iPhone 2.1 Rumor: Cut/Copy/Paste Cometh?!

Last night Apple began seeding iPhone firmware 2.1 and SDK Beta 1 to registered developer program members (those who paid the $99 fee and were accepted, and have App Store uploading privileged's). Word came in early about new features in CoreLocation and Notification Server APIs. Now Engadget is adding the nigh-mythical holy grail of basic smartphone functionality to the list of maybes: Cut, Copy, and Paste!

Another bit which may or may not make it into 2.1 is copy/paste. We're still both hopeful and skeptical, but supposedly in the new version of the WebKit framework exists commands for "plugins," "copy," "paste," "cut," and some others. We can't confirm if these really exist (and if they do, we don't know how they've actually been there, or if they're simply holdovers from the desktop WebKit frameworks), so don't hold your breath.

Greg “Joz” Joswiak, Apple’s head of iPod and iPhone marketing has previously stated that cut, copy, and paste is on the future feature list, but with limited time and resources, Apple didn't get to it for 2.0. Will 2.1 be different?

What do you think? Any breath holding on your end?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 2.1 Rumor: Cut/Copy/Paste Cometh?!


I want flash, mms, cut, copy, and paste, stereo bluetooth, more responsive software, better multi-tasking features, and turn-by-turn gps support wouldn't be bad either.

Job's and crew love to hold big conferences to debut any major features, and copy-cut-paste is too big for a simple upgrade. They will save if for the next big show.
The app store is a "nice to have" feature, but Apple should have spent more time making the iPhone actually work instead of making it slower and more buggy IMO.

While I share iPhoneMilk's enthusiasm for the feature, I'm not sure I'd be so quick to praise Apple for adding a feature that should have been there on release.
That Apple could create a phone with such revolutionary features -- while failing so spectacularly on such basic features as MMS and cut/copy/paste -- is mind-boggling.
Particularly MMS. I mean for Pete's sake, it's a CAMERA PHONE, not to mention a media-heavy device. How is it that free-with-contract Samsung handsets can do what Apple's holy grail of mobile devices cannot?

What do you all want with mms? Just send an email. Who whants to pay for sending a picture message, if you can send mails with pictures for free?

What if youre sending a picture to someone and you dont want to have to wait for them to get home or get to a pc, not everyones got a smartphone have they