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Element releases the Black Ops Elite Case for iPhone 5 - We have two to give away!

Element case Sector 5 Black Ops

Element Case, the premier manufacturer of high-end smart phone and tablet accessories, has just launched a special edition iPhone 5 case tailor-made for the military or firearms aficionado. Dubbed the Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, this unique case combines a CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum frame with back plates crafted by Hogue, Inc. – the leading manufacturer of firearm grips in the US. These backings utilize a highly specialized material called “G 10” – a high-pressure, thermoset plastic laminate comprising multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh bound with impregnated epoxy resin.

The end result is a case that provides tactical aesthetics and grip in a package built for only the most discerning iPhone 5 owner. Available color schemes include all-black, green camouflage, beige camouflage and more. Available now for $219.95, the Sector 5 Black Ops can be purchased via the Element Case website.

“The Black Ops Elite gives your phone a look like nothing else in this world,” said Jeff Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Element Case. “The major aesthetic details from the camouflage backings, combined with fine points of detail down to the corrugated mesh behind the open end of the perimeter aluminum frame, blend to craft a unique and bold statement for the most discerning military or firearms enthusiast. Genuine parts from Hogue, Inc. make the case authentic and tactfully brilliant.”

The Black Ops Elite is clearly a fantastic case sure to appeal to many of you out there. If you'd like to enter to win one of these for your iPhone 5 (sorry, only the iPhone 5 is compatible with this case), head over to the Element Case website at the link below and take a look at the color choices. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know which color is your favorite, and you could win it! We will choose two lucky winners and announce them on the blog next week. Good luck!

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 571 comments. Add yours.

Tetsuo893 says:

T3 Black w/ Blak G10! so nice :)

CR4V3 says:

I'll take T3 Black w/ OD Green G10 please!

grantalias says:

T3 Black w/ Black G10 would look really nice :-)

nicke3l5 says:

Im actually quite partial to the t3 desert tan with the dark earth g10 myself so good luck to all... fingers x'd :D

linsiris says:

T3 black with black G10 would be great!

Thegoat8664 says:

Dark earth would match my furniture.

johntranchino says:

I like the T3 Black w/ Black G10 because it would go great with my combat knife and combat boots for when i head back on my second tour to Germany. Hoorah!

johntranchino says:

I like the T3 Black w/ Black G10 because it will go great with my combat knife and and combat boots for when i head back on my second tour to Germany. Hoorah!

johntranchino says:

I like the T3 Black w/ Black G1 because it would go great with my combat boots and combat knife for when i go do my second tour in Getmany. Hoorah!

jalbright3 says:

Like the black W/OD Green.

rydmn says:

I think black would be the ticket.

RomeyyRomeee says:

I would love the T3 Black w/ Black G10!

hittrj01 says:

Love the solid black G10. Hope one of them is mine!

darrenthegreat says:

These are the coolest looking cases I have ever seen for a phone period! If I had the choice of owning such a beautiful piece of art I would have to go for the T3 Desert Tan w/ Dark Earth G10.

bbdodgersdude says:

good luck! I like T3 Black w/ Black G10

Brandan says:

Awesome case! I work in the wireless industry and I have only seen a few of these brand cases since they have been making them.

IZELone says:

T3 Black with Black G10 would be awesome!!!

hmconradjr says:

t3 Desert tan w/black g10 is the sexiest one

pino-chet says:

It would be excellent to have the T3 Black w/ Black G10 model. Best of Luck to all.

blackweezy says:

I like the T3 Black w/ Black G10. This case is sick. Thanks.

Yell0w says:

T3 desert tan with black g10 looks great

providco says:

Why would anyone even want A black-ops Element case THAT ISN'T BLACK ? The detail, construction and materials look to be top rate !

Mbellfire says:

I like the desert tan/dark earth!

irepairhrvatska says:

Holy......T3 desert tan with black g10 is a dream come true!

Swfla1 says:

T3 Desert Tan with Dark Earth G10 - NICE!

nogutsnoglory says:

T3 Desert Tan with Dark Earth G10. Sweeeeeet!

taz323 says:

Looks great,especially the all black, wow,one heck of a price tag though. Looks like it's worth it though.

kendo says:

I would love the T3 Black w/ Black G10. Thank you for your time.

soybeanthief says:

would love to have the T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10 for my new iphone 5 - Longtime android user converted to IOS and loving it

BBBOLD351 says:

The Black with Black is very cool!!! One for me please!!!

Lbar1001 says:

Desert tan with black. My phone could go desert fox all the way.

Nathan Grey says:

They all look great. For some reason though, the Desert Tan with Dark Earth is grabbing my attention the most.

nagasaki69 says:

Black on black these element cases are so Nice!!! but so $$$ wouldn't mind winning one!

rbonnerjr says:

I like all black everything so I like T3 Black w/ Black G10.

whitlecj says:

Black w/ Black G10 is really sweet

cyruss612 says:

I would love the T3 Black w/ Black G10. It is beautiful.

rdstryr says:

T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10, thanks!

Joker2 says:

Love the T3 Black w/Black G10 it'll look nice next my Springfield XDM

dblackn says:

Like the look of T3 Black w/Black G10 case!

abebil says:

I love T3 Black w/ Black G10, really unassuming and sweet looking.

therealmatt84 says:

T3 Black w/ Black G10. Stealth mode.

BlvckSovp says:


usnshin says:

T3 Black w/OD Green G10 representing the Green Berets, go army!

Patrick Lee says:

I think Black and Tan is the best!

nerdnase says:

T3 Black w/ Black G10 looks good to me :-)

Bennieficial says:

I'm really liking that T3 Black w/ Black G10

kein says:

Finally someone put together an awesome case, bringing two great manufactures together Element Case and Hogue grips and created a case like no other. The Black w/Black G-10 is my choice of color. I have to add great job on the belt clip and tactical holster.

rtmartinez24 says:

T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10 will go we'll with my work uniform and the case will protect it from flying baseballs and softballs. I hope to win this!

lcargile says:

All black please! As a firefighter, this would be a great, tough case to have.

weez333 says:

I would love to have this case (T3 Black w/Black G10). Thanks.

samsin92 says:

T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10 please. Haven't won any giveaway yet. Wanna win this one!

alice93 says:

T3 Desert Tan w/black G10. It's different n nice.But should come in more colors.

ChrisPlenkers says:

T3 Black w/Black G10 is definitely my favorite!
A little more elegant compared to the other color-choices, while still having the great design-features :-)

And those cases have some awesome features tbh...the backside-clip is awesome! I really want one of them...

Naruto Elouafi says:

T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10 is my favourite color!

Margie Hall says:

T3 black/black G10 my husband would love this case

Bibojim says:

The T3 Black w/Black looks great!

Troy Patterson says:

T3 Black w/Black G10 is my favourite color! Hope to win it! Thank you!

BrodynW says:

Damn, it's too late for me :'(

oAntixo says:

The T3 Black w/ Black G10 is my favorite. Hogue makes the nicest grip material. To have it on my iPhone would be sweet! its a very unique feel.

Mark Strong says:

t3 desert tan w/ dark earth g10


Hi Guys I Like The One On The Very Left

doylesav11 says:

Black on black baby. G-10!!!! I want one soo bad, thank you for the contest!!!! My brother&I my best buddy have sector 5s, I just got my new 5s and if I don't win I will get a element cover as soon as I can!! Thanks. Big D