Next Gen iPhone: Video Recording Confirmed + Digital Compass, Auto-Focus Camera, and Voice Control

MacRumors has scored the scoop, showcasing what looks to be actual screen-shot caliber evidence of video recording in iPhone 3.0, and other information showing digital compass technology and voice control coming as well.

Most of these rumors have been around for a while, especially the camera and video recording bumps. A digital compass, like the Android G1 uses to automatically rotate Google Street View when you physically turn the device around, would likely require the next gen iPhone hardware pretty much everyone expects to see come WWDC in June anway. Voice control, especially voice dialing, would be another box checked off the old "missing features" straw-man we -- and everyone else -- likes to batter about.

With lots of exciting new features still being "discovered", what other goodies will 3.0 code diving reveal?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Next Gen iPhone: Video Recording Confirmed + Digital Compass, Auto-Focus Camera, and Voice Control


video chat on a cellphone sounds like a cool "future-like" feature but honestly i am not sure i would ever use it.
here is my wishlist for the next gen hardware:
video recording
faster processor
higher 3g speeds
all while having at least the same battery life as the current iphone 3g, if not better.
for me the name of the game is faster, faster, faster!!

Who gives a crap about the digital compass? You look like an idiot when you're using it anyway, such a gimick

Am I missing somthing here if had videocalling for a long time on other phones in the past. I can see a use when in wifi with skype or msn but can't really see them implementing on 3g web based . Surely that's revenue lost on video calling. Skype can only be used wifi at the mo!
Hmmm anyone outvthere jailbroken and using skype? Be intersting to know the results and wether it's a replacement for a big bundle of inclusive minutes

Even on a MacBook Pro, web surfing speed is limited by your broadband speed, browser rendering speed, and processor much more than whether you're using N or G WiFi. Why would 802.11n matter on an iPhone?

I don't get all the hype about 802.11n on the iPhone. No residential household has broadband speeds above 54mbps, so unless you just want to have your whole household on N its kind of pointless. I'm sure an N chip means more battery usage. If we are gonna waste battery I'd rather waste it on backgrounded processes rather than an N chip just because the technology allows it.
By the way Skype works great on 3G on a jailbroken with VoIPover3g. There were a few problems at first but its all good now.

I think it's become clear that Apple is at least working on video recording in some way. My only question is whether it will be implemented with all iPhone hardware or if it will only come to forthcoming hardware that may have a better camera and memory storage that records video more efficiently than the current iPhones. I'm not planning on getting any kind of new hardware for at least another year or so, so I hope it's the former.

80211n, if you don't have a fancy new dual-band router, will stop every other device in your area from revving down to 2.5/802.11g for compatibility :)
Let 5/802.11n reign!

I'm sure all this new hardwear means a better battery. Every iPod that's come out has seen an increase in battery life except maybe the new shuffle (but that's understandible). It's the fact that 802.11g is slightly outdated. Sure most homes or WiFi hotspots are not using it but why limit the technology. Please quit crying about battery life because Apple will have a solution. Besides, hasn't it already been reported that it is an 802.11n Low Power chipset. Let's move on....

Forget about 802.11n already. Apple won't put it in for another reason. Price, these chips come at a premium and that's cutting into Apples profit margins. To get folks to but the next generation iPhone all they need to do is put a front facing camera that can be used for video conferencing. The 802.11n rumors will probably get put to use in a future iPhone product or the itablet. 'Nuff said.