How To: Use MobileMe and Exchange on the iPhone at the Same Time

Apple's MobileMe News blog is back after a bit of a hiatus with some helpful info on how, exactly, MobileMe and and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync work and play together (or vice versa):

You can enter new information for each service separately as you move around, and that information is stored and synced separately. But when you check your contact or calendar information you can view the information from both jointly or separately as you choose. It's an approach that preserves the data integrity of each service while delivering the convenience of mobile access to both of them.

I use both MobileMe (for personal) and Exchange (for work) on my iPhone, and the above holds true for my experience so far. In fact, it lets me compartmentalize things nicely.

Anyone else two-timing on the push? How's it working for you?

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How To: Use MobileMe and Exchange on the iPhone at the Same Time


I've been doing this since day 1 of my 3G phone. My boyfriend has mobileme and i have exchange. I set both of our phones up for both to use calendars and it works great when we are scheduling things together. I can look at just mine or overlap his onto mine.

Yep, I keep my work calendar on Exchange, and a couple of personal calendars on iPhone/iCal/MobileMe, and happily use them all on the iPhone. I also publish the home calendars via WebDAV, and subscribe to them on Exchange, and publish the exchange calendar and subscribe on iCal. So I can at least see all my calendars everywhere, and write to all of them from their native apps and iPhone. Totally cool.

So given some of the recent posts on this and other sites about using Nuevasync as your exchange server, can I add an exchange calender from google calendar via Nuevasync without deleting all my mobileme calendar entries? Anyone have a way to do that?

Yep, me too.
Both MM and EXCH are working great together.
You can even (if you use a Mac and MM) sync items with iCal/Entourage/Address book.
Very well done, and it's making it more attractive to real business users.

have just enabled exchange, and have a mobileme account with syncing to my iPhone, yet I only see my exchange data when I launch my iPhone calendar.
I guess it doesn't "just work"

How did everyone set up to view both their MobileMe and Exchange calendars on your iPhone?

The bottom line is that the 2 calendars are maintained separately and are independent; this seems to be a good split between work and personal lives.
After having created the accounts on the iPhone, all you need to do is select All Calendars at the top of the Calendar app. You will then see all your events at the same page in different colors.
Hope this is what you needed.

hello, i am considering switching to the iphone from bb. I really like the idea of MobileMe but am hesitant after hearing of the service issues. Can someone advise how quickly the e-mails come over the iphone? is there much of a lag? any other issues?
i use gmail now, but would switch to a .me address if I knew it was reliable.

Ken, I have Mobile Me and my work Exchange email synced to my iPhone. For work, when I am sitting in the office working on a laptop directly plugged into the network with Outlook up and running invariably I get a ping on the iPhone for a new mail before it appears in Outlook - the push is controlled by Exchange and so responds more like Web Outlook, whereas local is an intermittent update. Note that this has been quicker to the iPhone regardless of whether I have a wi-fi connection for it. I can't compare this to a Blackberry as I've never had one - bought my own iPhone and hacked it on day 1 to use for work.
How fast is is it on Mobile Me for mac accounts? Haven't compared this one but for me it is less critical, though still appears to be pretty rapid.

Guys, I use an exchange calendar together with mobile me calendar on the iphone. How can I get the exchange calendar to sync with mobile me so that I can view both calendars across other laptops, mobileme etc.? Thanks

If I put something on my Microsoft Exchange calendar, it comes up almost immediately on my iphone. I cannot, however, get something (either a calendar or contact item) added on my iphone to show up on my exchange calendar/contacts.
How do I solve this? Help.

I have had zero problems with MobileMe service. Almost instant syncing, great service. I definitely recommend it for keeping an iPhone linked with one or more computers.