Fake iPhone stash thrown out of 18th floor window after police raid

What do you do if you’re a maker of fake iPhones in China and the police are battering your door in? Throw them out of your window that’s what! Not really the best idea if you happen to be on the eighteenth floor though...

This is what happened recently at a Shenzhen shop, when four fake iPhone dealers took the decision to dump their inventory to avoid prosecution. They tried to throw nearly one thousand cloned smartphones out of the eighteenth story window. Some of the phones were even said to be labelled as the yet to be announced iPhone 5! The police finally caught them burning transaction records but managed to recover a customer database.

Luckily no one in the street below was hurt but several cars and fences were damaged when it started raining fake phones!

[Cult of Mac]



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? says:

Ummmm. Shouldnt they have thrown out the phones BEFORE the police raid. Seems a lil late after they have already raided the place.

Jbbarrette says:

^ I'm sure if they would have known about the raid, other measures would have been taken. But last second decisions are usually stupid ones

Anonymous says:

Darn, wish that I could've gotten my hands on some of those. Just to have a fake iPhone would be cool (without having to pay).

gthugball1n says:

i wonder if their fake design for the iphone 5 was based off of the real one.

eric6052 says:

This seems like it could have made great tipb TV.

SockRolid says:

Like I said in chat on Wednesday's iPhone Live: your next podcast should be "Dropping stuff off high buildings." I know Letterman has already done it, but hey, there's always a new audience.
But seriously, you mess with China's economy and you're a counter-revolutionary. Not just a common criminal.

jasondeno says:

Ironically, a descendant of Isaac Newton happened to be walking down the street at the time..

Ex j a p resident says:

Fake iPhones for sale in many shops here.

blingcase says:

Oops .that really great news. so how many peopl have bought fake iphone!!!