Don't Expect AT&T iPhone Tethering Until 2010


Could it be we won't see iPhone tethering on AT&T's network until 2010? 9to5mac recently posted a saying to expect tethering on the network before the end of the year. An AT&T spokesman responded with the following statement:


blockquote>Just reading again – where did anyone promise tethering by EOY? Where did you see that? We promised MMS by end of summer and ended up being a few days late for that…

More bad news for all of us waiting patiently for the official service, but it's hard to be optimistic after comments like that, isn't it? Of course, international iPhone users such as Rene have had this feature for quite some time now making a lot of us AT&T users a bit jealous.

Feel free to vent your frustration in the comments below!

[via 9to5mac]

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Reader comments

Don't Expect AT&T iPhone Tethering Until 2010


OMGoodness...Just google it and you will find ways to do it, forget about waiting fot the official either APN changer on you iPhone..BAM you got it or do PDA Net....BAM you got it

If AT&T's network is so overloaded, why are they trying so hard to sell these netbooks and PC's with 3G data service contracts? Even Dell just announced that they will have an option to add an AT&T data plan with 2 year contract.
I'm willing to bet that's why they don't want to allow tethering. They think it might eat into netbook contracts.

I just don't get this. I can understand their fears if they were thinking about enabling free tethering to all iPhone users- that might cause a data glut. But if they are proposing adding it as a paid service for extra money (esp. if it's like +$30), then not that many people would enroll and the network load wouldn't be that big. It's not like there aren't people running 3.0 and the benm hack or using tethering via jailbreak on their network already.

using the benm hack proves that AT&T tethering works just fine with just a carrier file change and no jailbreak, so I don't see what the big deal is. Probably they can't quite figure out how to charge people for this service.

I'm not really concerned. It wouldn't be something i'd pay for. And they would overcharge anyways.
I kind of prefer the no tethering policy and just find a hack to do it for those rare times i need it.

@ty & @Dyvim - BUMP - There are many ways to get tethering working that aren't that hard. I would think anyone smart enough to know what tethering is AND need to use it would be able to figure it out. Who needs AT&T

I cant believe, Im from Brazil and here Im able to use tethering since 3gs was realeased and mms since the first phone with this feature was realeased!! How a country like US, with all its tech and wealthness can be
like this??? Funny world!

Can't imagine At&t service being any worse than it already is in new York city.. Tethering could only make things worse at this point

How many iphone users do they really think are going to shell out 60 extra dollars for a tethering plan, I say they should release it. I don't plan on giving them any extra money. Anyone else?

Is there a way to unlock my tmobile blackberry so it works on AT&T? I'm getting way aggravated that the iPhone can't do most things a blackberry can.

AT&T's network can't handle iPhone tethering while selling 3g laptops right now. AT&T's all about the $$.

I'm guessing the point of the argument is that, tethering is a feature that should have been active long ago, just as we argued about MMS for 3 years. I personally wouldn't use tethering, I've got a 10mbps Internet plan for $35, my bar has free wifi and so does pretty much every other place I hang out. It's best at the bar though. And no, I usually don't go to the bar to socialize because I can't stand talking to people...I have to talk to people all day for my job, I ain't gonna do it on my recreation time too.

@rob "jailbreak it" isn't that two words? Haha @ Omar, tethering is the ability to use the data plan via your phone on your computer.

I have tried EVERYTHING to make it work on my 2G 3.1.2, but only MyWi, seems to allow me to do it. Anyone have a way to enable it free on 2G with latest 3.1.2?

@Iphone4idiots-LOL! We ALL need AT&T if were not jailbroken!
@Rafael-in the US, you would think being that this is our beloved iPhone's homeland, we would get some first dubs on new feature sets, or in this case tethering, or at least with the rest of this big round world, but that's just not right. AT&T has to figure out how to make the most money in the quickest time, and to figure out how they can fix their crappy spotted 3G (and even 2G too) service. Lol it's an ironic situation in my mind.
if AT&T is going to charge even a PENNY for tethering, if it ever does roll out, I swear to my life that I will call there a dozen times in a day complaining, threatening to switch providers, telling them I'll jailbreak for the service(or just hack it) and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they'll throw in a mail in rebate that I can send in to get ehhh maybe three months tops to see if I'll actually use it a lot. Either that or they'll convince me to subscribe to their actual Internet service seeing as they're both a wireless provider, ISP, etc... I'll have to get my forum on in a couple weeks when there's another post.

@Rafael thats exactly why we have this problem. We have so much money over here (or so they think) ATT feels like they need to relieve us of every little bit they can. I for one never use my tethering unless Im too poor to pay my home service which also goes to ATT. So I don't really care. I'm not paying ATT SHI* for this service

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I'm so sick of AT&T - I'm get so excited every time I leave the USA for Australia (I work in the US for a company that has a development office in Sydney) because I know I'll finally be able to use my iPhone to my full potential. The sad thing is I use my iPhone to its full potential on a PREPAID plan I pick up at the airport for <$2/day!
I hope AT&T puts their nose the grindstone and at least gets with the 90s - I guess the new excuse mobile providers are using is "Too many customers" when just a few months ago (and still in Canada) they were using the "Not enough customers" excuse.

It was stated in other articles on this blog that unlike other countries, the US has a huge amount of territory to cover. AT&T has a larger task than many international carriers.
Understanding that, I think Apple made the mistake of having an exclusive carrier contract in the US. AT&T was greedy when pursuing the extention of that exclusive contract after knowing full well that the task of quality coverage was beyond any one carrier.

Just use blackra1n or the Dev Team's new program to Jailbreak your iPhone and get tethering for free right now.

To Rafael - it doesn't surprise me that US is that far behind in technology/networks. While developing countries get a whole new infrastructure, our old @$$ networks gets patches. Additionally, the US corporate greed is probably driving some pricing discussions on this offering. At $300/per phone + monthly plan fees = frustrated consumer (once again).

MyWi just updated last night to support 3.1, so now I have USB, Bluetooth AND WiFi tethering right now with no monthly fee. Suck it, AT&T.

Yeah I just noticed the new release of MyWi. I had problems with it not letting WiFi sleep so it was killing my battery. Even when tethering was turned off. It looks like this bug is fixed now. I guess it is time to buy the full version now.

I am dissapointed I purchased the 3Gs with the advertising it world tethering even the sales guy at AT&T said it will in sept. Well I feel I am a victim of false's even on apples web site .

Does anyone have a solid recommendation for tethering a 3G on 3.1.2? I don't want to JB. It's too much hassle to deal with dancing around Apple updates. I've searched for APN changer but I haven't been able to find anything that will bring the "Cellular Data Network" settings up.
Email me back at

At&t is really missing an opportunity. If they would release a 10-15$ tethering plan business customers would eat it up. All I can say is thanks to all who allow us to work around at&t with jailbreak apps. Thanks geohot!!!! Blackra1n rocks