iMore app contest! Comment away for your chance to win a FREE iPhone!

iMore app contest! Get commenting for your chance to win a FREE iPhone!

Leave great comments during the month of March and you're entered to win a free iPhone!

The iMore 2.0 app is here! That's right, in 2013, iMore re-revolutionized our app, and we're thrilled to finally get it into the App Store and onto your iPhones! And it wouldn't be Mobile Nations if we didn't celebrate with a contest. So... We're giving away an iPhone!

How to enter!

  1. Download the free iMore app from the App Store - iTunes link
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us you want to enter
  3. Start leaving high quality comments on all the other articles that interest you

How we'll choose the winner!

  1. We'll randomly pick an entrant from the comments on this post.
  2. We'll check their iMore profile to see how often and how well they commented this month.
  3. If they're awesome, with tons of high quality comments, they'll win a free iPhone (technically a $500 App Store gift certificate).

Why Step 3? It removes spammers, trolls, litterbugs, and people who simply post "FIRST! ZOMG I WANNA WIN" on every article from the mix, clearing the skies for awesome community members like you!

Contest ends March 31, 2013 at 11:59pm PT, and our usual rules apply.

So start commenting!!

That's it, that's all! Get the new iMore app, comment often, and comment well, and you're entered to win a FREE iPhone!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 450 comments. Add yours.

Ozy says:










-e.e. cummings













DigiColMedia says:

Sounds good count me in :)

iRahulRana says:

On this post, I'm leaving a comment to enter in this contest.

jobu3434 says:

This contest sounds great! Sign me up

wHoKares says:

Would love to enter this contest!

GoOnKev says:

reason to comment more. yay!

mittencuh says:

This is a pretty intelligent way to run a contest IMO. I want to win!

Giridhar says:

Love the content you guys produce, well respected across numerous other tech sites! I will try my best to comment in a manner worthy of the content!

sicpuppy says:

$500 Gift certificate , free iPhone 5 ........huh ..........iPhone 5 retails for $699 lol

kilcher says:

* Free w/ 2 year contract. :)

Still nice though. Count me in.

cableguy619 says:

Anythign free in life is great no matter what it is. enjoy it and thanks imore!!!

djayme7 says:

liking the NEW app! fingers crossed!

elie15151 says:

The best app ever it is so informative makes
Me use my iphone smarter
Thanks iMore

Enzo83 says:

I just wanted to say that I want to enter the contest to win an iPhone, or rather, a $500 app store gift card. Teehee. I need to upgrade my iPhone 4 eventually and what a great way to do it. I have downloaded the iMore 2.0 app and it's as fluid as Apple's iOS. Great job representing, iMore. And thank you for giving us so many chances to win so many things. It's always fun to join in and not only read. Contribution is key in having a successful web page. Thanks, iMore. Good luck everyone.

Fatima Sleman says:

LOVE CONQUERS THE WORLD andI love iMore (= this contest is wonderful. Hope I could maybe get the chance to win :D Have a nice day everyone. If you win congrats ;)

john_v says:

Great idea for filtering out the spam. Count me in on this contest!

W1LL1AMC says:

As usual iMore is ahead of the curve! iMore Rocks!

caplanref says:

I am 46 and have never won a Internet Contest.
Maybe iMore can be my first !!!
Please enter me
Please enter me

Premium1 says:

Love the app, wish there was a dedicated iPad app as well

irepairhrvatska says:

Count me in! I think its great idea!

josetanks says:

I'm in, a contest,
For a phone, called iPhone.
One from Apple, lovely device,
From lovely website,
Called iMore.

thomas_paterson says:

Would love to win a new iPhone.

Seabassthegreat says:

If I won, it would be like winning the lottery... Pretty epic. But the odds are slim. Still cool to think I have a chance though

armimatos says:

Great app! Count me in :)

piranhadonna says:

I want to enter. I am loving the app. Great job!!!

shinuyuki says:

I'm interested in ditching my iPhone 4!

Acoats says:

I keep telling myself I'm a winner, but never seen any proof!

stephen007 says:

Oh nos. Please let this not be a contest you're going to keep pinned to the top of the site.

JNGold says:

Throwing the 'ole virtual hat into the ring.

SandeepRoy says:

Alright I'm in for this one. Wish me luck :)

metllicamilitia says:

I'm in! And even though I'm a fairly active part of live podcasts I will still post to more articles for you! Cause in awesome.

deeptali says:

Well I am not a regular writer in the comments section but more or less signed in here and follow imore. Anyway thanks for the offer. You guys are great.

johntmeche3 says:


viinsanity says:

Awesome idea with the comments. Look forward to commenting!

sting7k says:

Contest woot! How long until we can view and post in the forum from the app? Can't let AC keep showing us up.

montymo says:

I always love contests!
Happy to see you on MBW

train21reb says:

I love contests. And imore is awesome!!!!!!

gmonkey88 says:

imore is now my 100th app! Count me in.

thatguykc says:

Yes! Love this idea of making it about quality comments instead of just quantity "me me me!". I've downloaded the app and can't wait to start chiming in more. Way to drive engagement w/ the iMore community.

jaysinha says:

An iPad version of the app would be much appreciated.

Dionte says:

You have the best contest on the internets.

dpolletta says:

I'm in, a new iPhone would be great!

bookimdanno says:

Please enter me, I use your app every day. Maybe my Irish luck will finally kick in!

bamf-hacker says:


Sorry Rene, I had too :) Nice work on the new app.

smartt3ch says:

I would like to enter please, and thank you!

mousebrat2006 says:

Oh, I could use a new iPhone. Or the $500 gift card. I can do some serious damage with that. Woot!

Len J says:

So glad to be able to comment directly in the app! WOOT!!!

flipish5 says:


Gizmocivic says:

I'd love to win an iPhone 5 please! I have sprint! I love iMore your app! I've gained a lot of info from your blogs a d articles! Thanks for all you do!

hobojo says:

treat me like a booger and pick me

Cubscout1973 says:

Just downloaded the app and have enjoyed your apple news stories more than most others because you guys actually seem to care about the products AND the users. Thanx.

pappy53 says:

I love contests, and I need a new phone!

Ziltoid says:

Thanks for the polished update for the imore app. Would love to win an iphone 5 so I can test me apps on it!

agent006 says:

Love the new app, would be better on a nice shiny new iPhone. :)

dylanmail says:

This is my first comment on this site, but I read articles with the iMore app daily.
(BTW, I tried leaving a comment directly on this post several times using the iMore app after logging into it and I kept getting this error message: "Comments are not allowed on this content." I'm posting this comment through Safari on my phone.)

vianar says:

Hope this works. Has not so far.

vianar says:

Yay! Sorry for the double post but I have not been able to post with the app until just now. Yay!

Demarco Pearson says:

I am so down for this challenge. Ive been doing every single challenge this whole year and still ahvent won anything :( But hey why not keep trying i love I use it one my flip board! now that there is a app thank GOD! :D

threepio says:

I could deal with a contest! Posting from the iMore app now!

beathookup says:

Who doesn't love freebies? I'd love to be able to save it for when the 5S or 6 drops

emjayess says:

I've been using the new app and find it faster than Safari on my iPhone. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity--I need to get my wife off her Galaxy S3 and on an iPhone!

rdstryr says:

I already have the app as it helps me keep up with your articles on my days off. Count me in for the contest!

jvernwald says:

I'm all over this! Bing on the community!

purwater says:

I'll gladly take a shiny new iPhone please.

abaggy says:

Count me in! Liking the new app features.

projectman says:

Sign me up...please. :-) Go iMore!!!

xMatter says:

I like the third step/rule. All about quality guys and gals

samsin92 says:

That's awesome! I'm in. (BTW I tried commenting directly in the app and it kept showing me Error: Comments not allowed on this post. )

SockRolid says:

Love the iMore 2.0 update! But I really, truly wish that it were fully Universal. Please create an iPad storyboard in the Xcode project! (And yes, I know that it's a ton of work...)

leocapot says:

I'm in. I will write comments all day long!!

Dredd67 says:

Hey, just installed the app and wasn't even aware of this contest. I guess this us my chance to give comments from a French point of view ;)

Simpson8 says:

downloaded and count me in on this contest :)!

dgrass90 says:

Great way to hold a contest! ...and hell of a prize!

ljy1 says:

I want to enter this contest!

nchoksi says:

I want to enter the contest to win the iPhone or any freebies on offer.

kingskid1 says:

I would like to enter the contest, thank you!!

Farmdreads says:

Give me iphone or give me death. Or at the most a really bad Indian burn.

Jude3435 says:

Awesome I'd love to win!!!!

bgl321 says:

I'm in... Comment left from the iMore app :)

jordanfernandes says:

Well I don't have an iPhone but would really love to own one. :) so count me in

williamsbh76 says:

Going to give the app another try. I used the website more but I wil. See how it goes! Thanks for the contest!

gameson says:

definitely a good contest to sway my family member from the deadgrip of BB., good contest. love to win.

dbrown214 says:

In it........TO WIN IT!!!

haidary11 says:

Want to win ...
Thanks iMore

Hermdroid says:

Great contest count me in!!!

sziv56 says:

Enter Me in the contest!!!

MrDJL says:

Getting this would be awesome! Thanks so much!

Sketso says:

Thanks for adding the comment ability to the app!!! And thanks in advance for the iPhone!! ;)

IIJBII says:

Count me in! I'm glad to see comments added to the updated imore app!

Mtbcrh says:

A new iPhone would be perfect!

Bruce Craig says:

I'd love to enter your contest and win a new iPhone!

djstarion says:

Sounds good to me! Gonna give this app a good workout

ame says:

I like the participation requirement in this one.

El Hache says:

I would love a new iPhone! I will make sure to make poignant comments. As always, you're the best imore!

asuperstarr says:

Thanks iMore for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

tsavocchio21 says:

sounds like fun!! I want to enter!!

jimmers says:

Although i don't post in the forums very often. I do use the iMore app frequently. it would be awesome to win this contest. :)

JR1ZZ says:

Oh damn who wouldn't want a white iPhone 5 sign me up!

rdmedina7 says:

Sounds like a fair deal. Definitely count me in!

ademiroglu says:

I would LOVE to have a new iPhone 5 please!!!! My iPhone 4 has scratches, the home button rarely works, and frankly, I'd love a new iPhone! I usually just read the articles and comment to myself because of my laziness, but this contest will get me to break my old bad habits! Thanks iMore!

mulasien says:

Hm, I'm new to the iMore side of things, but love giving quality comments. I shall do my best!

edit: I just realized, I've downloaded the iMore app, but do comments have to be entered via the app as well? Some of the walls of text I've typed up would be...painful on a phone.

lbaxter says:

I'd like to be able to upgrade early to the iPhone 5. Sign me up!

TacomaJustin says:

I want to enter. I'd love a new iPhone.

dylanmail says:

I'm commenting on this post so that I can be entered into the contest.

Avro08 says:

I ain't got time for dat! Just kidding, posting to enter contest.

Clyde Magee says:

Awesome!! Although why won't it let me comment from the app? Keeps saying "error - comments are not allowed on this content"

Jaguarr40 says:

I want to enter to win the free iPhone from iMore.

NAMISH says:

Would love to win an iPhone for my wife!

elcoholic says:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Out of all the sites I've seen or been to for anything Apple
I love imore the best. Apple insider NO, Cult of Mac NO, it's imore for me. I feel they bring the best in info. to this area.
O' ya Enter me in the Iphone contest, Thanks and keep up the GREAT work.

Timm82 says:

count me in! trying to win things is fun.

pbatton54 says:

love love your new app.dont always have time to comment during the day.I'm a busy nurse and look forward to coming home to imore. would love to win an iphone for my son.He's starting out in the business world and I think he could become more organized with the iphone as his tool.Thanks for all
your great posts.

PhoenixApple says:

I'm so in. I have been wanting to get something for my brother since he needs a new phone. My parents want to buy him a IPhone 4 since it's free forverizon, but he needs to get what's in now like a IPHONE!!!! SO I HOPE I WIN!!!!

Pricop says:

Let's see if I get the chance to develop on iOS platform :D

SmartFah says:

A contest ehh.... Comments ehh... $500 gift card ehh.... Yeah!!!

gordol says:

I'm in. I could use a higher capacity iPhone. Or a newer iPad.

allthingspixel says:

Step 1: Check.
Step 2: Brilliant.
Step 3: I'm in.

Jamest2000 says:

Count me in, would love my first iPhone!

Mariam936 says:

I would like to join the contest please!

curleen says:

This sounds really good to me count me in :)

curleen says:

Sound like a great contest too me count me in :)

AdrianGabeChen says:

if we leave high quality comments will the winner still be chosen randomly?

itsjustjohnn says:

I'm definitely interested in this!! Add me to the contest! :)

wscotchmer says:

Sign me up! Intelligent comments coming your way.

PassOutPete says:

iPhone 5 lottery attempt, yet again! Count me in and consider me contesting in this contest!

nicholas1313 says:

Sign me in!!! Starting up on those wonderful comments!!!

G.4 says:

Love this idea! Thanks for entering me into the contest and I will continue to contribute to the community :)

kch50428 says:

Contests are nice. I'd like to win. :)

nicholas1313 says:

Love these contest!! Hope I am win!

VinWin5 says:

Count me in for this contest!

cardfan says:

I'm usually good for a comment or two. Sure, why not..

juanc723 says:

i want to win! im not a bot! im real! i wake up with imore and go to sleep with imore! thanks for the great site and community!

jman0829 says:

It sounds fair, count me in please.
By the way I tried to post the comment from the iMore 2.0 app but I was not allowed. I got a message saying: Comments are not allowed on this content.
Is this supposed to be normal? I'm going to say no but I want to know if this is a common error or it was just my application?

Spdracer says:

Would love to win the phone. I'm entering

dcb2891 says:

I would like to be a part of this great contest and have a great chance to make imore the best it can be!

wom921 says:

Love my iPhone 5 is the best and want another free !!!!!!!

Sarah Yoon says:

I want to win!!!!.. an iphone 5... please~

KCMike says:

I'm down with the sickness.

wideye says:

Sure I want to enter to win iPhone 5 . Thank you iMore your are great people

henrymagnusrex says:

I always bite, but I never seem to win. Here's to nothing!

Bionicsix says:

I would like to own a iPhone (technically a $500 App Store gift certificate).

Step 1: I used a macbook to download the iMore app via iTunes. (For use upon obtaining a portable iDevice.)
Step 2: Comment!
Step 3: Keep commenting!

Thanks for the contest!

ZkiZZoiD says:

Awesome prize, iPhone 5.... Yummy!!! I'm in.

ariestocrat says:

i want to enter to win an iPhone 5. trying my luck. *wishful thinking*

Edward Chan says:

The app is awesome!! Though I need iPhone 5's even more awesome Retina display to take advantage of it. Please consider me.

swarlos says:

Would be good towards an iPad Mini or perhaps the new 5S hmmm choices choice choices.
Challenge Accepted!!


Count me in too. Thanks iMore!

Team George says:

Really interested in the debate about the future of Apple. I know Rene that you believe the focus needs to be on services. However, reading Panzarino's recent comments on battery life reminded me that the next IPhone still need to focus on this area, as poor battery performance really does affect the ordinary customer more than document storage and syncing. Perhaps the two areas are inter-related, as the cloud must affect battery consumption.

Jack Desmond says:

Yes! Count me in! It's a GREAT time to be a tech consumer/enthusiast, isn't it? ;-)

ajkweez says:

Great 2.0 guys! Love the app, and what great way to kick it off!

amanmani456 says:

awesome app much better than b4!!!! roll me in

chrishull says:

Great contest idea! Count me in.

voodoo_ca says:

I would like to enter the contest - Thanks!

Pop2U says:

Sounds great. Count me in.

chrl98 says:

Count me in please, I wanna take great pictures and do some great stuff with my first iPhone!
iMore is the best site to read articles and featured ones about upcoming Apple releases and the theories behind Apple's way of working and operating. !!!! :D

erichof says:

Just wanted to share how impressive the new 2.0 app is. And to win an iPhone!

Kristina Beatrice Canales says:

i really wanna win an iPhone 5 badly. :(((((((((((

kamisama14 says:

Count me in tooo please :)))) i want a new iPhone :)

Fafafoooey says:

Thank you iMore! You guys are awesome for providing great articles on top of chances to win great prizes.

Kiarash2014 says:

any way it is surely better than iphone 4:))))))))))))))

jjolley says:

I would love a new iphone 5!! Love these contests!!

quamdar says:

Since this is a contest for the app do we have to post from the app? Because I prefer not typing long posts on my phone lol

draztikrhymez says:

Sounds great plus the app is very nice in the first place

remipmc says:

Great idea for a contest, I've been looking for a good reason to use the app!

PassOutPete says:

At this point, there are only 213 comments here. That makes my iPhone Lottery odds 1 in 213!!! sooooooo much better than PowerBall!

BeyondtheTech says:

Canadians are awesome. Even before I heard of iMore.

dgbrock says:

Liked the old one. LOVE the new one. It's moved up on my home page.

Nathan Grey says:

Since it is technically a $500 gift certificate, can we use it towards a MacBook Pro?

Braun00 says:

I WANNA WIN...oh, wait.

bveno33 says:

It sure would be neat to win a new iPhone. Still rocking the 4 from Verizon because I don't want to loose my unlimited data.

MAGNUS says:

I most definitely want to enter....

I don't post as often as most but that is due to being so busy at work, which is when I tend to visit the site. I try to get a glimpse of what's going on by skimming the article titles and snippets but then I'm back right back o work.. I'll try my best to start commenting a little more frequently.

E-POTS says:

Which means I want to enter

satellite1203 says:

Howdy. Count me in for this fabulous prize from a fantastic site, imore. Best of luck to myself and all

Vanti says:

Love all the great contests that are held here and count me in for this one as well. As it states in the contest ill try to leave more comments on the articles that interest me...

59AKbai says:

I like the articles, and would love a new phone, so I'll give this contest a try. Thank you.

wfa31 says:

Ok! if need outstanding comment! am on it!!

SheikShaka says:

Count me in this contest!

ern741 says:

Good articles, reviews and great contests. If I had a recent iOS device I'd download the app but I can only run iOS 4.2.1. Still, good work.

Romas Cacurinas says:

I feel lucky, Best contest ever.

eric6052 says:

The new app is a great way to explore iMore on my iPhone. Keep up the great work creating awesome content.

Highrisedrifter says:

I'd quite like to win this comp too. My contribution on the forums has been good, with no trolling and I always try to leave constructive and correct replies (or apologies if I get it wrong).

Dman238 says:

BIG Fan of iMore. Would love to participate in the discussions that happen here on iMore and of course... winning an iPhone wouldn't hurt either ;-)

pegb856 says:

Enter me in the win an iPhone contest.

StephenDavis says:

I always enjoy the opportunity to win a new device, sign me up for a chance to win.

angermeans says:

I don't have any problem using the new iMore app as it is excellent and so much faster than it was before. Great work guys and thanks for the excellent contest(s).

bussey87 says:

iMore has always caught my interest, please sign me up for the contest. Thanks.

watcherorio says:

Trying this, hopefully they'll consider entries overseas!

broadwayblues says:

I'm coming over from the land of the droids and I really am thankful for the iMore community for helping me make the transition.

Samuel Toss Teixeira says:

só se aceitarem em português também!

wom921 says:

IMore is the most in all Apple devices, IPhone and iPad,iPod.
Love it !!!!!!
Thanks iMore

afolgueira says:

Ok I'm in, I need a iPhone for my mother in law.

Isaac Manford says:

I would love to shove it down my friends who make fun of me because i still use a rougue. Then boom i have the newest iphone 5

joyfulmom2 says:

Great contest...........I'm in!!

shahmir riaz says:

im new to the imore community

parikhtarak says:

Amazing.... I love iMore...and iPhone...

ljpuk says:

Thanks for the contest, love the site so will make I'm contributing to the comments. My wife's iPhone 4 has seen better days and with us using shared photo streams with the family I'd love to be able to refresh it with an iPhone 5.