Walkthrough: How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Spirit


So with the release of the Spirit jailbreak for iPhone, 3.1.3, it’s only appropriate to post a quick how-to, so here it is.  And of course, with a jailbreaking tutorial, here comes the disclaimer:

If you’re not sure what you’re doing and have misgivings about jailbreaking, you probably should stray away.  I will say, out of all the jailbreaks that have been released, this one is one of the simplest, and I’m talking blackra1n easy.  Walkthrough and video after the break!

First, jump on over to download the Spirit jailbreak software onto your computer.  The download can be found here.  Download whichever version corresponds to your OS.  For those wondering, this WILL work with any version of iTunes, up to the current 9.1.1 version (that’s what I have on both my Macs and it works just fine).

Before doing anything else, back up ALL your data via iTunes.  I have had a few jailbreaks go downhill and it’s always good to have everything backed up just in case you have to restore or your phone gets stuck in DFU mode and you’re forced with no other option but a restore (and yes, it happens).  Spirit has an issue early on that apparently deleted people’s photos.  That’s supposed to be fixed by now, but I’d back up pictures just to be on the safe side.

Next, quit iTunes and launch Spirit.  Just click the button and wait!  After a minute you’ll see a status bar complete and you should be fully jailbroken!  You’ll be able to tell when you see the Cydia app on one of your homepages.  This is the icon you'll want to look for:

Cydia Installed

For anyone who is new to the jailbreak scene, you’ll want to open Cydia and download a few key things to enhance your experience:

  • Winterboard (an essential for theming out your phone)
  • Themes! (check out our jailbreak forums for some suggestions)
  • Rock App (if you’d prefer it over Cydia, search “RockApp”)
  • SBSettings (allows a quick swipe to access all your main toggles)

There are a lot of neat apps and tweaks to download (including several plug-ins for SBSettings). Look for coming reviews as well as past ones for jailbroken app reviews. All the ones listed above are free to download.  I personally prefer Rock over Cydia as Rock has a very convenient backup system within it to keep track of all your licenses and downloads.  It was nice to not have to restore everything I had jailbroken and just click restore from backup.  Cydia has ways to backup as well, I just find Rock's interface much nicer.  But again, it's a matter of opinion.

If you’d like the ability to SSH into your phone and edit themes, as well as other files, you’ll also need to download Terminal and OpenSSH.  I only recommend SSH’ing for those who have a pretty decent knowledge of the iPhone OS and how to SSH.  Deleting certain files or altering them can be disastrous if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. So again, approach with caution.  And as always, anytime you ever have software installed on your phone that allows remote access, change your root password!  If you need help doing that, jump over to the TiPb jailbreak and unlock forums .

YouTube link

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Walkthrough: How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Spirit


Anyone know where the rock app is I can't find it on cydia anymore. I used to be jailbroke with blackrain and my 3 gs needed to be repalaced. Everything seems the same as before but I cannot even find it in the search option

Ok, never thought of jailbreaking my 3gs, so forgive the newby questions but if I'm not thrilled with the jailbreak, I can always restore it back to original, non-jailbroke, state - correct? And are there any traces on the phone identifying it's been jail broken? Newbies, I know.. but questions I've always wanted answers to.... thanks!

Restoring it through iTunes will restore it back to default. After a jailbreak, I always set up as a new phone and NOT from a backup as that can bring over bits of the jailbreak that can make it act funny, but yes, you can restore back to stock.

For people who are not command line oriented, i-funbox is good to install. It's a PC program that lets you see the directory structure on the iPhone. You need to install cydia package afc2add on your iPhone first to make it work.

I would have to disagree with the article in recomending Winterboard. I'm happily jailbroken, and I really only jailbrake for one reason: Backgrouder.
I'm happy and stable, but everytime I have messed with Winterboard my phone gets so unstable, and battery life gets so bad that I wind up havingto restore.
In fact I hve learned to just stick with the few littlethings I have and be happy.
Just a warning from my anecdotal experience.

Here's the question: Why WOULDN'T I want to do this? What are the disadvantages to having a jailbroken iPhone?

I don't have any disadvantages for you, per say. You may experience a few crashes, etc... depending on what you have installed. But the point of a JB is to add functionality. There's risk involved, so don't do it if you aren't comfortable, but a functional jb adds many benefits.

Another newby question. If I backup after I jailbreak, what exactly gets backed up? If I decide to un-jailbreak my phone and restore it using the jailbreak'd backup, do I get all my SMS, notes, apps data, etc. back (minus non-app store apps)?

I did this the second it released. Been waiting so long for an untethered JB for my 3Gs.
For US users, I recommend the RockApp and then just using the free trial of MyWi. This will enable tethering in your settings.

So I have an earlier version of the OS that is Jailbroken. Do I need to restore to factory, then do this or can I just install the OS on my phone and then Jailbreak? I guess if I'm going to do a factory reset I need to figure out all the things I use currently (categories and Winterboard being two big ones) so I know what to reinstall later right?

Hello I'm really thinking about JB my 3gs this would be my first time ever doing this, what I'm about to ask might be a noob ?. If I Jb my iPhone can I keep all my apps I have on my phone and will I be able to use my iPhone as a wifi hot spot? And if I use it as a wifi hot spot will AT&T know that I'm using my iPhone as a wifi hot spot?

I jailbroke my phone for the very first time using Spirit.
(I caved in to peer pressure)
Everything works great.... only problem is my battery drains so much quicker than before.
Any ideas on what's causing it?
These are the apps I've got installed.
-GV Mobile
Anyone know which apps are causing the battery drain? Should I get a new phone? Unjailbreak?
I've made sure that all processes are closed via sbsettings when I put my phone to sleep and that bosspaper and winterboard aren't on at the same time, but my battery stills drains quickly
(even when I don't use my phone)
Do y'all recommend this jailbreak for the iPad?

@Hizzo - more than likely it's your themes draining your battery. More complex the theme, more battery drain.
Did you setup as a new phone before jailbreaking? If not, I'd do that and see if that helps.

Winterboard is a known battery hog. I try to stay with sbsettings, backgrounder, and bitesms only to keep my battery life from going in the toilet.

so everything was fine until today and then i cant connect calls but other people from my area with ATT are unaffected. So I am restoring backup to see if the jailbreak is to blame. We shall see i guess.

@Rich--I've learned the hard way on this one: BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! it's a pretty minute thing to think about before you jailbreak but there's always that one little photo you miss having. So if your on windows, you should be able to go to StartMenu/Computer/ and there should be a little iPhone under devices where you can simply copy and paste your photos out of there. And yes SMS' do get saved, but only the ones before your most recent backup obviously. And unless your confident that you sync your notes (via Mac Mail.app) they don't get backed up. No note sync, no backup.
And for anyone worried about risks, the best way to avoid any troubles is to just not announce it to the world you've just jailbroken your iPhone. And since I prefer not to use winterboard because off battery drainage, it's not that big of problem. But make sure you don't accidently bring that baby into an apple store looking for help. They'll give a good old boot in the you-know-what to all your free support.

Hi.. so if I have a jailbroken 3.1.2, and I would like to update to 3.1.3.. do I update first and lose everything, then use spirit, or use spirit, then update? If I update to 3.1.3 first, and the jailbreak with spirit, will everything restore back after I jailbreak with spirit? Hope that make sense... thanks

What app would you use just to change your wallpaper on your springboard? Will changing that eat into your battery?

I was on 3.1.2, jailbroken, and happy. I upgraded to 3.1.3, spirit broke my phone, reinstalled all my cydia apps, and I'm finding that infinidock makes it so i cannot rearrange my apps in itunes. When I move things around using the iphone they go back after an itunes sync. I'm trying different scenarios to see if I can figure out a fix. Any ideas?

Will tethering with ATT still work if I upgrade my phone to 3.13 and jailbreak with spirit. I seem to remember having issues with 3.13 version. All ok now with 3.12 blackra1n JB. I guess I should ask if there is any real benefit to go to 3.13 or just stay on 3.12

First time jailbreaking, thanks to this tutorial and how simple Spirit was.
Don't know how I survived without bitesms. :)
That's the main reason I jailbroke. Always wanted to be able to quick reply to a text. Thanks Ally!

@Micky1701 - Well there isn't a huge difference between 3.1.3 and 3.1.2, just the battery meter issue (which I experienced) - other than that, if you don't want to restore etc, stay on 3.1.2, I don't see a huge difference feature wise (none actually)
@jimmyc - sounds to me like something from the actual firmware did not install correctly, not jailbreak related. i'd completely restore, jailbreak, then set up as a NEW phone, not from a backup, in that order. that should fix your issues.
@Krypto74 - install winterboard and select "user wallpaper" - and no that should not drain your battery. when you have multiple customizations you may see battery drain, but just a wallpaper should not have an impact.
@David - backup your phone (sync with iTunes), upgrade to 3.1.3, then jailbreak, then restore from a backup. you should be fine that way.
@P2hero - you can keep everything you currently have. a jailbreak just adds functionality, doesn't take anything away. just restore from a backup or resync things (i prefer starting new and setting up as a new iPhone, no backup - but i know some people don't have that option as they don't have mobileme or an easy solution for contacts, calendars, etc except for a backup)
And in general, themes shouldn't drain your battery, I know some do, especially themes that COMPLETELY change the UI, but winterboard in general doesn't drain your battery, it just depends what you have applied. weather widgets and other live widgets cause the biggest drains. general icons, docks, chat bubbles, and UI tweaks shouldn't have a noticeable affect on your battery life.

i have the newest version of itunes... its giving me an error message saying i need to get the newest version of itunes 9... im not understanding why its not working.

I've tried several times but every time I got the same warning message. For your information I’m using Windows Xp and Itunes latest version I downloaded the EXE files 3 times and tried every compatible mode available there. But the result is same.. Spirit can detect my Iphone with version 3.1.3 Following text what I receive when I click to jailbreak the device …
Spirit encountered an error while jail breaking your device. Do you want o send a log of what happened??
INFO: Now listening for devices...
INFO: read igor/map.plist
INFO: Connected to the AppleMobileDevice.
INFO: Version iPhone1,2_3.1.3
INFO: Connecting to mobilebackup...
INFO: Sending files via AFC.
FATAL(LINE): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)

thanks Allyson. I will stay on jb 3.12.
But just to know - is ATT tethering working for anyone on a jb 3.13 3gs phone?

and my list of "reasons i left Blackberry for iPhone" grows yet again. that took less than 30secs. Ok so now im jailbroken, now what ...

Thanks Allyson. I was also told that just using bosspaper will give me the same result. Thanks for your prompt answer!

I am not that technical when it comes to iPhones, so hopefully someone can help me!! My brother recently went traveling and gave me his iPhone, I used Blackra1n to jailbreak the phone (as i was on a different network). Stupidly I updated to version 3.1.3 without realising that this would stop Blackra1n from working, so now my iPhone is like a itouch. Will the Spirit Jailbreak unlock the phone for other networks? Hope that makes sense

Allyson, Thank you for the info. Unfortunately I have some texts that I have to keep. Restoring as new wipes 'em out. I'll live without infinidock for now. I have a complete backup/aptbackup so I can test every now and again to see if it's work. Nice to see someone so helpful to a lot of folks here.

this totally hosed my iPhone 3g running 3.1.3. Started the JB and then I waited and waited....nothing. Had to restore to factory defaults.

First time I've jailbroken my iPhone and this is absolutely the EASIEST method ever!!!
Jailbreak guys/girls...
What do you feel is the best FREE Lockscreen? - kind of like LockInfo, which I will purchase if I cannot find anything as good.

I just ordered my iphone 3.1.3 and i am comfused, please someone help me. If i only unlock my phone can i still install apps from itunes? I have want to unlock it so i can use it with Tmobile but i wonder if jailbreaking is necessary for Tmobile to work? What is the point of jailbreaking? Please help me.

I'm having a problem. I was able to use Spirit successfully but as I was opening Cydia for the first time, I clicked "Quit" on the Spirit program and for some reason, it began jailbreaking my phone again. I let it complete the jailbreak again but then when I opened Cydia, I got a bunch of cache errors and now when I try to install a program, Cydia says:
"Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed."
Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

Model!?! Why are you even listing what looks like a serial number? The only "model" that should concern you is 1G, 3G and 3GS, or more specifically, what OS each of those "models" are currently on before you jailbreak them.

Another newbie with a question, I've broken my phone with spirit a few days back with the intentions on bringing my tmobile sim card over into it. I removed the att sim card and inserted the tmobile card. The iphone came back with a searching and then eventually shows "No Service". I still can use my WiFi at home but I'd love to use my phone again. Any help would be much appreciated. Lastly, I did install ultrasn0w. I read I needed that. Anyways...


Hey ! I have a new Iphone 3G S bougth on a Best buy and I want to unlock the phone to use it with a European carrier. Do I need to update to Itunes before jailbreak the phone ? or just jailbreak directly because no information is stored on the iphone ?
thank you, totally new

After I jaibroke the phone, MMS does not appear as an option. Any way to get that functionality back.

Hi, after the jailbraek the Cydia crashes after 3 seconds. This seemes to be a known bug and can be solved by deleting some files from the cydia update directory. However since Cydia doesn't work I can't install the tools to access the roor folder. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Does the Spirit jailbreak work with later model bootroms (MC- such as MC137LL)? I'm skeptical since geohotz hasn't broken any post-MC bootroms running 3.1.3 -- has anyone tried it yet?
Also, is anyone using tethering after breaking a 3.1.3 phone using Spirit?

hi, I downloaded spiritjb and it's been loading for a long time. more than 5 minutes! What should I do now?

Will this work on iPhone 3GS? I have 3.1.3, but I know a lot of them don't work on 3GS yet and I just want to make sure since it doesn't say anything..

Actually, nevermind. I watched the tutorial. Thank you so much, it took a whole THREE SECONDS! (:

i have never had anything work this easy 30 seconds and done. i will be letting everyone i know know about this site thanx

If I jailbreak a 3GS with 3.1.3 using Spirit, will the jailbreak cause any problems when it comes time to update to 4.0 when it comes out?

Hi, I have a problem with SPIRIT software. I did whole process of jailbreaked my ipod touch (I have 2G with OS 3.1.3. MC model) Everything is ok,. When it finished. I've got Cydia app in mi iTouch. Apparently that's it. I have finally my MC MODEL Jailbreaked. But it is not. Because when I try to install cracked apps from iTunes I can't. Also I tried with iPhone PC Suite but it says that my ipod touch isn't jailbreaked. Same thing with iFun Box. These two softwares say that my iTouch is NOT Jailbreaked. Wierd thing.
So, what can I do? Someone can help me?
Thank you.

the best! i've been trying for so long to jailbreak my iPhone 3Gs 3.1.3 and this did it in 30 seconds! Thank you so much!

when i start jailbreaking with spirit, it never ends. it just goes on forever, and on my iphone, the screen says its in recovery mode. please help

My problem is solved. I jailbreaked again with the same laptop (XP)again with no succes. Now I did the proces with my PC (Windows 7), strangly enough this worked fine!
Thanks everyone!

man, my 3gs screwed up a week ago and I lost my jailbreak....thanks to Spirit it was super quick and easy to do it all over again, thanks!

Alrite heres the thing..... i downloaded spirit and jailbroke my iphone it said complete... i went into cydia to download winterboard and rockapp but cant even find one when i search it... please help

Dear experts. Please help!! I used Spirit for my 3GS ver 3.13. firmware 5.12.01. Rebooted and cydia appeared. Everything works fine until i started adding sources and packages. After one of the reboots i keyed in my sim lock passwd as usual only to find that it can’t detect my mobile carrier which was working fine before. When I detect carrier it says unable to find network list. Can I restore back to original 3.13 and retry with Spirit? Will that work? Thanks!

I have a 3GS version 3.1.3 and am looking into JBing my iPhone. Any thoughts on y I should or shouldn't jail break it. Is it worth the risk (if there is a risk). Sounds cool but don't know

Does the fixcydiaCache-AFC tool work with a phone jailbroken with spirit! PLz help thanks Cydia just opens and immediately decides to crash! thank you!

I jailbroke my phone using spirit and it worked great, but when i when i downloaded winterboard and rebooted cydia has now disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know how to fix it? Or should i just restore my phone?

Confirmed, this does indeed work flawlessly with version 3.1.3.
I'm not an expert and the whole thing took less than 3 minutes. Spirit is so easy it's just one button after it's installed!

I have a 3g on 3.1.3 and keep getting an error message when spirit starts running. anyone else have this problem? helllppp please :))

Hi alyssa,
great tutorial, I went through everything with a breeze. But when I tried to make a call, it didn't work and i cannot send texts. I do have t-mobile though, does that have an effect on why it does not work?
Please respond back asap. thanks

Hi! Great work! Now I have one question before I will buy my first iPhone. Does this also unlock iPhone for other sim-cards? I mean can I use some other service provider than AT&T?

@Bo945 and @Tukkis - this is only going to jaibreak your phone, it will NOT unlock it. If you upgraded to 3.1.3 and jailbroke, you have lost your unlock until one is released.

Thanks for the response Allyson,
Do you happen to know if unlocking an iphone 3.1.3 is available yet?

So this worked great for me on my 3gs with stock 3.1.3. So thank you for that. BUT, I downloaded a game called Stick Skater and every time I try to open it it says "NON-GENUINE DEVICE DETECTED". This really freaked me out. Has anyone else downloaded any apps that did something similar?

iPhone 3GS, 3.1.3, MC, 5.12.01, 7E18, Spirit worked like a charm! Except I can't get any apps/packages at all. None. I open Cydia, select a package (ex.Winterboard) and basically tells me no go.

OMG! FASTEST break I've ever seen. Broke my 3G in under 5 seconds!!!! Worth the cost of a donation to these folks!

i need help
i have 313 iphone i need to unlock it. i need clear instructions i'm not too good with phones
please help me
thank you

This literally took 5 seconds on my 3.1.3 and Cydia and everything else installed perfectly! Thanks!

hai i had been spirit jailbreak my iphone 3gs 32gb but it seem i can't acess to cydia what happen?

Hi Alliyson, I just downloaded Spirit and tried to jailbrake my IPhone 3GS 3.1.3. Spirit says: IPhone 3GS 3.1.3. connected, but after starting the programm I recieve an failure message saying: "Spirit encountered an error while jailbreaking yout IPhone device. Do you what to send a log of what happened? " Can you help me out?

Help! I jailbroke my iphone 3GS OS 3.1.3 via my Vista laptop, and it is still running the colorful screen after 30min! Help please!

I have tried so many different ways to jailbreak my phone and as Tara said, "they all said it couldn't be done". My phone is a 3GS and latest update 3.1.3 direct from itunes and spirit works amazingly. Thank you so much, I finally have cydia 'gleeee' :-)

Hey, I tried using spirit to jailbreak my brand new iphone 3gs running 3.1.3 OS. I got the following error:
INFO: Now listening for devices...
INFO: read igor/map.plist
INFO: Connected to the AppleMobileDevice.
INFO: Version iPhone2,1_3.1.3
INFO: Connecting to mobilebackup...
INFO: Sending files via AFC.
FATAL(LINE): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)
Any Ideas as to what this means ?

Awesome! I just jailbroke my brand new iPhone 3GS. I used Arch Linux on my Netbook, and it worked instantly. I have one problem. I use Voiceover, the screen reading software for the blind, and it does not work with Cydia. I've read of alternative installers, hopefully one that will work with Voiceover, but I can't use Cydia to install them. Does anyone have any suggestions? I jailbroke it because neither the blind or Linux users can use iTunes, and I fall into both categories.

I download Spirit - The icon shows up, the little wheel, then disappears to a block looking icon, then I click it and it disappears.

hello,I was able to jail break my phone. i am a tmobile customer i can not make calls the sim chip does work in my gravity 2 phone

Ok if I do this will I be able to update my [hopefully jail broken] Iphone from itunes once OS 4 comes out? I want to jailbreak my Iphone, but I am hung up one this one thing

Hi, I used Spirit to jailbreak my phone, installed openssh, and tried to connect with WinSCP. It does not connect, telling me that the connection has timed out. I then tried iphonebrowser, and I seem to be able to connect to my phone with it, however, when I try to upload SMS tones, the required folders arren't present on my phone. I try to use the "GoTo Location" feature in iphonebrowser, but it tells me that it could not find the folder path. "Have you successfully use jailbreak?" Please help.

@simon no you just have it jailbroken you need to unlock it thats a diffrent procedure..
@erak no you cannot update to os 4 until there is a jailbreak for that, but having your phone jai lbroken already does what os 4 does so there isn't really any point to upgrade besides saying that you have os4.. ;)

when i start spirit my phone is detected it says iphone 3g but when i click jailbreak it gives me an error message. error code: c000035a...

My phone wont go off the coloful loading screen. It's been about 15 minutes since I jailbroke it and it still won't go off!! How do I fix this???

i used this to jailbreak my ipod touch 2nd generation right after it was done i downloaded my first theme from cydia now it is frozen what did i do? and what can i do to avoid this in the future

Tried 2 hours to jailbreak my iphone with other websites and this one was my big break! worked perfectly! THANKS!

I tried to open the link but I got an error report
"Not Found
The requested URL /Harddrive/Spirit.exe was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
I'm running windows, which is probably a sin, but it wont open and my last ipod update deleted my jailbreak :'(
I have a 1st gen ipod touch and i'm dying without cydia.

Just had apple replace my 3gs under warranty, ran spirit and 20 seconds later it was working. Easy as pie!

my phone is still loading ( colourful screen with white line..) and it´s been over ten minutes, what should i do now?

in LESS than 15 seconds, I jailbroke this beeotch....thanks, had 3.1.3 and worked fine. 16 gb 3gs iphone

I've used both blackra1n and purplesn0w and this was hands down the fastest and easiest. Many thanks.


Hi I got a iPhone 3g and trying to jailbreak it the Version 3.1.3 (7E18). And Modem Frimware 05.12.01 can it be done and witch is the beat sims card to get

I tried this unlock and my phone is now stuck with the apple on the start up screen. I just bought this for my husband as a Father's Day present, and now I'm stressing out. HELP!!

I was waiting jailbreake for my iPhone (3.1.3) since January. I am very glad that Spirit has done the great job. I will must say that i did my iPhone jailbreake using Spirit less than 30 seconds and now I am enjoying all my free app.
Thanks to Spirit.

Hey if anyone gets the colorful screen and it get stuck just go to your itunes and restore ur data then redo the spirit download. IT works I had the same problem

Ive looked and search for the fastest and most user friendly jailbreak sofware , and this was absolutly it. just did my Iphone 3.1.3 & Ipad in about 1 minute
thanks againg wyseman7

didn't think it would be that easy, but it was! jailbroke my 16gb 3GS ina bout 30 secs.. AWESOME!

it's magic :D
it work on both my ipod touch and iphone, in less than 1 minute!!
thanks a lot!!!

Anyone confirmed that spirit is working with iTunes 9.2? Don't want to risk bricking my phone.

I successfully jailbroken my 3GS w/ 5.12.01 baseband and installed ultrasn0w but it hasn't unlocked the phone yet. I tried a T-Mobile sim card and still says "No service" which means it is not recognized.
Please help because I'm traveling over-seas next week and need to use my phone outside the US. Thanks.

add repo666.ultrasn0w.com on your cydia sources then download from that source ultrasnow.. it should unlock your phone.

Holy Crap it worked!!! I have a ipod touch 1G and couldnt jailbreak it for ages. Then i tried this....IT WORKS!!

Yeah i also update mine to iSO 4.0 and want to downgrade back to 3.1.3 so plzzzzz help

30 seconds. It's done. Thank you!!! I am happy about it, but my phone is now locked. How can I unlock my phone again? I'd like to use it for phone calls too. Pls help! iPhone 2g 3.1.3, iTune 9.1.1.

I used spirit to jailbreak my ipod touch and it worked perfectly but when i want to SSH into my ipod touch it says my ipod is jailed. Does it means that my ipod is not fully jail broken?

Go into cydia ....
then sources and it shud already have a sorce called ultrasn0w......
open that source nd just install ultrasn0w ...
uve done ..

I have run the spirit jailbreak and now have the cydia app icon on the screen but when i press the icon it goes to cydia screen for approx 2 seconds then reverts back to my homescreen.
Anyone able to help please, I have been without jailbreak for far too long now!!!!!

similar to kevin bourn, whenever i click cydia, it shows the loading symbol, then kicks me out to the lock screen (looks just like a respring). how should i fix it?

I used your program. After i jailbroke the phone it restarted and went into a background and started that spinning wheel in the center of the phone. before that it seemed to be restarting fine. what to do?

I doesnt work for my iphone 2G 3.1..got an error as below.
Or maybe its a wrong jailbreak, im not really experienced with that. My iphone has "no SIM card installed" error. Can anybody help..?
INFO: Now listening for devices...
INFO: read igor/map.plist
INFO: Connected to the AppleMobileDevice.
INFO: Version iPhone1,1_3.1.3
INFO: Connecting to mobilebackup...
INFO: Sending files via AFC.
FATAL(LINE): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)

Like jason richardson has mentioned above I too used your program. After running it phone restarted and went into a colorfull background and started that spinning wheel in the center of the phone. And there was a horizontal line at the middle. It never restarted. Then I had to shut it down using Start/Home keys. Now when I press Power key it shows the Apple logo and stops. Please help me. What is the solution for this. How can I recover my phone

after i installed the jailbreak i opened the app, it did its downloads as it was supposed to and rebooted my phone. i went to open it again and and my phone froze and its been like this for a good 10 minis. does anyone know what to do or how to fix this?mauri_marin01@yahoo.com please e mail me tnx

I have the same problem. after installing spirit it rebooted my ipod touch and my ipod just frozed. now i cant use my ipod touch.:( please help

To folks that had the status bar problem/stuck on apple logo...I had the same problem. And I couldn't restore, for some reason. My phone was 3.1.3 originally, and couldn't restore it.
However, iTunes could still talk to the phone, while it was on the Apple logo screen.
If you're in this situation...just re-run the Spirit.exe and do it again. It worked the second time for me.

fantastic and easy jailbreak. cheers!
P.S. to you who ask why cydia isnt working, its because it requires wi-fi connection.

whom ever did this spirit ... i want to hug him or her. this is crazy good, simple and quick that i thought it is joke.
thank you very much... i love this.

i had been looking on ma computer all day trying dif jailbreakers and i found spirit !!!!!!!!! SPIRIT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried running the spirit program but it stopped automatically having an error message "dl.exe has stopped working". What can I do to fix it?

to everyone having problems with it not actually jailbreaking the first time, just do it again. lol
thats what i did, and it works perfectly!

Easiest j/b process ever. Was jailed for almost a year, nice to have Cydia back again and be able to change themes.
Thank you!!

i tried to jailbreak an iphone 2g and i didnt work, now all that comes up is a black screen with an apple symbol.. how can i fix this ?

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my ipod says it is still downloading its been like 10 minutes the loading symbal is going still so it is not frozen what can i do ? other than that it was really easy to download

After upgrading my iphone it became useless as I could not use it on my cellular network anymore. Thanks for this easy jailbreaking tip. It worked for me. Lagos, Nigeria

I jailbroke mi iPhone last night and I was concerned at first then everything did what it was suppose to. It was stuck with the progress bar and a spinning wheel in the center but not showing a thing on the progress bar. I did turn off my iPhone to see what that would do and stuff. The apple icon did show up at first but then went to the progress bar and to my releif it did did what it was suppose to do. My Cydiea did work first try and it did updates and downloads to my phone. I imagine that it was suppose to do. Now I am seeing how I can run internet to my computer so when I get my a laptop I can use my iPhone as the server, I also gonna see if it works as a WIFI for ny neices iPod touch. Thanks for everything to helping us get the full potential out of my Iphone.

Hi all,
At first this appeared to have messed up my iphone (3gs). I have firmware 3.1.3 on itunes. After running spirit my phone was stuck on the colourful screen with an updating status bar!! OR if I rebooted it, the apple sign came up. I ran spirit a couple of times, messed around connecting and unconnecting to itunes and it just seemed to correct the problem. It's all gravy baby. x

took less than 20 seconds and worked perfectly!! i tried other programs and it was too much of a hassle! 5 Stars!!

THANKS DUDE I WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE TRYING TO JAILBREAK MY IPOD TOUCH FINALLY I DID IT! ONCE AGAIN, THANKS!FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yo man props to you and spirit, i know i'm a little outta date but this was wayyyy too easy compared to redsnow and snowbreeze cough terrible cough. you really out did yourself, kudos again.

Hi all, i found an iphone when i was out last week, the owner has not come forward so i'm keeping it........i heard that if i put my sim card into it it might get bloked, can this happen?? any advice would be much appreciated.

Lol nice one. Was screwing it all up with snowbreeze. This was just a litttle bit easier :D

Jailbroke my 3G 3.1.2 went as promised had a line across the screen for a long time after re boot. hard booted now just the apple screen?? Help

everytime i click onto the cydia icon it will open up and not show the full screen and then it will close again?

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