Girl pretends iPod touch is an iPhone to scare away kidnapper

It turns out that the iPod touch is a kidnapper deterrent. In Stanton, Delaware, a 12-year-old girl was waiting for a ride outside Stanton Middle School when a man driving a white van pulled up next to her and yelled at her to "get in the van". Instead of panicking, the girl pulled out her iPod touch, held it to her ear, and told the man that she was calling 9-1-1. Believing that she was using an iPhone, the driver immediately sped off. What a smart girl.

An iPod touch may have just saved this girl's life. Now, don't be surprised when your preteen argues that if you had his/her safety in mind, you'd buy him/her an iPod touch.

[ABC via Cult of Mac]

Leanna Lofte

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There are 24 comments. Add yours.

MattyFresh says:

Very Stupid Shes Probably Lying


Anyone could make that up. So easy to get on the news these days.

Fokas914 says:

I live in Delaware, saw this on the news a few days ago... Didn't think it'd end up on TiPb

BNV6 says:

I bet Bill Gates will think twice about not letting his kids have an iPhone or iPod now! xD

Anonymous says:

Why is this internet news on TIPB?
This is not that intuitive...or special...

Ambrosia says:

Geez, everyone is so quick to be negative about this story. Most 12 year olds wouldn't have done that, they would've probably ran but not that. It's easy to read this on the Internet and wax intelligent about how you would've done this too, but whatever. Good for the girl.
Although dude totally could've seen the value in an iPhone and taken it. More like shame on the dude for not recognizing the difference or trying to make a quick "iPhone" driven buck.

Clayton says:

Look, when I go to pick up children in my white box van, I just yell at them and say, "hey you, little girl, get in the DAMN VAN"...for the life of me, I cant figure out why this tactic hasn't yet worked. Maybe if I use candy to lure them in..."hey little girl, wanna piece of candy". Sounds like the lying little girl who told this story has seen a bit too much Law and Order :/

Aaron Matthew Kaiser says:

You people in the comments make me sick.

tulliver says:

Why didn't she, y'know, pull out her phone??

Geo Coldz says:

At least put a picture of an iPod Touch in that photo. Not an iPhone. Gosh!

Anonymous says:

She was standing outside of her middle school and this happened?
What makes this unbelievable is that there weren't any teachers around or anything...

Trevor says:

@ Anonymous - agreed. If she's gonna be in situation out by herself, why haven't her parents given her a cell phone!?!

Dude says:

This happened last year too.

Glenn#IM says:

I think she was smart to keep her cool. You would be amazed what can happen even if adults are around to supervise pick up areas. How many times do you hear news stories where a child was abducted, and no one saw anything. I am glad this is posted here, if nothing more to make you think about safety of our kids. Thanks TiPb

Godsend says:

I bet if the story had read that she pull out her iPod touch and the guy found her out and kidnapped her y'all assholes would be saying she was stupid for thinking she could fool anyone with that.

Ambrosia says:

Not every 12 year old has a phone, guys. Nor do they honestly need one.

tada1096 says:

how do you know the guy thought it was a iphone. us cell phone geeks and tell what kind of phone someone has a mile away but im pretty sure most people just see rectangle box and think some kind of phone.
but that was great quick thinking on the girls side.

Bryan Agoncillo says:

It was a great thing the girl thought of that really quickly... She was brought up well.. LOL
Actually with the combination of these two devices you can make the ipod touch as a phone.
Rogers or Bell's MIFI + IPOD TOUCH + SKYPE = Phone

PelWaves says:

i didn't get it why she pretended?...where is her phone? she didn't have it?...i don't think so

Alex says:

I would think a 12-yo has a basic mobilephone for even emergency calls, no? But, goodfor her, smart girl.

Bryan Agoncillo says:

I think it is a requirement in a household to teach their kids how to protect themselves in an event of such nature.

Johnette Lindler says:

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