Google Releases Optimized Google News for iPhone

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Google continues to optimize their websites for the iPhone (and Android, and webOS), this time giving Google News the bump. Says the Google Mobile blog:

This new version provides the same richness and personalization on your phone as Google News provides on desktop. Our new homepage displays more stories, sources, and images while keeping a familiar look and feel. Also, you can now reach your favorite sections, discover new ones, find articles and play videos in fewer clicks. If you are an existing Google News reader on desktop, you will find that all of your personalizations are honored in this mobile version too.

If you read Google News on your iPhone, let us know if you like it, and if you like it better than the regular version you got yesterday.

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Reader comments

Google Releases Optimized Google News for iPhone


I use my friends Google news on my friends iPhone. I think that the updates keep improving usability, so long as Google don't go to far and over-improve it (if that's even a word). Overall a good improvement.

This "jump to" is nice and all, but why does Google always take such an ugly 'Craigslist-ish' approach to everything it does? Can't they hire some graphics people for godssake?
Yahoo's mobile site blows Google's away, aesthetically.

With the new search you are unable to enter a search term and alternate between a web and news search. Also, you can't search easily in news by date!! Bring back the old version!

What needs to happen for Google to start making apps for all their programs like Gchat, News, etc. so they can be readily available on the iPhone. Or Apple has to allow them to do it. Whatever the case may be, it needs to be initiated/allowed.