Google webpage search results now optimized for iPhone!

Google's Mobile Blog is telling us that they have updated their search results from the Google mobile webpage . The main benefits I have discovered with this update is that there is no longer a need to scroll left and right and that business have easy to touch numbers and addresses that launch the phone and map apps.

Here is the exciting part:

"Over time, we intend to make the newly formatted results pages available through other search entry points on the iPhone."

This is really great news! I think we have all been wanting that dastardly Google Search box to present optimized iPhone results. I guess it is try that Google really "hearts" the iPhone :-) In the meantime, enjoy the gallery and video after the jump!


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Reader comments

Google webpage search results now optimized for iPhone!


It would be so nice if Apple would use this when you search. I find my self going to and then doing a search.
They should make it so that it redirects to the mobile edition of google when you search from the safari search field.
Only makes sense to me.

But this is lame: I have to 1) click to open a bookmark for Google's mobile search page, 2) wait for that page to load 3) click in the search box and 4) type search terms and then 5) get my results. Compared to just 1) tap the magnifying glass icon 2) type search terms 3) get results. And those extra two steps actually take a fair amount of time.
Worth pointing out that if you set your default iphone search engine to Yahoo, you get the really nicely formatted Yahoo mobile site by default.

Yea, this is basically useless to me if I have to go to first.
It would only make sense if it worked through the safari google search in the tool bar.

Yeah, this is lame. Google's own Google app doesn't do this, and i don't want to open safari.

Hey, good call on the Yahoo! Search, it us really, really nice. I like it! I have not used Yahoo! Search on the iPhone for some time. I swtiched for now to give it a spin. Good call.

Had to try it. Wow, yea, go Yahoo! I guess it's time to give the competition some love. Maybe it'll light a fire under Google, I'm sure they COULD do it better...

Great feature. I loaded the mobile Google home page and then saved it to my springboard. Now I have it in one step. Much easier to read.

Waste of time if it doesn't go to the iPhone version automatically. A more "iPhone like" UI to it would be nice too. It feels good to be unified. Please google-

Scott is right, forget the google app or Safari button. Just go to the google page that is optimized for the iPhone and click on the plus sign and add it to your homescreen(springboard). This will add the optimized google sight icon so you can always launch from there. This should eliminate the problem that the first people who have posted have. Thanks Scott!

While saving it to the homescreen might work for some, that means I'd have to either make room for it or flip through a bunch of pages to get to it. But that still doesn't solve the problem when you're actually in safari already, the magnifying glass is right there and sooo easy. Doesn't seem like it'd be that hard for google to fix anyway. Update us when it's fixed, TiPB? Pretty please?