Friday Fun Video: Bell Canada iClones iPhone Ad for Palm Pre

While even our friends over at haven't exactly been thrilled by Palm's own, creepy Pre ads, we're not sure Bell Canada's approach -- filming an original iPhone 2G ad using the Pre as a stand in -- is any better.

As a Canadian myself, I'd like to assure the world we're really a heckuvalot more creative than this! (Right Bell?!)

Recent iPhone ad for comparison's sake, after the jump!

[via TUAW]

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Reader comments

Friday Fun Video: Bell Canada iClones iPhone Ad for Palm Pre


They couldve done a "Mac Guy vs. PC Guy-style commercial and poked fun at both the iPhone's non-multi-tasking AND Apple's comercials in one shot. Dumb-azzes.

Looked like a great commercial for Palm. Not sure what the whining is about or why its on an iphone site. Apple didn't copyright showing off a phone's features closeup did they?

It wouldn't matter what Apple copyrighted. Parody and satire are not protected by copyright. But since they're not even attacking Apple in a humorous way to explain having a similar-stlye commercial, it simply comes off as unimaginative and pathetic, rather than intentionally done for parody.

Must not play music and shoot close up video of a guy showing off a phone. Too similar to apple. I got it. Thanks..
Any other ideas then? Having the Borg Queen snap her head around a few times muttering about jugglers? Brilliant!

The average Joe will say: but the iPhone already does all that and it's got all those cool apps and games AND it's an iPod. Unfortunately for Palm, the Pre's main selling points are too geeky and obscure for most people.


Must not play music and shoot close up video of a guy showing off a phone. Too similar to apple. I got it. Thanks..

No, you don't "got it."
Palm's done absolutely nothing inappropriate or illegal toward Apple here. They've just made themselves look uncreative. That's the only point of this article, and my comments.
Don't go into advertising.

Well, truth be told it does resemble apples dull boring iphone commercials. Such a shame.... such a great phone, horrible marketing :/.
"you can also slide, type.." lol!.

Isn't copying the ultimate form of flattery? :-)
Or, perhaps it's for people w/o any original ideas of their own. They could have played off the multi-tasking angle and developed their own approach that would have made Apple jealous....
Yeah, right.

@mystic: That's the point..the masses don't know the Pre does all that.
@fastlane: Sorry dude, you don't get it. People want to see what the phone can do, not how creative Palm can be. This is what got Palm into trouble when they created a borg queen commercial.
When you got a wow product, you wow em. If you're selling corn, then you get creative..

"They couldve done a “Mac Guy vs. PC Guy-style commercial and poked fun at both the iPhone’s non-multi-tasking AND Apple’s comercials in one shot."
no they couldn't.
i mean, at some point the iphone might not be carrier exclusive in the US and Canada anymore.
bell wouldn't want to shoot itself in the foot for when that happens.
also, running anti-iphone ads has been tried before and hasn't worked.

the worst thing about this ad isn't that it "copies" apple, it is the focus on ridiculously normal features.
so people can zoom AND move around a map? ZOMG! wow that's so incredible! i mean zooming i can see but moving TOO!? .. AND IT ROTATES!? i might just faint. i can't handle the awesomeness of the rotating map that moves.
then of course, after spending half the ad talking about amazingly innovative moving maps, they blow through the physical keyboard and multitasking nature of the device with barely a mention. using the super ugly web-based twitter client in close-up.
why not use something slicker, looking, like twee?
or a non beta app like tweed would be better:

Uhh... dude... this article isn't about whether or not the commercial is good, bad, for the masses, not for the masses, or a "wowing" ad. That's YOUR argument.
The "ARTICLE" (see the one written above?) is ONLY about whether or not the commercial is original or copied from Apple. That's it! Nothing else!
Again... you don't get it.
I think Bell running an ad mocking the iPhone would burn about as many bridges with Apple as Microsoft has burned — none. But then again...??

Bell is widely expected to be carrying the iPhone as soon as their HSPA network is up and running, which could be any month now. So, I don't imagine they'll be attacking it :)

I'm so sorry for going beyond the scope of the above article.
Ok..i'll play along. It's rather obvious and implied in my comments that Palm copied Apple. Happy? I only tried to point out that Apple's commercial is hardly original itself. A guy showing off his phone as the camera zooms in on the screen.
Which led to me asking, how else would you be able to show what the Pre's touchscreen could do? But then you whined like a little girl crying I don't get it and struggled to criticize Palm for not being creative which apparently is the only thing that matters to you for some bizarre reason.