Gizmodo: Another Next Gen iPhone Concept -- MacBook Air Inspired

We should start a new "Gizmodo iPhone Concept Art" category, because it seems like Jesus Diaz is throwing up one of these a week, each equal parts smart and silly in their own way. This week's version doesn't light my design regions on fire, but the idea of built in video iChat, compatible with desktops -- even with the Google Maps/CoreLocation chrome tossed in -- is very much "me want".

What do you think? I love the MacBook Air look, but in an iPhone? And is Mobile iChat definitely a must-drool feature?

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Gizmodo: Another Next Gen iPhone Concept -- MacBook Air Inspired


Wow. As cool as it would be, there is no way the iPhone would be that thin. People complain about battery life now...
iChat though! Very cool and very possible.

If it ends up being that thing then things are starting to get a bit crazy. I don't want it to be as thin as my credit card.

sings the i want it now song from Willy Wonka

I like the iChat thing but questions need to be asked about the impact. First, could the carriers handle the volume if they sometimes have trouble now in populated areas with text, data and plain old telephone calls. And how would the carriers handle the fact that you're disintermediating their phone business? They're going to want to be paid for building a faster network and for the use of all of this data. They might want to 'tax' it as a new source of revenue and if they do how does Apple feel about this? Plenty of questions, no answers. Will be interesting to see what comes of it.

Why do they keep calling them 4G!!!!!???? Are they stupid!? Ok, I'm being sarcastic... Just wanted to add a bit of that from the last "4G" Concept. ;)

It's too thin IMO. and I still want color!! :).
Mobile ichat? that would be soooo NICE.

@Jeremy Sikora
no, youre right, they ARE stupid... they are thinking of the iphone 2nd generation, which is what it will really be.
and ive always though having a second camera was a stupid idea, but how in this picture they have it hidden in the speaker, im having second thoughts..... no, wait, screw that it is a stupid idea. name one phone out there that has two cameras? WTF is wrong with these people??
and there is no freakin way it will be that thin!!! (at least not anytime soon)

If you look away from the ridiculous thinness, the other aspects of the design are spot on. I personally think that the iPhone is ultra ugly. A design like this would change all of that... it has a lot of good in it.
The iChat aspect... yeah.. that is a dream.. a possible dream but not a probable one.

Now this is hot! I would love to see iChat on iPhone! Problem is the person you're talking to would need an iPhone too...

The person who designs these concepts never gets it right. I'm glad he/she doesn't work for Apple.

I just creamed my pants...
Too bad this would never happen. For one thing, it'll be another 10 years before the US telephone companies adopt video calls which they had on cells in other countries for close to a decade now, and working well in the public.
We are so far behind.

I don't like how this looks. Especially the back. I love the iChat concept though. Maybe hen AT&T releases their offical LTE network it might be a even greater possibility.
I liked the previous concept --- the one based on the MacBook. I would love to see aluminum back on the iPhone. I know they had signal problems but they will figure it out some how. I dropped mine and got some crazy scratches on it.

@J: god it shows you're an american - there's PLENTY, infact almost every up to spec phone these days comming out with two cameras for video calls!
Anyway, so far apple hasn't built a decent phone whatsoever, any other make has more phone related features than this attempt by them. And if they want to appeal to wider masses they have to make it smaller than the current brick! It's supposed to be a phone in the first place!