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Apple is expected to be announcing the next generation iPhone — call it iPhone 6 — on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to get everything you need to know!. Seriously, have you seen our incredibly in-depth iOS 8: Explained series? Yeah, STILL only the beginning! We don't want you to miss anything, so to help encourage you to follow us, be it on App Store, RSS, Twitter, App.net, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes, we're going to hold a massive, mega countdown to iPhone 6 contest and give each and every one of you a chance to win a $500 Gift Certificate to put towards Apple's iPhone 6!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post letting us know what you're looking forward to most in the new iPhone 6.

That's it! It couldn't be any easier! (And depending on your contract/subsidy status, you could end up getting that iPhone 6 absolutely free!)

Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 7, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT. We'll announce the winners just before the iPhone event, so stay tuned!

Ready? Set? ENTER!

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Enter now for a chance to win $500 towards your iPhone 6!



The iPhone 6 will be like totally awesome bro! I'm looking forward to the larger Indestructible screen.

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a larger screen will be nice and I hope all the versions come with the sapphire glass.

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I am looking forward to an iphone 6 that is close to the size of my iphone 5s... no need to be bigger! I love my iphone and Id like it even smaller! IF i want bigger, i use a computer (MAC AIR)....... no need for bigger phones > that is what ipads are for! Looking forward to the new technology in the iphone 6 or similar.....

ABSOLUTELY a bigger screen! Just getting into using Bias and JamUp as mainstays in my guitar rig, and a bigger screen would be awesome!

Posted via iMore App

I'm looking towards the new curved design (if the rumors are true).

The larger size with the curveature of the device I think will make it more comfortable to hold.

Posted via the iMore App for Android

NO!!! Curved glass is a stupid gimmick!!! If you're talking about a curved back, I'm all for it if it's done right!

Sent from the iMore App

Looking at making the big switch to iPhone! Looking forward to trying out continuity with my Mac and new iMessage looks great! Finally the larger screen size may be the icing on the cake!


I wish they still made smart phones the size of the veer- anyone remember that? Besides the iPhone that was my favorite smart phone ever. I am hoping that the screen size doesn't get any bigger than the iPhone 5s- I am content with that. Or at least that the phone doesn't get bigger- if the screen is bigger within the same frame- I could handle that. Looking forward to the better more durable screens! Super excited for what the newest iteration of iOS has in store. Woohoo! = D

I reported the above comment by mistake. Sorry about that. Michelle, Please disregard it. Thank you.

Hi iMore. Thanks for this chance! I am looking for awesome health and security features in iPhone 6 with the same screen size which I hope Apple would retain.

Very excited not only for the bigger screen, but the fact the we'll actually have a choice of iPhone size for the first time :D Thanks iMore, i"m feeling lucky!

Looking forward to being able to open apps soon after tapping on their icons. Currently this can take a while on an iPhone 4

I'm just really excited for the new screen size along with widgets to bring my information to me a little faster.

No doubt the larger screen is the most anticipated aspect of the new device, once this is released Apple will no doubt dominate the market again. Bring it ! $500 Please !

I am looking forward to having a larger screen while still being able to use one hand! So curious to see how they will make this happen!

Phones are made for one handed use!


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It would be my very first iPhone. I think that's as good a reason as any, and no I don't use an Android phone now.

Posted via iMore App

What I can't wait for most in the iPhone 6 (or should I call it the 6l) is the larger size. I hate to admit it, but I like the size of the Galaxy Notes. Now, we wait for Apple to make a larger iPhone, and BAM! Galaxy Note killer! I hope I win the $500, it would really help towards my JUMP! Upgrade with T-Mobile!

That's an awesome day for this announcement - it's my birthday!! I am most looking forward to the larger screen!!

Looking forward to a bigger screen. Also looking forward to the new features in iOS 8

Sent from the iMore App

Looking forward to the iPhone 6! I was eligible for the 5S but I'm holding out for the 6 with the bigger screen, better processor, and better battery life!

I like everyone else, want an iPhone 6 for the rumored bigger screen. I may not get the 5.5" as it may be too big for my style. But a 4.7" could be perfect. Improved wifi antenna would be a nice addition. I take excellent care of my phones, no drops or scratches. A sapphire casing would make it easier to have a naked phone. Assuming all these rumors and leaks are true.

Big screen ,Big screen and Big screen. Been waiting for years. Bring it on apple. Take all my money but bring me a bigger screen.

The new Messages application with Voice texting should make the iPhone 6 a remarkably easy to use communicator, especially for us senior citizens.

I am really looking forward to that larger screen. I'm also really hoping for a "one more thing" feature. I like to be surprised about something.

I'm still using my 4s. Enough said, I need you iPhone 6!!!!! Thanks again iMore for yet another AWESOME contest!

Bigger screen, faster processor, better battery life, and above all else...a new Apple product. I'm getting the iPhone 6 regardless, but $500 would help me not get yelled at by my wife for spending so much money

Sent from the iMore App

Ive been waiting so long for this seriously apple is going to dominate the wireless industry and with all of there great products they already have to offer is going to shoot all of there products through the Roof!!!!!!

The screen, the screen, the screen. Did I mention the screen? Seriously, I would very much appreciate a larger screen iphone in a reasonable form factor.

I'm really looking forward to getting a Touch ID - my iPhone 5 doesn't have it, and I can't wait to use it with the new API in iOS 8! Thanks, iMore!

Looking forward to these things the most:
1. iOS 8 (because the beta is looking really good already)
2. Rounded edges (no need for a case just to prevent anodized edge wear)
3. Thinner enclosure (because thinner is *always* better)

I can't wait to see the new iPhone6! A larger version and version close to the 5s size would be great. I am going to have to hold both to see what one is the match for me! As someone who enjoys shooting photos with their iPhone an improved camera would be great! This time around I may go gold!

I would love to try out the new Camera, my son will be born in October and I cant think of anything better to take pictures of than my kids, and to view the pics on a nice big screen would be awesome!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of innovation Apple will take with the new release. Definitely looking forward to see the larger screen size and increase retina pixels.

Looking forward to Healthkit. Really excited to see the new phones work together with the forthcoming watch and how they'll work together.

The bigger screen of course! I also really like the new design and can't wait to feel it in the hand.

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What am I looking forward to in the iPhone 6? Well, the BIGGER screen size would be at the Top of my list. Another feature would be the Camera and the Increased Graphic and Retina on the iPhone Display. I am also excited about iOS 8
and how amazing the two will fit together, and last the customization options I will have, like widgets, third-party keyboards & the use of Touch-ID with third-party apps. The iPhone 6 is and will make a statement to ALL android users, Android will be losing customers left and right when the iPhone comes out, and I really want to be in that special group of the iPhone 6 Users! Thanks for your time!

- Austin

Bigger screen, Touch ID, and, as always, a faster processor (hopefully with more memory – I get tired of the reloads sometimes). This iPhone 5 of mine is getting long in the tooth. With that $500 gift card, I'll be buying off-contract and upgrading next year, too.

I would love to see how a larger screen iPhone feels in hand and if it would be an upgrade over the now well used to iPhone 5s screen.

Looking forward to an improved battery life, the all new A8 chip and the better integration between iOS and Mac OS (Continuity and Handoff features). For me the current 4 inch screen is ok, but in case the increase in size is imminent, anything above 4.7 inch would be too much.

I'm looking forward to a bigger, badder, better device – and to following all the news from imore leading up to its release! Giddy-up!!

I'm looking forward to a larger, thinner, faster device that has all the updates of iOS 8! Can't wait for it to be unveiled!

Sent from the iMore App

Yeah, I'm looking forward to this new iPhone 6. I got the 5s in gold and am ready to switch back to black. Big screen for watching video when working out would be awesome! I currently have an unlimited data plan with Verizon and have to buy my phone outright, so this $500 would help out a lot! Thanks, hope to win!

Can't wait for the 6! Looking forward to a phone that feels a little better in the hand, and which has a little more screen real estate.

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I cannot wait to be able to opt out of group texts! And what better way to do that than with a new iPhone 6!

I am most looking forward to a newly structured phone, the new features, better battery life, and of course a bigger screen most importantly!!

I'm really excited for a bigger screened iPhone!!! Not to mention all the great things coming with iOS 8, i.e., keyboards, extensions, continuity, etc. Possibly the biggest update to iPhone since the iPhone launched.

Long time android guy here. A month ago got the 5S and I love it! Now I see the pics and specs of the 6 and I have to have it! I need this awesome Iphone! Hook me up!

Sent from the iMore App

I hope this new iPhone grows up yo our expectations not just screen size, waiting anxiously for this event!!

Sent from the iMore App

I'm looking forward to having a shiny new phone with a larger screen, running iOS8, and just having Apple's latest and greatest!

Sent from the iMore App

I'm desperate for the 5.5.-inch iPhone. I don't want to abandon Apple but my 48-year-old eyes are having a tougher and tougher time with an 4-inch screen.

I'm looking forward to the new slim design but more importantly, the choice of a larger iPhone as my iPhone 5 is too small for me... getting blind in me old age you see...

I love the camera on the iPhone 5S but am hoping for an upgrade in the lens, leading to a better aperture and maybe better low level lighting. Not overly concerned with megapixels, though an improvement in micron pixels would be great as well. I love what they did with the flash on the 5S. The bigger screen is an interesting feature if done right but I don't really need it. And then throw in iOS 8 which I am really looking forward to with the actionable notifications and improvements to the photos and messaging apps....this year will be a good year for Apple.

Sent from the iMore App

Not like we know what features will arrive in the iPhone 6 but I'm hoping for 802.11 ac wireless. If somehow that is a feature then that is what I would be most excited for.

So looking forward to the larger screen and weirdly, short audio iMessages too. They will be very useful.

Sent from the iMore App

I think I need a bigger screen, too, because my eyes seem to get straiuned reading my phone. I don't really want to carry a bigger phone, though, so I'll wait and see how it feels. With Apple, though, I am sure it will feel great in the hand.

No matter what Apple decides the iPhone 6 looks like or feels like, I completely trust them because with Jony Ive in the driver's seat he has never let us down. I'm anxious and eager to see what they have in store for us!

I am looking forward to the large screen of course. I got an iPhone 5S, and a BlackBerry Z30. I tend to use my Z30 more when I need to watch YouTube, or browse the Internet because I got more space, and more details displaying.

I am expecting that I will need no other device once I own the large screen iPhone 6 device.

I'm looking forward to the iPhone 6 (if that's what it will be called) because I need to upgrade from my 4s and also the bigger screen would rock with games and movies! Thank you iMore

I'm looking most forward to a complete hardware redesign with a larger screen. 4.7" is a sweet spot and not too large. With IOS 8 it should be a great device. Curious to see how they make the camera better. Gonna be awesome!!!

Sent from the iMore App

If all of the rumors pan out, I'll be in love with pretty much every aspect of the iPhone 6, but I'm most stoked about the damn-near scratch proof sapphire screen! PICK ME, BROS!

Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to the larger screen, slimmer size, longer battery and iOS 8. Good Luck to all!

Sent from the iMore App

I would love to win 500 for my new iPhone! The thing I'm most excited for is the new shape. It looks like it's more comfortable to hold

I'm looking forward to the next steps into the future with what Apple has worked so hard toward. It's going to be Christmas in September. Woot!

Here we go!!! A larger screen, longer lasting battery life and more accessibility...

I'm looking forward to a sapphire-like screen. I already water proof my phones, now having an near indestructible* screen would be super awesome, maybe the aluminum body won't scratch so easily this time around?

no word about this, but longer battery life is always a welcomed plus!

*indestructible under normal circumstances, accidental drop, keys in pocket etc.

I'm looking forward to the newest sleek design! This is year number 7. I'm feeling lucky. Fangirl since June 29, 2007!

The top features of the iPhone 6 that I'm looking forward to is the bigger screen, new design, and improved battery life!

Family sharing is what I look forward to the most. With four family members and multiple apple products it is a feature we have needed for a while.

Sent from the iMore App

More birthdays than I want to admit to have me thinking that larger screen may be the #1 feature for these eyes. All the other things happening are of great interest too.

Sent from the iMore App

The iphone6 is going to be my dream phone. After so many news and reviews from iMore i expect iphone6 having ios8 to be the best smartphone ever launched. Apart from that i am a huge fan of apple products, i love thier style of making devices that no other can think of. Okay so why i need this 500$ ... I just moved to america as a college student and the fees for international students is alot, and i dont know after working how many days i could afford this phone. So iMore is giving a great giveaway that i would obviously like to win as using the best smartphone being a college student is so helpful. Once again iMore team is doing a great job and Best Of Luck to all the people who want the gift :))

Sent from the iMore App

First was the mouse. The second was the click wheel. And now, we're going to bring multi-touch to the market. And each of these revolutionary interfaces has made possible a revolutionary product - the Mac, the iPod and now the iPhone.

Steve Jobs

Sent from the iMore App

I can hardly wait for a bigger screen. Has a owner of every iPhone Apple produced (except the iPhone 5c), a bigger screen will ensure I continue to be an iPhone owner.

No matter the specs or features, there's nothing like a new iPhone model! Thanks for the opportunity to win and give the wallet a little help!

I'm looking forward to the larger screen, third-party keyboards, and reply to texts from the notification shade!

Posted via iMore App

I'm looking forward to speed! Not sure how I'll feel about a larger screen if that happens but would love to have it either way!! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

Love the new super sleek look! Love you guys at imore! Hope i can win.
best of luck to everyone. your ALS challenges were so inspiring. Big shout out to Rene and Georgia!

I can't wait for the iPhone 6! I've had every iPhone since the first and look forward to more great things from Apple and of course iMore! I would say the feature I'm most looking forward to from the iPhone 6 is the bigger screen and Continuity, so I have all my apple devices complimenting each other perfectly.

I'm really liking the direction Apple has taken with iOS (more open than before), and the iPhone 6 is the perfect phone for me to upgrade to utilize the new features! Looking forward to touch-ID as well, seems fast and convenient.

You guys do have a lot of giveaways, thank you, it's nice to see gestures like this as it shows a connection with the community.

I would love to play with all the new features that comes with iOS 8 & use it as a daily driver especially with the all the screen reality that comes with the new iPhone 6!

Sent from the iMore App

Got to say that it really is the possibility of a 5.5 inch screen. I realized how much of an impact having that larger screen would have with the Android device I switched to when switching mobile networks.

Since I have the iPhone 5, I'm looking forward to the Touch-ID. I'm also interested in a bigger screen size. I think it's time.

I'm looking forward to the camera, I really enjoy taking photos of everything in my life and sharing them with my peeps!

What I'm looking forward to most in the iPhone 6 is the bigger screen (4.7" would be fine with me), the support for 3rd-party keyboards (eg Swype and SwiftKey), the Extensibility between apps, and hopefully that "one more thing" that pleasantly surprises us and makes the rest of the industry stand up and take notice.

Personally, looking forward to the combination of potential larger battery, more resilient glass, more RAM and further improved TouchID hardware. iOS 8 with extensions is really going to be the biggest step forward. The 1Password announcement is enough to get me excited for the update. TouchID plus 1Password extensions are a huge boon.

Leaving an aswesome comment, Not really interested on the bigger sized iPhone, but really interested on what apple is going to come up with now

I do feel like a total tech nerd with how excited I get every year for the big presentation of the new iPhone/iPad. I always skip a generation and so I do not get the S version and so am do now for my new "toy" of iPhone 6!!!!

I must say that I honestly hated everything to do with the iPhone until recently at work when I used one. At first I was skeptical and put off from it as I was a DIE HARD android nerd since 2009. I must say that I was crazy to not give it a try all those years but once I did I must say that it totally changed my outlook. It is fast and the ui is fluid. I don't have to worry about app crashes or ui crashes (everything works and works well)! I would definitely love to get an iPhone 6 with the 5.5 inch screen as that is the only thing that was missing to make the iPhone the best there is. Hopefully I get picked. Thanks for the chance!