Golden Shellback Waterproofs Your iPhone?

I saw Golden Shellback on Tekzilla (video link via Engadget) over the weekend and still don't believe it. How can it be true? One vacuum applied coating and my iPhone will forever be safe from water damage, inside and out?

They claim to have had gadgets working fully immersed for days on end, but do say that it's a one-way process: the coating don't come off.

Though not released to the public yet, I believe Partick Norton quoted the application price as being somewhere around $75 but would depend on the size of the gadget.

Gizmodo has a hands-on, but still... Seems like magic, doesn't it?

Would you trust it with your iPhone?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Golden Shellback Waterproofs Your iPhone?


how could you not trust this?
I mean for god sakes...This is just what aquaman was looking for in his quest to own an iphone.

It's not magic... Look at the specs; it's a polymer coating that has been around forever and is just being marketed under a new name. Try researching parylene.

Anyone know if it really works?
I am a lifeguard looking to get my iphone waterproof, so if it would work for getting wet in a pool, that would be great!

This technology is amazing! It really does work! i've seen it personally at CES and asked my engineer friends who all explain it can be done of course, it just hasn't been properly marketed yet. This is what ZAGG is great at - marketing!
Look out 2010 for this awesome technology!