Friday Fun Video: iPhone vs. Storm. vs. G1

Zara from M0bileChic sent in this video, comparing the Apple iPhone against the BlackBerry Storm and Google Android G1. It's fun, it's fair, and we can't let the commenters get the last word in so let her -- and us -- know what you think.

And if you're hungry for more smartphone vs. smartphone action, check out our last Smartphone Experts Round Robin, where we looked not only at our own iPhone 3G and the Android G1, but the BlackBerry Bold, Palm Treo Pro, and HTC Fuze.

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Reader comments

Friday Fun Video: iPhone vs. Storm. vs. G1


not bad not biased my g1 battery life does suck and syncing on my iphone is a little slow and i can't stand surepress on my lil sisters old storm.

I'm open to all reviews but I find her videos just aweful. Her crackberry videos are just as terrible. Throw in the towel.

I saw the jail break too! lol. Yeah she could work on her presentation skills, but the info is great for someone in the market trying to decide which phone to go with and doesn't know much about any of them. One point of interest she left out is the provider overview (US: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) as that is a large selling point for many purchasers.

oh c'mon guys! it was a fine review and her delivery was very good.
the sound and video production quality were unbearable though.

For some reason my browser doesn?t display this page correctly? Anyway, it was a genuinely interesting report, maintain up the excellent work and that i will be again for a lot more