Gigaware HD Radio for iPhone/iPod touch Now Available at RadioShack for $80


Gigaware and RadioShack have teamed up to bring you an exclusive HD Radio iPhone/iPod touch solution with the Gigaware In-line Control with HD Radio for $80. Previously, if you wanted a portable way to listen to HD radio, your options were limited -- the best solution being the Zune HD. This versio

  • Easily connects to your iPhone and iPod touch via the dock connector
  • Receive HD radio signals that offer CD-quality sound
  • Song information, such as title and artist, appears on your iPod's display
  • iTunes Tagging saves artist and song information to your iPod for purchase via Apple's iTunes
  • Discover HD2 substations hidden between your regular stations that only HD radio can deliver
  • Play, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward and Scan controls that your fingers can locate by touch

So at $80 a crack, is this something you would be willing to try out or are you happy enough with your own music and iTunes?


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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Hikerinmaine says:

Too much $$$ and not enough return, sorry.

HungWell says:

Flycast... Pandora... Not sure why I'd want to spend another $80 to listen to commercial radio.

Divigation says:

I would buy this for $30 or maybe $40, especially since there is some decent content in HD radio around me. But for $80 on a device with a persistent internet connection, it just doesn't make any sense. I could spend less than $10 for one of the many internet radio apps and be just fine, oh wait, I already did, so much for Gigaware's solution.

pharmtechie says:

I was actually just about to decide on either replacing my head unit, or get an FM modulator. Has anyone tried this product yet?
One downside I see on this is, I won't be able to charge the player at the same time.

killakow says:

$80???? Might as well spend an extra few bucks and just get the zune HD

UntidyGuy says:

HD Radio? Never heard of it.

heathsnow says:

This could be usefull with the iPod Touch...but not so much with the iPhone.

Erik says:

Ill buy this eventually. Price must come down a little for me personally, even though $80 is nothing to complain about.

Gecko says:

sounds like the digital robi radio for Ipod great that was for 10 mins before your battery died

Fahqbich says:

I may be interested. Anyone have a picture?

Joseph says:

@fahqbich: click on the link in the article.

StevenG says:

I would like to have it. The HD portion is nice and there are some of us that prefer to learn about issues taking place (news) other than just music at all times. On top of that, we want local information. But that is not the only reason. I would like to keep my phone in my pocket in its case (protected) and have the HD cliped onto my pocket or belt to change stations or songs.

Britt says:

Content well worth investing in... HD radio in our area is playing a better and braoder mix of music. Great place to find new tunes. The tagging feature is a major plus for me... Seems like $49.99 would make it ideal but I will probably spend the extra and have one by Thanksgiving!

Geo says:

Bought on sale for $59. Had it a few days but will probably return due to poor reception not to mention eats battery VERY fast.

Joe says:

Best Buy has a pocket HD radio for under $50 with a rechargeable battery. Otherwise the HD content is usually available streaming from the radio station's website.

charles says:

only reason im keeping it is because it works on your music library, the shortcut keys on the radio