Friday Fun Video: iPhone controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank

It's an iPhone controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank. Do we need to say more?

[via Gizmodo]

Rene Ritchie

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MexiChriS says:

I've always been interested in developers that can manage to work a 'moving object' or whatever with an iPhone.
I'd like to someday find a tutorial on how to go about this. Just for kicks, kinda like those little kid projects, that never got around on happening, but should be done!

  • MexiChriS
Rob says:

when he rases the left control the right track moves forward. all that work and he put the tracks on backwards

Bear says:

Uh..... What good is a solar panel on the bottom of he device ?!

Kris says:

Great job man!! two thumbs. To "Bear" what have you built that you can use the iphone with..?