Next Gen iPhone to Sport "Entry-Level-Laptop" Class CPU?

Hot on the heels of yesterday's possible AT&T leak on the next gen iPhone, MacRumors is laying out more specific, if still un-confirmed, details:

Another interesting possibility is that Apple may have settled on the Marvell PXA168 ARM chip as the heart of a future device. Some unconfirmed claims point to Apple buying up supplies of this chip which is reportedly also due in the July timeframe. The Marvell PXA168 CPU was announced in January of this year and aims to provide "entry-level laptop" capabilities to consumer electronic devices.

We're noticing the theme of speed and power is staying pretty consistent across these rumors. And if Apple is packing the boom! of a baby-laptop in the iPhone, where does that leave iNetbook rumors?

But what's with all the leaks? Steve Jobs is still on leave of absence, so are folks inside Apple a little less afraid of the flame thrower than they were last year? Or is this a calculated way to keep people's interest (and the internet's attention) away from the upcoming release of competitive products like the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Niagra?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Next Gen iPhone to Sport "Entry-Level-Laptop" Class CPU?


I would say they want to keep people interested in what is to come.
Maybe they are turning the iPhone into a mini laptop?
All I have to say is with this speed and power they are talking about, that they should allow background processing.

Agreed with AntonioJ, I mean how would you dissipate that much heat generated. The iPhone 3G already gets pretty hot when you start doing anything requiring any decent amount of processing.

I'm waiting for the removable battery rumor this proposed iphone will die in 3 hours. Super cpu, hd screens, all the goodies of 3.0, wireless n?

Yea i read that each new iphone is going to have a single drop of steve jobs blood in it allowing the phone to run for years.

If it sports an OLED it'll reduce battery consumption and heat quite a bit. Although a processor like that would eat up more juice. Who knows what they'll do.
I look forward to it. I'm an iPhone addict but the speed/transitions are beginning to annoy me. Better memory and processor would do so much.

BlackBerry Niagra? Who cares about this when thinking about the Palm Pre or iPhone; it's just another meh BB.

OLEDs use less battery than existing displays and the PXA168 looks to be pretty efficient. Combine that with improved battery tech and I'd say we all win. No Jobs blood needed.

Won't this muck up the AppStore? Some games will only run on the new iPhone? Seems like a bad idea so early.

@12 no it won't muck up the app store. it is possible for the same game to run on multiple devices with different performance levels. PC games developers have been dealing with this for years.
you can just drop the frame rate and graphics quality to run the game on the lower end system.
it won't run as nicely as on the higher end system but it'll still run and you can still have fun with it.

Battery life this and that I mean do u people own car chargers? U expect ur phone to last 3 days u charged or sumthin? Goodness!

Nice to see. It is very different and antique i like it. Now a days market of laptop is on boom and for customer it is difficult to choose best one. I am also fan of HP Pavilion dv4t Special edition series

Faster chip same old OS. I am already tired of the iphone. Hope they make more improvements than just a better cpu.

iPhone already has extremely high SAR radiation reading. More power = more brain cancer. More power also = worse battery. Been testing the 3.0 beta and it is draining the battery twice as fast as normal! And the current battery life sucks already. Don't know what they're gonna do there, and it is VERY buggy still. Think it is all publicity to keep the focus on them.
The iPhone is great for games and music, that's it. The 3.0 beta wasn't worth the $200. Selling the iPhone for a PSP with Skype. Great for games! Sticking with the BlackBerry Storm (and my old Bold) for business use (low radiation and FAST! And they do everything a phone should AND more)

I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

informative piece there, Thanks for this.its wonderfull to see someone with a like mind.

The folks at apple aren't stupid, they'll make the new iPhone work up to standard - if it even exists

It would be hilarious if they didn't announce it in June, all these forums would be pointless