Flash ARMed to the MAX? Could the iPhone be Next?

Flash for the iPhone SDK

According to Macrumors, Adobe and ARM, which is the chipset Apple uses to power the iPhone, have announced they're making a special version optimized for mobile devices. (And, yes, to be snarky, I'll believe that when I get a version optimized for Intel on the Mac, b'okay?)

Never the less, none other than chief Androidika Andy Rubin himself showed up at Adobe MAX today to show off Flash running on that other handset -- the one I'm Round Robin'ing this week, the G1.

Will that put pressure on Apple? Or if people start suffering Flash exploits, are subjected to Flash cookies, or get tired of jumping monkey ads, will it only harden Apple's resolve?

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Reader comments

Flash ARMed to the MAX? Could the iPhone be Next?


i dont really get why people drool over these unnecessary things... Flash will only add addvertisement

What are you two talking about? Browsing the web without having flash is just crazy. Even on a mobile browser, it's important to have flash so you can view videos other than YouTube formatted ones... Is there anyone else that agrees with me?

I would prefer to have flash as well. Flash is not inherently bad or inherently good; it just follows Sturgeon's Law (90% of everything is crap) just the same as any other medium. But that other 10% can still be damn nice to have. Perhaps I do not share other posters' complaints about Flash because I never see that 90%; I whitelist sites for Flash (and javascript) in Firefox, so I see only what I choose to see.
Ideally, that is what I would like to see on my iPhone -- flash, but a noscript-like mechanism to enable/disable it only when I desire. However, Apple would never create that themselves, and a credible extension mechanism for Mobile Safari is even less likely than flash support.

I don't want to see flash on the iPhone. If it comes, it better be easy to disable - or I'll go back to Blackberry.

All you whining Flash haters can go pound sand.
Flash has changed (for the better mostly and sometimes for the worse) the face of the www. That's why it's on 99% of computers. Without it all sorts of cool web functionality would not be possible. Those who blindly hate are dogmatic idiots who don't understand what Flash does, how it does it, or why it's necessary in an HTML world.
(Talkin to you among others Keil!)

Keil Miller says: "Flash must die. Every noob wants it. Every good web developer hates it."
No. Every nerdy, jealous web developer, who continually produce ugly, lame, monotonous sites because they have no artistic talent, hates Flash.

You need flash if you need your iphone to place trades if your out of the office. One of the great things about the iphone is the ability to have a computer in your pocket but without flash it's almost useless.

It's human nature to want what you can't have, however when you get it that is another story. I think Adobe was taking a big chance because if this fails then Apple will be vindicated and users will turn away from Flash even more. I find that people saying without flash the iPhone is useless is so much chatter to me because I have never used the iPhone for browsing and stomped away fuming because of flash? but everyone is different I suppose.

Uh... Whats the hold up? The iPhone uses the SAME processor as the N900, which has FULL Flash 9.5 on it (not Flash Mobile, FULL Flash). I can load and play Facebook games on my N900, which are probably the most Flash-intense things on the planet right now. Flash menus and splash ads are nothing compared to "FarmVille". :)
The iPhone doesn't need a new player... it's out there. One may decide to wait for 10.X to launch, but they've had ARM chipset support for several years now.
As for not wanting banner ads and the like, that's your browser's fault for not offering a way to block them. I use Firefox at home with a plug-in to disable such crap, and MicroB on my N900 has a similar plug-in. If Safari doesn't offer a way to block such ads, you can hardly blame a VM provider if their module gets loaded because your browser sucks... Just sayin'