Unyousual custom iPhone backplate mod review

Ally's new series of weekly iPhone and iPad mods and repairs inspired me to try and see how well a total beginner like myself could tackle her projects. So, playing n00b to her ninja, the first thing I thought I'd try was a simple backplate swap.

And the folks at unyousual.net were kind of enough to supply me with a custom backplate to get me going. I picked the classic 6-colors Apple logo on a nice, dark wood textured background, uploaded it to their site, submitted it, then waited by the mailbox for it to arrive.

Swapping out the backplate was a little nerve-wracking, I'm not even going to lie. My iPhone 4 is out of warranty, so that wasn't a concern. Seeing everything open, with the battery and components exposed, took a few deep breaths to get used to.

unyousual.net provided both types of screwdrivers, both regular and pentalobe, and they were magnetized so I didn't have to worry about losing the screws -- at least as much as I might have otherwise. Once the screws were out, swapping the backplate was quick and easy. Slide the original one out, slide the new one in, refasten the screws.

The results were super sweet too. The new custom backplate looks stunning -- so stunning I had to immediately protect it from those around me who tried to make off with it!

If you're at all interested in mods for your iPhone, a backplate swap is a really nice, simple way to get started. Just pick up your own custom kit from unyousual.net and give it a try!


The awesome team over at unyousual.net are giving our equally awesome readers a chance to win one of five (5!) free custom iPhone backplates! Here's what you need to do to enter:

  1. Go to unyousual.net and upload the custom picture you want to use.
  2. Take a screen capture or picture of your custom backplate and
  3. Post the screenshot in the official contest thread
  4. We'll pick 5 (five!) of you and unyousual.net will send you your backplate!

What are you waiting for? Enter now!

Giveaway: Custom iPhone backplate mod

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Unyousual custom iPhone backplate mod review

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