Got Camera Problems with iPhone 2.1?

Since upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1, from time to time my camera preview -- and the pictures themselves -- have taken to breaking apart and re-arranging themselves into something pretty much unusable (though likely to fetch a pretty penny at the snootier, more vacuous galleries, no doubt).

The above picture was of a plain surface, now broken into a patchwork of planes. Happens with faces, people, and just about everything. It's not happening regularly enough, however, that I'm close to considering the nu-cu-lar option -- full on restore.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Reader comments

Got Camera Problems with iPhone 2.1?


The iPhone is so amazing that it creates its own artwork... what has apple NOT thought of? Apple FTW :]

This has happened to me twice, though never to the artistic effect seen above. In both cases, the next photo came out just fine. It is odd, though.

I have had this problem, but it was on 2.0.2, my wife has also had this problem on 2.1, both are 16 gig 3G's, one black and one white.

This happened to me only once, on the first day that I had my new iPhone 3G (2.0.2 software) and it freaked me out! I was considering taking it back to apple but, fortunately, it only happened the once and it seems fine now with the 2.1 software.

i'm facing this problem too. also, camera got really really slow coming up since 2.1, and photos as well..
what have they done??

Yea, I've seen this happen once on my brand new week old phone (came with 2.1 already installed). Don't use the camera too much so I don't know how often it happens.

I haven't had that problem, but like Nadav, my camera takes forever to start up now. I also don't take a lot of pictures, so maybe it just hasn't happened to me yet.

I haven't experienced the problem like the example, have noticed the camera takes a long time to open and the weirdest thing is some how I took a picture of the home screen.

dlester: if you hold the power button and press the home button, you take a picture of whatever's on the screen. If you somehow manage to do this on accident, you'll take a picture of the home screen.

As others have said above, my phone has never taken a photo like that but I am running 2.1 and my camera application takes ages to start up. Also don't forget how Safari still crashes randomly.

I'm experiencing something really weird! I take the pictures and when I switch to the camera roll iPhone shows no pictures. Any suggestions?

hasn't happened to me (yet) (3g,16gb,2.1) but happened to my old iPhone (8gb, 2g, 2.1) on one and only photo

Add me to the list. I get this one occasionally. When it happens, it only affects the 1st photo taken after launching the Camera App. Hope they can fix this in 2.2!

yep - just started happening to me too on a first gen iphone with 2.1. just looking around to see if there is some fix, but i guess not. does seem to be the first picture when i launch the camera, but really annoying when i'm just trying to take a quick picture.

Yes! Happens to me on a brand new device I purchased a few days ago with factory installed 2.1. Amusing...

please help. i have the 1st iphone[4gb] and just yesterday my camera wont open up or my photos wont open up. it will go to the camera screen but before the "shutter" opens the program just closes itself. same with the photos. it will load up the white background but before it shows my folders it just closes its self

I have the cubism problem what can i do to fix it .. but to me it stayed on my camera my camera dosent take no normal pictures now .. what can i do?

the camera symbol has disapeared on my i phone what has happened to it? how do i get it back want to take more pictures?

hey i have the new iphone 3gs i got it ysterday, and i have the same problem as diana dodge! the camera symbol has disapeared on my i phone what has happened to it? how do i get it back want to take more pictures?

I have the iPhone 3g with 3.0 software and my camera takes and stores the photos in the album but when I open my library the last ten photos disappear. Done this on and off for three weeks now. Any help?