Facebook Connects... with iPhone Scrabble

Scrabble on the iPhone, meet Scrabble on Facebook! Thanks to Facebook Connect, players on the iPhone can invite Facebook friends to join them in games, turns taken on the iPhone appear on the Facebook board, and it even supports chat between players. Says Macworld:

Many leading experts have said that the future of the iPhone lies in its social features. EA Mobile has bridged two of its popular versions of the game in a social marriage that promises to bring new players to the addictive word challenge game and give existing players new ways of interacting.

Any iPhone Facebookers (Facebooked iPhoners?) going to jump on this?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Facebook Connects... with iPhone Scrabble


Looks like Microsoft's "Welcome to the Social" more applies to the iPhone than the Zune. I'd much rather chat with other people and friends over a board game than to see what's on their PMP. Nothing really social about that compared to a good ole head to head game of scrabble.

While I still loathe the "official" Facebook Scrabble I have to admit this is cool. I have played a game already in progress and started a new game, both worked perfectly. Very impressive.

how do you get scrabble on your Facebook App on your Iphone. I play this game all the time, would love to play it on my phone. thanks.

Doesn't work. Connection error can not connect to scrabble server. Has not worked once with facebook even post update.