Intel Responds to Busted iPhone Sync on Windows 7 with P55 Express Chipset

Apple and Intel - Bunny Suit

A few days ago we mentioned issues users were reporting about iPhone Sync being busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 express chipset. Microsoft said they were looking into it, but now Intel has issued a statement. CNet has the quote and the background:

"Our leading theory is a BIOS or system configuration issue, but we are still investigating," Intel said Monday. The BIOS, or basic input/output system, is the initial code that runs when a PC is powered on. The BIOS identifies and initializes system devices such as the chipset, graphics card, and hard disk drive. Makers of PC circuit boards, aka motherboards, typically offer their own BIOS.

Again, we're guessing users are less interested in what's to blame, and more interested in getting things working again. So, while everyone investigates, check out the link at the top for some potential work-arounds, and let us know if you get up and running or are still having problems.

[CNet via iLounge]

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Intel Responds to Busted iPhone Sync on Windows 7 with P55 Express Chipset


Ok I'm not gonna freak out that I'm
first I just wanna say that I think intel has lost it. Their new core i7 moble CPUs only run at 1.6 ghz... Great processor but it sounds like disastorus gaming preformence to me. And I know this isn't related to iPhones I just had to say my peice

so buy the i7 extreme at 2 gig....
the i7 mobile are still quad core. no game pins a cpu, they do pin gpu's

However if your like me and want really nice framerates then a c2d at 2.8 ghz is going to help alot more.

Turbo boost to 2.8. So when the thing is put to work it operates at a higher capacity. Ontop of that. It's a quad core with hyperthreading. 8 cores. 4 logical 4 virtual. Your blinded by the numbers. It's not your run of the mill 1.6 ghz. Your looking at 1.6ghz in pentium 4 statistics. 1 core. This has 8. I've had a Core i7 desktop since the week they released the chips and the boards. And there still isn't anything I own or anything out there except a burn test that can even make my desktop break a sweat.

I have an HP Envy 15, which is awesome by the way, and my 3GS can't even charge from the usb. I haven't even tried to sync because I get the accessory not supported message on the iPhone. I don't really care because iTunes is a piece of junk anyway, but it should work regardless.
To the person who said running the mobile i7 at 1.6 GHz means Intel has lost it- You don't know what you are talking about. Clock speed is at 1.6 Ghz when running 4 cores simultaneously or 8 with hyper-threading. Like Gregg said you can Turbo Boost to Dual Cores running at 2.8 GHz if that makes you feel better. And to think that a notebook would be able to be portable with a desktop grade 2.66 or 3.0 GHz i7 is crazy. You'll get a half hour at most on a full charge with a 6 cell battery. I haven't done much gaming on the Envy yet but I have heard it is extremely capable, so no I don't think Intel has lost it.

This explains why I couldn't sync my 3GS with my new I7 laptop running Win7 64 bits. This pretty muched busted my 3GS. Get to work INTEL!! I can't even restore my iPhone properly!

@ Gregg games run on only 1 or 2 threads tops and that means only 1 or 2 cores. And I didn't know about the turbo boost switching to two cores. But I still think it's stupid running a processor that's kinda like 4 intel atoms lol. I would think it's way more worth your money to get a 2.6-2.8 c2d right now unless your a crazy multitasker

@Moe I have tried different cables, usb hubs, and I get nothing.
@Yobad You make no sense. Pick up a notebook with a Mobile Core i7 and let me know if it runs like 4 Intel Atoms. Thats not how it works. Even if they are at the same clock speed you can't compare the two. Go check out some benchmarks are see for yourself.

1.6 ghz is to damn slow for the apps I run ok?! I only need 1 or 2 threads so 1.6 ghz WILL NOT cut it for me! Sure for mainstream computers that's fine and I know about your turbo mode or what not but it's way cheeper to buy a c2d at that speed and an i7 is pointless to pay for if I'm always going to run it in dual core turbo mode! And an atom also supports hyperthreading and that's why I used it to compare. I know the i7 has a faster bus and more cache but for gaming a 2.6 ghz c2d with a good gpu is going to be way more worth you money than a core i7 rig for gaming and other single or dual thread apps! And I just freaking hate intels i7! It's pointless to pay that much for something ppl will never need!

Sorry, but your spelling, punctuation, and grammar are too painful to read. It must be all your gaming. :roll:

I agree with you ^^ To much gaming.
I'm sorry to say this, but I do own both a i7 and a c2d. Both of them got a great performance, but I can't deny that the i7 is still a bit quicker. And I do play the latest games like CoD MW2, Borderlands, Saboteur, Dragon Age and so on...