10 case looks absolutely fantastic to say the least. I would love to have this on my iphone 5. This case would compliment by iphone just perfectly.

Black on black. I would buy this case in a heartbeat if it didn't cost more than I paid for the phone. Love the tactical.

T3 Black w/ Black G10 is very sweet and would be perfect for my phone, but honestly I'd take any of them. Thanks!!!

Wow - Crazy cool. I will feel very tactical and complete my work with tactfulness... and protection... for my phone... T3 Black w/Black G10 !!

Wow this case is AWESOME!!! To win any one of them would be great! If I have to pick how about the T3 desert tan with black G10 (First Choice), Or T3 Black w/ Black G10 (Second Choice).

Sector 5 Black Ops Elite iPhone 5 Case T3 Black w/Black G10 .... this is got to be the hottest iphone case I've ever seen. I'd love to win it, but I never win anything so I'll just admire it.

Nice case!
The all Black is the perfect match for me im no soldier nor hunter , except in WoW. ;-)

Awesome case!!! As an active infantry officer, I love a case that protects like none other, yet retains functionality! Regarding color, the green and beige camo are stunning; however, current Marine Corps regulations require a 'subdued' color for the wear of a cell phone. Hence, black is the ideal choice!! Love it! Semper Fi!!

T3 Black w/Black G10 is my fave. Second choice would be Black w/OD Green. But, I'd take any of them....they all look great. Thanks iMore and Element Case.