With Find my iPhone free, will you still pay for MobileMe?

With Apple making Find my iPhone free with iOS 4.2 for iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch 4, will you still pay for the full MobileMe service?

If you just want Find my iPhone, it's an easy answer. Here's your freebie, thanks and bye!

If you want MobileMe email, calendars, contacts, galleries, iDisk, and the whole suite of Mac services like Back to my Mac, dock, preference, keychain, and other sync features, then maybe it's well worth the price?

If you like MobileMe but aren't sure of the value, maybe you're waiting for Apple to add even more and better features, or to lower the price before you renew?

Give us a quick vote in the poll above and give us your reasons in the comments below!

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Reader comments

With Find my iPhone free, will you still pay for MobileMe?


Im pissed at apple. Had they kept the "original" release date my iphone 4 would not be in the hands of the jack-off that stole it 2 days ago.

Apple needs to unbundle the services and let folks pick and choose what they want. I think four options would do it: Email/contacts/calendars (without ads or selling your info), Web hosting, Mac application sync, and online hard disk. Boom.

Yes, I'm MobileMe(.Mac) member for long time. I have mail, iCal, etc. I know it is expensive, but I use it with my iPhone, 2xMacs.

Never used MobileMe. Do mail/contacts/calenders on Google for free. Use DropBox for temporary cloud storage across all my personal and work computers and my iPhone, as well as sharing with friends, also free. Don't really need the other services, and I wasn't going to pay $100 a year just for Find My iPhone. I will sure use that now though.
I agree that Apple should unbundle services

Now I will only be using it for Notes sync since I use Google for everything else (via Exchange/push). Bummer.

Calendar/Mail/Contacts sync = free on Gmail
Mobileme Photos = free on Flickr
Mobileme Storage 20GB = 50GB Storage on DropBox (including support for PC as well)
Find my iPhone/iPad - now free without MobileMe
I never wanted to subscribe to MobileMe for 99$/year, and definately won't subscribe now either!

as Dionte said, if they lower it to $50 Im in. Though I'd only use contacts/ical sync and find my iPhone.

50GB Storage on DropBox (including support for PC as well) =$120/yr
Mobileme Storage 20GB (including Calendar/Mail/Contacts sync, Mobileme Photos) = $99/yr
Find my iPhone/iPad – now free without MobileMe
If all you want is storage and/or don't mind separate tools for each service, then MobileMe is too expensive. But if you like the seamless integration of all of these services then $99 isn't so bad.

[quote]Gary says:
November 22, 2010 at 10:48 am
When they add wireless sync with iPhone then I will look at MobleMe.[/quote]
What did you mean with this? MobileMe wirelessly sync iphone/ipad etc.

I only have one Mac and one iPod Touch and Gmail sync is free I do bot need one more email account that is pushed to my device 2 gnarls one hotmail and one yahoo (aol bur not push imap) if. I would pay for it if it
enhanced my experience with my email and other online activities by bringing them all in one place.
Find my iPhone free cool I gess I well use it if I need to never need to pay for insurance for a phone like I was going to anyway

Ugh! So annoying. $99/year should get me things that everyone else doesn't have. Although the Apple answer to that is "well, you get push mail, contacts, etc.", and that's true, the premium tag is now tarnished now that someone who's never used it in their lives gets the same Find My iOS device for free. Come on guys, offer something compelling, or in January, I might let it run out and just stick with Google services.

I think MobileMe should be offer as a free service if you are an owner of an Apple device. I have a MacBook pro, an iPhone & an iPad, they can at least give me MobileMe. I'm sure most people on this site has the same setup as me or more. We spend a lot on our Apple products and should get the service for free for being a loyal customer.

I have always been happy with iTools/Mac.com/MobileMe (I've had the account since day one) but I'm seeing less of a value in the 100/yr price tag. I KNOW that I can find codes on ebay/etc but have had problems in the past.
Maybe Apple will realize that there's competition from Google and will drop the price a bit.