iPhone 2.0 WinPwn for Windows Now Live

iPhone Unlocked! JAR!

Tired of the three-percenter Mac population hogging all the iPhone Unlock/Jailbreak/Pwnage goodness for their eye-candied, single-button'ied selves? No longer!

The Windows version of the iphone-dev team's Pwnage tool, WinPwn, is now available:

Support for both 1.1.4 and 2.0, Custom Image Support, Custom Payload Support, 3g iPhone support

So, if you really want to Pwn your iPhone and haven't already hunted down that turtle-neck wearing snob at the sushi bar and commandeered the aluminum sliver that passes for his laptop, your Microsoft compatible version awaits...

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 2.0 WinPwn for Windows Now Live


Hi All, I'm a bit lost. spend the last month reading about the Iphone, on many sources but mainly on the Tipb, but I'm not sur I'm getting the diffenrence between Unlock/Jailbreak/Pwnage.
Unlock is untying the Ihpone from the operator (AT&T) so that it can be used with another carrier ??
Jailbreaking is allowing non apple store apps to be installed on the iphone?
-> How does it work with the new Iphone Store? Can a Jailbroken Iphone buy and download apps? is the list of applications a hacked one?
Thanks for understanding and answering :)

When you unlock your iPhone, your able to put any SIM card into your iPhone and it will work. Jailbreaking your iPhone lets you use apps that apple doesn't let you add that help you do hacks and pwn your iPhone. When you pwn your iPhone, you will still have access to the app store but now you will also have access to installer which is similar to the app store but it is made by hackers called the iPhone dev team and they made everything free instead of having to pay for apps. That's the upside of jailbreaking or pwning your iPhone. Hope this answer answered all your questions...
I tried to download the 2.0 WinPwn tool but it gives me an error on the page. Any mirrors or do I have to search around...?

Hi, I'm another iPhone fan that doesn't exactly understand the situation. AFAIK, you can unlock & jailbreak iPhone, but cannot do this on iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G, right?

You can't unlock the iPod Touch because it doesn't have phone functionality, and they haven't released an app to unlock the iPhone 3G yet. You can jailbreak both the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G though.

You had to download the restore file IPSW first and then all the buttons you will be able to quit. But everytime I've tried this it says I have to put my iPhone in DFU mode which I already did by viewing the video and nothing happens. I can't get it to go any further. I guess I don't understand how to build the file that it needs.

Here's what i don't know how to do. Anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thank you.
2.0 How to:

  • 1) First create a custom IPSW using the IPSW Builder

I have a new 3G, It is very fast . I decided to take the old iphone and unlock it. I tried ziphone, iliberty and 1 more and I never got it right.
Winpwn fixed everything and works great . Thanks

Winpwn doesn't work for me. I don't know where to download the restore file IPSW. If anyone knows how to get it then please let me know.

i tryied to custom restore by customized firmware but it shows a error 6 on my itunes plz need help anyone.
i have update my iphone firmware to 2.0 without any bootneuter n i also tryied to restore by winpwn2.0 but it always stuck on error 6

is it possible to buy things from the app store with unlocked iPhone running on tmobile network and if so what are the procedures

hi followed e steps got to DFU mode n all but i got an error msg unknown error 1601...pls help

wanted to know if winpwn has made a new fix for the 2.0.1 update that apple put out. I hate not having my cydia! help please

I'm not even getting as far as using the Winpwn. Downloaded it to Dell with Windows XP and keep getting error "failed to initialize 0xc000135" when I double click on the pineapple.. Same happened with same code using Ziphone. Anyone know what's wrong?

hi there,, - Steve I have the same problem... about initializing.. :( so can someone tell why?

Please help.. My iphone was unlock but by mistake I upgraded to the 2.02 firmware, I have done everything wit the WinPwn at it seems to be everything ok until Itunes take me again to the at&t activation screen, can somebody help me??

I have seen the behavior where iTunes was asking me to activate. I realized that I hadn't used WinPWN in Expert mode where I had the option to unlock. Try again and use Expert mode. Also, make sure you select teh proper IPSW file when performing the restore. WinPWN puts the custom file in your "Docuemnts" folder by default.