iPhone OS 4: iPod application includes hidden automobile integration


Another gem of a feature has been discovered in iPhone OS 4 - dedicated support for in-car systems. This new feature allows an iPhone or iPod to generate an on-screen menu that is fed via a video out to your car using IAP (iPod Accessory Protocol). Your device then becomes a remote control.

Now with some states banning the use of cellphones while driving we are not too sure how good of an idea this is for anyone but passengers. Regardless, it suggests that Apple may soon introduce their own car kit. The ability to connect our iPhone or iPod (or iPad) to a car-kit to gain full access to the vehicles complete audio libraries sounds pretty cool to us.

Would any of you be interested in a Apple Car-Kit? Sound off in the comments!

Video after the break!

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Reader comments

iPhone OS 4: iPod application includes hidden automobile integration


That is great! The IAP in my car is okay, but the interface can be a pain to navigate. If this could change that, I would be thrilled! Yes, there are more concerns about distracted drivers, but if used responsibly, this could be great for using the iPhone in the car.

What I really want is better interfacing with AVRPC. I can't believe my car's skip and rewind buttons don't work with my iPhone. I want to be able to skip songs both in the iPod and in apps like Pandora.
Of course, adding full Microsoft Sync support would be great too, but I doubt that will happen.

Yes, car manufacturers have been way behind on iPod/iPhone integration. An Apple car kit would be great.
OT question...
I have a 3GS and will be eligible for next gen in June. I want to get the new iPhone and give my 3GS to my wife (she has a basic Motorola now). I really don't want to pay another $30 in data since my wife will use data sparingly. Can I add a $5 data plan to her Motorola now and then in June, swap her Motorola SIM card into my 3GS and only pay the $5/month?
Would I need to JB or Unlock the iPhone so AT&T doesn't find out? Thanks for the feedback.

Currently I use the microsoft sync system in my truck usif the USB cable so I can retain steering wheel control. I prefer Bluetooth connectivity so I can use my phone over Bluetooth but lose steering wheel control. Maybe this will remedy that.

How about making my 2009 BMW 128i with built in iPod integration actually be able to charge my iPhone 3GS, so frustrating.

@Lee: there's an adapter youncan ge that will allow charging for the newer models. I got mine for free from the Lexus shop. Ask the shop who did your integration.

I would love to have my iphone connect to my 05 denali via bluetooth, use the phone (via onstar mic or??) and ipod and charge at the same time! please.... could you have it ready for my birthday in June....