iPhone 2.1 Beta 3

iPhone Firmware 2.1

Another week, another iPhone 2.1 beta. Yup, Apple is maintaining a breakneck pace on the next firmware point release, updating it more regularly that blogger David G. from MobileMe! (Still waiting on "laster [last?] week" there Dave!) More typically Apple, of course, is the lack of details to the release, with TUAW reporting:

"iPhone OS 2.1 beta 3 is now available and is to be used for testing only. View the Pre-Installation Advisory for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 3, Readme, and Release Notes before installing the new versions of the iPhone OS and SDK. As a reminder, pre-release software is Confidential Information and is subject to the terms outlined in your Registered iPhone Developer Terms and Conditions with Apple."

Again, there were 8 betas released for 2.0 between March and July. If Apple keeps this up, could we be looking at a September release for 2.1? Something times with the anticipated September special event for new iPod Touches and general holiday announcements? (Which last year included the Wi-Fi Music Store and the infamous $200 iphone price drop...)

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iPhone 2.1 Beta 3