How did the iPhone 5s film a Burberry fashion show? Apple shows us!

Apple has just posted a video showing how the iPhone 5s was used to shoot the 2014 Burberry Spring/Summer fashion show.

It's another example of Apple showcasing the iPhone camera, just like the 1.24.14 video, Misunderstood, and the Photos Every Day ad before it.

I's a highly produced piece, with some amazing rigs taking some amazing shots. That does take some of the mainstream magic away, but it's also aspirational — it makes me want to take more and better photos. And that's good for everyone.

Are you enjoying Apple's look into pro-level iPhoneography, or would you rather they stuck with what real people can do in real settings?

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Rene Ritchie

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How did the iPhone 5s film a Burberry fashion show? Apple shows us!


Some of these accessories for the iPhone can be purchased on amazon and are relatively inexpensive. I have a piece that let's me attach my phone to a tripod. There are inexpensive tripods as well and that gives you a wider range of options to shoot pictures and video with and iPhone. So I'm glad they are showing the quality of the phone camera while adding some accessories to enhance the filming process.

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I like it, but would also appreciate a showcase of everyday people making great videos with everyday iPhones, no special equipment added.

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I think it's another great way that Apple includes all of its audiences. You had the Christmas ad for the everyday photographer and now this. Plus like said above, a lot of pieces used, apart from the overhead piece, are relatively inexpensive. Plus most of the shots showed Instagram use. Mainly it was "high-profile" because of what event it was.

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The iPhones being used to film this event and also the Mac 30th anniversary video were often mounted on hugely expensive professional tripods or even camera cranes, but essentially all that those impressive rigs did was either hold the iPhone still, or allow it to be moved smoothly.

What I thought was particularly interesting was that hardly any of the sequences used filters or other devices in front of the lens. Therefore the quality of the picture was entirely down to the camera and other users should expect to get comparable results under similar conditions.

Seeing as the iPhone is so light and so popular, I would expect to see more ultra lightweight slides and motion control rigs optimised for iPhones and iPads. There are already such devices for DSLRs, so IOS devices are the next obvious category to cater for and could be a pretty big market opportunity.

Even if Apple used video and photos from non-professionals, they would be very creative non-professionals. I don't want to see other peoples crappy photos. I take enough of those myself.

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This is great. No matter the accessories used, the iPhone as the video camera is fantastic. As the iPhone processor get faster and more powerful along with the camera. Movie making is going to be on another level.

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I like it because it shows what can be done. I see pictures from photographers with DSLRs. I'm not going to saw they are pros it doesn't interest me. I take it as inspiration for what is possible even just a little.

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