iPhone 2.0 Already Unlocked?! Total iPwnage!

iPhone Unlocked! JAR!

JAR! Avast ye scurvy 2.0 firmware and prepare to be unlocked!

Didn't take long, did it? Well, actually it did -- the iPhoneDevTeam has been hax0ring away at it since the SDK went wide and Apple, in an attempt to woo legitimate developers, made the beta 2.0 firmware (all 8 versions of it), widely available.

Their latest, release version 2.0, Pwnage tool hasn't gone public yet, but will soon. Are you willing to unlock? 22 countries are getting the iPhone tomorrow, and 50 more are following, but with Apple's tight control of the SDK, my bet is there will still be a few folks out there who want to run anything they dang-well please on their iPhone.

What about you? Are you one of the crazy-ones, the pirates? Are you going to jailbreak/unlock?


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iPhone 2.0 Already Unlocked?! Total iPwnage!


Who really cares anymore? I think these guys have been working hard to jailbreak and unlock just to try to save face.
Apple has answered the need to jailbreak by providing the App Store, and eliminated the need to unlock by having carriers in nearly all the major countries.
While I respect the technical skills, it is for naught. I worked with many developers who have the same mentality of writing something because they can -- even if there is no market for it. It is shame they wasted their time. They could have put their sweat into writing some really useful apps that people would buy. Or maybe their skills are limited to low-level hacking, and they aren't capable of imagining something practical.
It is a waste.

Jeez, Keith, have you ever traveled to a foreign country? Have you wanted to get a SIM card for the country you were visiting, in order to avoid paying AT&T many hundreds of dollars in international roaming charges? I'm guessing you never did so; otherwise it would be blindingly obvious to you why unlocking is useful.
For me, the big question is, does iPwnage work on the new 3G iPhones, or just the 2G ones?

DSN is right on. I was an early owner of the 2G, but only unlocked a month ago went I went to South America. I continue to have ATT domestically and will very possibly get a 3G tomorrow or soon enough.
Jailbreaking is far less relevant to me than unlocking for foreign use. ATT (previously Cingular) always unlocked my phones for me, but could not do so with iPhone. Thanks to Iphone Dev Team and others, I was able to unlock it and use it there.
I will eagerly hope for and await a 2G and 3G unlock for 2.0 and beyond.

I just came back from a trip to Czech Republic. And I did have $90 in international voice roaming charges. Not a huge deal, but annoying. I was pretty successful most nights using Skype to hear/see my kids. On the other hand, the international data plan was a really great well-priced deal.
If my phone were unlocked, and I could use a SIM from a local carrier, would my calls back to the States have been less? How much does it cost to establish a cell line when you are visiting? Do the standard minutes include calls to/from the U.S.? How do people reach me on the local line when they dial my U.S. cell #?
Depending on the details, you may have a valid point that frequent international travelers could really benefit from being able to use any GSM carrier.

I am a huge fan of unlocking. I have probably saved over $1500 CDN this year alone from the benefit of unlocking. If you travel out of the country 3-4 times a year it would still be worth it to unlock. International roaming rates are insane especially with Robers as the only GSM carrier in Canada. I ended up paying $40 to get my BB unlocked and I am hoping to do the same once I finally get my iPhone tomorrow.

I own an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone 1st gen. Living in Belgium where the 1st gen never got released, this was my only option to have an iPhone. About 25000 people in Belgium own a 1st gen iPhone. I'm not going to buy a new iPhone and just going to upgrade to the 2.0 software. Seeing a new iPhone costs around 550-600 euros here in Belgium (it is illegal here to subsidize phones by selling them locked to a contract) a lot of those 25000 people will stick to their 1st gen iPhone and will need an upgraded unlock/jailbreak. So a lot of people still do care.
Besides, unlocking/jailbreaking it gives me a sweet feeling of freedom. I love it :)

i agree with you GUY.
i'm in Australia, 3 different networks have the phone most of them are either locked to 24 month contracts at ridiculous prices or, they're selling them unlocked for $700+
All for what? 3g? well, vodafone doesnt have 3g in the city (yes, City) i live in... i'm a long term vodafone customer (8 odd years now i think) and dont really want to change. Plus, i've got a laptop for websurfing and my life isnt sooo dependant on email and internet availability....
its not like i'm gonna stop cycling home half way from work just to check my emails... i think i can wait the extra 5 minutes!
GPS? well, i know exactly where i am at all times, dont own a car so dont need incar Navigation, and i've got a good memory so dont need geotagging on my 2mp pics, which are usuall shite anyway unless its perfectly bright weather.
I'll be sticking with my 1st gen for as long as it lasts, and would be grateful to any hacker that can give me the chance to easily load 2.0 onto it and still use installer.
moocow is charging $13 here for the band app, which is also on installer for um.. free....

Keith, you moron. What about when you travel and would like a local number for the people your visiting to reach you easily and for you to call them locally?
What if you and your friends travel and would like to keep in touch with each other, they all can stick the local carrier's SIM card into their phones. And you, well you get to be the cool guy with your high moral standards and you $90 roaming charges that are "annoying" while your friends spend $5 to make calls to each other.
Seriously, wake up


  1. Wrote something not nice here but changed my mind...
  2. Get a SIM in the country you are visiting (pre-paid)
  3. Your fam/kids will dial 011 country code, cell # (if your mobile # starts in '0' leave it off... Australia for example)
  4. Most international phones include free inbound minutes
  5. Your current mobile # won't ring your intl # (changed sim....remember?)
  6. Worried about costs? buy a phone card in the US for your family and one to use from your intl mobile. Definitely cheaper rates than mobile-fixed direct dial.

wow .. is it me or does keith sound like someone who works for At&T... "On the other hand, the international data plan was a really great well-priced deal." are you kidding me? lol
but the main point is.. the iphone is NOT released to all countries with wireless service.. if you happen to go to a country without the release.. you can't use your phone..

I don't know about you, I live in Saudi Arabia and we do not have iPhone supplied by any carrier, to use iPhone here I have to have it unlocked otherwise move out of the country to a country where I could buy iPhone, I think unlocking would be cheaper for me rather than moving out.
Saudi Arabia is a "Major" country in Middle East with 35 Million Population that is a lot compared to Qatar that got iPhone with (1.2 million Population), So I think unlocking ROCKS!!
LOVE Dev Team!!!

I Had Installer In My iPhone When I Got It I Installed My T-Moblie Sim Card And I Was Good To Go And It Was Verison 1.1.4 And I Updatted It To 2.0 And Now It Says "slide For Emergerncy" I Dont Know How To Unlock It =[ Help Me

thanks very much Thomas, i've been looking for a downgrade all weekend. i figured it was no big deal to upgrade to 2.0 with my locked SIM since i was on ROGERS anyway. wrong!

Keith is obviously trolling so just ignore him.
"Or maybe their skills are limited to low-level hacking, and they aren’t capable of imagining something practical."
That line is proof. What an ignorant comment to make. The hackers who developed the many applications for the iPhone (for Installer.app) are all incredibly talented.

Reponse de Zibri!!!!
Des rumeurs, des mensonges, de la haine et des fans.
Cela me rende malade.
Ceci n'est pas la guerre ou même un jeu.
J'ai développé ZiPhone de base pour un usage personnel.
J'ai acheté mon premier iPhone en Septembre 2007.
J'ai publié ZiPhone en Février 2008.
Je sais que vous êtes acharné de l'iPhone,
mais croyez moi, je ne le suis pas.
Je crois que cela ne vaut même pas la peine d'acheter
un iPhone 3G pour les possesseurs de l'iPhone V1.
GPS? J'ai un TomTom
3G ? J'ai plus rapide sur mon portable.
Applications ? J'ai mon iPhone (Installer)
Quelque chose d'autre ?
Oui, j'ai une vie !
SI et QUAND il y aura une nouvelle version de ZiPhone
vous serez tenus au courant.
Arrêtez de demander!
Par la même occasion,
je sais pas si vous connaissez la différence mais
ZiPhone est un vrai HACK.
Des mises à jour ou des firmwares customisés
sont tout a fait autre chose.
Une belle preuve du concept, un beau boulot,
mais ce n'est pas du HACK...
Mais si c'est publié, et que cela vous rend heureux, utilisez le !
Et vous serez, je l'espère, content
Une autre note:
Il parait que beaucoup se font passer pour moi
sur de nombreux sites.
Vérifiez le profile (si il y en a un).
Et ne prenez pas au sérieux tout mot de mot qui n'est pas écrit ici !
Pour les Hackeurs:
Les faits pèsent plus que les mots
Peace out,

Well I'm from India and iphones are a rage here. almost everyone has one. The unlocked iphone costs approx. 700 USD here....which is awfully expensive and yet you'll see almost everyone carrying one. All thanks to the hackers and their genius unlocks for each version.
I think apple has made so much extra money because of the hackers' unlocks. :)
Someone please tell me how i can unlock the 2.0 update on my 2G iPhone.
And yea. Keith definitely works for AT&T.

I recently upgraded my iphone 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 and then unlocked it with ziphone.
Now when i connect with itunes, it shows 1.22 GB occupied by "other" files. What is occupying this space on my phone and how do i get rid of it.

Dont use Ziphone it is garbage and permanently alters your phone. It will work 9 times out of 10 but can really mess things up. Go with iLiberty or winpwn, for unlocking 1.1.4.
iPwn will be out shortly for 2.0. Zibri is a terrible coder he says so himself.

after update to 2.0 my iphone was freeze only usb cable and itues icon on the screen, not recognize by itunes so I cant mede any changes

So now how do i free up the extra 1.22 gb space occupied by "others" ? is there any way to do it?

Keith's comments are certainly quite bizarre, and international roaming data struck me more as "insane" or "gouging" than "reasonable"; the domestic pricing is quite bad enough without crossing any borders!
As for there being no reason to unlock, forget it. Here in the UK, the official plan cost £35/month until 3G, dropping to £30/month for 3G iPhones - when an equivalent plan, including unlimited data, costs half that (£15.50 on a 12 month contract - with a free handset thrown in as well). Would I pay the extra £19.50/month to get visual voicemail? Of course not. The current £14.50/month isn't too tempting either, I'm afraid. So, I for one will wait for either unlocked 3G iPhones (which I can use on a reasonable tariff) or the official tariffs to include a reasonable option.

I think I'm in the same boat as a few people here... I've got the "old", unlocked (with T-mobile) iPhone, 8G. All day today I was searching for the 2.0 update for my phone and where I could get it... Now, this evening I plugged my phone into my comp and it prompted me to update through iTunes.. Will this completely distroy my phone? Is there somewhere else I can get the 2.0 software update without runing it?

Just letting you guys, I live in Australia and had a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone since last November. Worked fine all these time under v.1.14 (Australia did not have the iPhone officially until the 3G came a week ago). I hate contracts and did not want to go with any of the rip-off carriers for that reason even if I could allow this. Updated two days ago to v.2.0 using the available 5A347 ipsw file.
It was a big mistake, as my iPhone got bricked!
After about 20 minutes it comes with a message that I have SIM card from unauthorised carrier (in my case I used the best deals from Virgin mobile). The upsetting thing is that absolutely nothing works.
Apple (whom I respect and admire for their nice designs and work) should have been a bit fair and at least allow for the iPhone to be used as iPod touch, at least.
I did not steal the iPhone, I bought it over the Internet and paid with hard earned money.
This gives me a bit of “Microsoft” bitter taste in my mouth about Apple.
It shouldn’t be like that.
Anyway, just wanted to let everybody that might be in a similar situation know, I then searched high and low and found this site http://www.iphoneunlocking.org.uk who are claiming they can unlock any iphone for 23 Pounds. I stupidly paid for the download, and no matter what I tried it did not work. I even sent a few e-mails to their support e-mail address, where they say they will respond within 4 hours, and you have life time support, bla-bla-bla...
No response still, and I don’t expect I will get it.
So guys, DO NOT USE THESE FALSE ADVERTISING WEB SITES that use ZiPhone, even if they say it works.
I am only hoping the Dev Team may come up with something soon, but I am now without my iPhone for 3 days.
I love Apple, but I will never buy iPhone under a contract with a carrier which I don’t like.

So I updated to 2.0 and got completely screwed because I am in the United Arab Emirates and cant use my phone anymore. I used ziphone to unlock 1.1.4 or whatever the last version was and it worked fine. Now I updated to 2.0 and my $400 iphone just turned into a $400 16GB iPod Touch. I am a little confused about this site and its navigation but is there any software to unlock this phone preferably free and easy to use.

hi guys,
I am sorry for those who upgraded their unlocked iphone to 2.0. Unlock and jailbreak is not available for unlocked iphone. I am a computer professional and i upgraded from 1.1.4 (unlocked) to 2.0 and was screwed. But I managed to downgrade it to 1.1.4 again. PLEASE do not pay any money to anyone to unlock/ downgrade or upgrade, it is available free on the website. You ned to search for it. I found a very good/ reputed website (I am not a promoter of the website, but learned a lot from the website and directly applied on my iphone). Please go through the website you all will find all the answers of your questions
happly unlocking
neeraj (india)
iphone 1.1.4

okay. i need someone's help please
i had an unlocked 8gb iphone.
i updated my 8gb iphone just recently
now i tried to unlock it again but it wont work
i tried to uninstall my itunes n downgrade it but it still doesnt work
my iphone jus as the itunes logo plug n disk.
what should i do..i havent had a phone for a good week ..its so depressing.
which itunes should i install??
what website can i go to an unlock my iphone again.
i have tmobile.
thanks in advance!!!!!

Hi Song,
Just wondering... your Iphone was locked automatically when you updated your iTune to v7.7.1 (lastest)? Or it was locked when you clicked the 'icon' to update your iPhone?
Recently I accidentally updated my iTune to v7.7.1! Some people said it will lock your iPhone automatically, is this true? Hope someone can tell me before I connect my 1.1.4 iPhone to the iTune.

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