iPhone: #1 Social Brand of 2008

iPhone Award

The headline says it all, Virtue's #1 Social Brand of 2008. Steve Jobs scored huge in general, not only with the iPhone at #1 (can't get tired of typing that!) but Apple at #3 and iPod at #7 and Mac at #16. (Our best frenemies, the BlackBerry, show up at #20, along with Microsoft at #11, and Google, Nokia, and Palm... um... er... Is the list really complete?)

The Vitrue SMI calculates scores about the brand’s social conversations. We apply a series of algorithms to reflect the frequency of usage, the size of the social media environment, and the magnitude of the conversation. The result is a single numeric score for each brand: the Vitrue Social Media Index (SMI).

(via Macworld)

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Reader comments

iPhone: #1 Social Brand of 2008


How is it that the iphone is more popular than the Wii, which sold over 13 MILLION of their console in the united states alone...smells like BS to me (sorry guys...but i hear more people talk about the wii, from young kids to old farts than i do Iphones)

But hasn't the wii been our for longer than the iPhone? And the iPhone has probably passesd 13M sales by now.
I'm not sure about that though.

Whatever the hell a "social brand" is. This really strikes me as a totally pulled out the rear end of the marketing department sort of concept.

@WUT..No surprise Iphone is most popular than WII. Im stunned too to find out and I almost WII WII in my pants.

Maybe it's based on all the posts about the iPhone missing cut and paste? How many people complain about the Wii missing DVD playback? :)
Heck, Google didn't even make that list!

Idk..I don't own a Wii but the logic of saying that a phone with 13 million in sales is
A higher social product than the Wiis 30 million console sales worldwide is absurd lol. I'm just questioning the validity
Of this award to be honest

I'm pretty sure the iPhone has more of a worldwide Internet presence than wii. Also by nature of the iPhone being a mobile product, it has a larger sphere of influence I think.