Future iPhones, like Superman, to be powered by the sun?

Future iPhone, like Superman, to be powered by the sun?

The on again, off again Digitimes rumour-mill claims both Apple and manufacturing-partner/device competitor Samsung are looking into solar cells as a future power source.

Samsung and Apple have been evaluating the possible niche market for solar-powered consumer products and considering the inclusion of Taiwan-based solar firms in their respective supply chains. However, according to Taiwan-based solar firms, these niche markets will need a longer time to develop.

The technology doesn't seem to be ready, let alone affordable or scalable, so anyone waiting for iPhone 5 and it's "unique charging method" to start drawing Kryptonian-style power from our strong yellow sun shouldn't get their hopes up too soon. But one day? Who knows, maybe it'll be "up, up, and away" with cables for good.


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Future iPhones, like Superman, to be powered by the sun?


Oh good idea! Now get some corporate responsibility and put solar panels on your swanky headquarters in Cupertino. Everybody wants to preach environmental awareness, but very few of these big companies practice what they preach. Apple has the money I think... $70 bil in the bank. So get with it.

NOOO Sun power is too eco-friendly for me. I'm proud of polluting with my Hummer!!! Don't force the green crap on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Retarded... So I'll leave my phone outside so it can get sunlight? LOL! A better solution is wireless charging but science isn't ready yet...

Well one thing that came to mind immediately is that they would have to make the phone out of completely new material. One time I left my iPhone 3GS in the car in direct sunlight, I came back to it and it had a temperature warning,