iPhone 2.0: Welcome, from Microsoft + Tips!

Following up our Exchange Activesync for the iPhone 2.0 walkthrough, and some FREE/cheap Hosted Exchange solutions for users without Megacorps, here's an official "welcome!" from biggest Megacorp of them all, Microsoft. More specifically, from the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog:

If you've not heard; Apple released iPhone 2.0 today which includes a software update to the existing iPhones in the market (yes, we mentioned it when it was announced as well). We're thrilled to add them to the family of Exchange ActiveSync licensees that enable all sorts of devices to connect to Exchange Server. For those of you that manage Exchange Servers this means you may see some new devices connecting and we wanted to give you a few notes about what to expect.

Following their welcome are some nifty pointers (with screenshots) of what the iPhone looks like to an Exchange Admin, and a couple of related FAQs. If you're just that kind of ITer, give them a look-see...


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iPhone 2.0: Welcome, from Microsoft + Tips!