Friday Fun Fake: iPhoney Nano

Apple has confirmed repeatedly that they're not going to make an iPhone nano. So while that means they may or may not, it definitely means the knock-off artists are making them. Register Hardware brings us this little gem:

The Mini's touchscreen in resistive rather than capacitive, a choice no doubt partly dictated by cost and partly by the need to use a stylus to type on the diminutive virtual Qwerty keyboard which only appears in portrait mode. That's not to say you actually have to use the stylus – after some practice we managed to finger-type with around a 60 per cent chance of getting the right letter the first time.

Anyone racing over to get one?

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Friday Fun Fake: iPhoney Nano


Frog:Omg I wanna break people like you! There is not going to be a nano! God that's the stupidest idea i've ever heard.. Apple will never do this never never, and can I say it again just to shut you the hell up.. NEVER!

Apple said they wouldn't bring out a budget voice only phone (non-smartphone). Nothing saying a "nano" wouldn't ever arrive.

I yould noy buy a iphone nano if one ever came out. Iphone is already a decent size for a touch phone, why have a smaller screen?